Part 3 of 3

    Several Months Later

     "Yes! Get it, baby! I'm so proud of you!" Charmaine cheered, as Michael perfectly executed the choreography of his classic Billie Jean performance.
     When Michael began to walk again, he had to relearn a lot of things. With both his amnesia and recently healed injury, he had a hard time dancing like his old self. But despite the many challenges he faced, he refused to give up.
    Just as Michael was about to dance to another song, the telephone rang. "Hold on, baby, let me get that," Charmaine chirped, running over to the phone.
     Noticing the sudden change in her demeanor, Michael mouthed, "Is everything alright?"
     "Oh, my God! Are you serious?" Charmaine exasperated, "I'm on my way."
     "What's going on, Char?" Michael spoke briskly, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.
     Charmaine sighed. "Hey babe, I gotta run to the salon. I'll be back in a few hours. Will you be OK until I return?"
     Though Michael was doing much better, she still didn't want to leave him alone. If it weren't for one of her stylists nearly burning down her salon, she wouldn't be so quick to leave him.
     "Yes, I'll be alright, but what's wrong?"
     "A small fire broke out in the salon! I'm sorry, but I have to hurry."
     "Wait up; I'm going with you!"
     "Baby, please. Stay here. You're not supposed to be under any stress, remember? Doctor's orders."
     Michael groaned. "But Char!"
     "No buts, sweetie. I don't want you to have any setbacks. If you don't feel comfortable being alone, I'll figure out another way to handle this... Your well being comes first."
     As much as Michael wanted to go with her, he knew there was no use fighting her on the matter. "Don't worry about me, sweetheart. I'll be alright. Since I've been improving, I don't need constant supervision. Please be safe."
     "Thanks, sweetie. I will. Just page me if you need me," Charmaine spoke briskly, walking towards the door. "I'll be back as soon as I can."
     After realizing she had forgotten to give Michael a 'good-bye' kiss, she hurried back to him. "Sorry, babe!" She panted, placing a tender kiss on his cheek.
     "Char, go!" He replied sweetly but sternly. Though he was appreciative of the kiss, He didn't want her needlessly worrying about him.
      Once Charmaine had finally left, Michael sat down and flipped through a few photo-albums. For the past couple of months, he would look at old pictures in hopes of them jarring his memory. The more he looked through the albums, the more he started to remember.
     When he came across a picture of himself and Charmaine standing outside of a theater, he exclaimed, "The ring. I bought Char a ring! My God, I planned to propose to her that night, but got cold feet."
     As vivid images started filling his brain, it was as though a light bulb had been switched on. Suddenly, his head was flooded with old memories.
     "I gotta find that ring!" he yelped. But just as he was about to stand from the couch, he felt a pair of soft hands on his chest.
     Michael giggled as he turned around. "Char! I'll be alrig-- Alexis! What are you doing here?"
     "Relax baby, didn't that feel nice?" She spoke seductively, attempting to kiss him."
     Pulling out of her grasp, he spoke firmly, "you need to leave! And how in the hell did you get in here in the first place?"
     "Oh, come on, Michael! Charmaine doesn't have to know. And by the way, I have a key for emergencies."
     "Are you serious? Charmaine is my girlfriend⁠— you're her best friend!"
     "And? You barely know her! Why don't you just start over and create new happy memories with me."
     "Wow! You're insane. Once again, you need to leave. The only woman I want to create happy memories with is Charmaine, and we've been doing just that."
     Slowly unbuttoning her blouse, Alexis started walking towards Michael, but suddenly froze in place.
     "Really, Alexis? You know... You did this shit once in college, and I stupidly forgave you," Charmaine spoke in disgust.
     "Char! This isn't what it looks like," Alexis stuttered nervousły.
     "It's exactly what it looks like! You were trying to sleep with my boyfriend!"
     Michael coughed. "Correction — your fiancé. Well, that is, if you'll have me."
     "What!" Alexis and Charmaine exclaimed in shock, feeling perplexed.
     Walking towards Charmaine, Michael held her gaze and said, "I remember everything, sweetie. I had plans of proposing to you."
     "Huh? What are you saying?"
     "It's not just what I'm saying; it's what I'm asking. Please, Marry me, Charmaine," he uttered softly, his voice breaking as he got down on bended knee.
     Utterly oblivious to Alexis's scowling, Charmaine took Michael's face in her hands and planted a soft kiss on his lips.
     "Is that a yes or a no?" He smiled.
     "Yes, Michael. It's a yes!"
     "But wait! Is the salon, OK?"
     "The salon is fine. Turns out it was a false alarm."
     "Phew! That's good to hear! But wait up a sec! I'll be right back," he shouted, running into the bedroom.
     When he returned with a black velvet box, Charmaine blushed. "Wow! You really?"
     "Yes. I Really!" He laughed, sliding a beautiful diamond-encrusted ring on her finger.
     "Baby, when did your memory return?" she spoke excitedly as she became overcome with emotion.
     "Just before your friend threw herself at me. I was looking through some photos, and I came across the picture we took outside of the Lincoln theater. I had planned to propose to you that night, but I got cold feet."
     "Are you sure about this? Do you really want to get married? And why did you get cold feet, sweetheart?"
     "I was scared of having my heartbroken. I didn't think you'd say yes. I've been turned down before."
     "Oh, Michael. But I'm not the woman that broke your heart. I love you."
     "I love you more, Charmaine. Thank you for being here for me. I don't think I would have recovered without you."
     "Oh, Michael, baby. I told you we'd get through it," Charmaine cooed, wrapping her arms around him.
     No longer being able to withstand Michael and Charmaine's tender display of affection, Alexis scoffed and then ran out of the apartment at lightning speed, slamming the door behind her.
     When Michael and Charmaine became aware of Alexis's departure, Charmaine laughed dryly and said, "I guess I'll have to find a new best friend. God! I should've known not to trust her. How could I be so stupid?"
     "Baby, stop that! She's gone now. Let's just focus on us, ok?"
     "You're right! She doesn't matter." Charmaine smiled. "What matters is right in front of me."
     "Precisely," Michael chuckled, hoisting her into his arms.
    "You've been waiting to do this, haven't you?" She quipped.
     "Yes, sweetheart. I have." He smiled with a wolfish grin, making his way towards the bedroom. "And since regaining my strength, there are a few more things I've been itching to do."

   The End.

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