Part 2 of 3

    "How are things going with Michael?" Charmaine's best friend, Alexis, inquired concernedly.
     "Some days are better than others, but he's still not retaining new information." Charmaine sighed. "But on the bright side, he's been calling me by my nickname, so that gives me hope."
     "Just keep praying, It's gonna take time, but I'm sure he'll start remembering things soon."
     While Charmaine and Alexis were watching TV, Michael came wheeling into the living-room. Since being released from the hospital a month ago, he had been staying with Charmaine at her small apartment. With Michael having limited mobility, she felt as though Neverland was too hard for him to move around easily, and it was also far away from her place of work.
     Strolling up beside her, Michael placed a small kiss on Charmaine's cheek and asked, "what are you watching?"
     "Nothing yet, sweetie. We're still looking for something good."
     As Charmaine continued channel surfing, Michael yelped when he caught a glimpse of himself dancing.
     "Wow! Is that me?" He chimed excitedly, staring at the television in awe.
     "Yes, Michael, that's you. It seems as though VH1 is re-airing your Dangerous tour."
    "Can we watch?"
     Charmaine smiled. "Sure, baby. We can watch."
     Standing up from the couch, Alexis suddenly announced that she had to leave. As she started walking towards the door, Charmaine asked her if everything was all right.
     As Alexis stared back and forths between Michael and Charmaine, she then whispered, "I think you two need this time alone. I'm sure he's going to have a lot of questions for you."
     After seeing Alexis to the door, Charmaine returned to the living room. As she watched the wheels starting to churn in Michael's head, she stroked his back softly. "Do you remember anything about this concert, Sweetie?"
     "I'm trying Char, but sadly I don't. What year was this tour?"
     "1993. It was a great tour! This is one of my favorites of yours."
     "Were we boyfriend and girlfriend at that time?"
     "No, Michael, we weren't. We only became serious after you completed the tour."
     A couple of years ago, Michael and Charmaine met on the set of a commercial he was filming. When his long time hairstylist got sick, she received a phone call from his management, asking if she would be able to come in and style his hair for the shoot. Since opening her hair salon ten years ago, she became one of the most sought after hairstylists in California.
      One day while she was working on a client's hair, the one and only Whitney Houston came into her salon for a wash and curl. The iconic singer strolled in after her stylist bailed on her. In a pinch, Whitney scrambled to find a good stylist that could style her signature coif to perfection.
     Needless to say, Whitney was impressed with Charmaine's work and started referring all of her friends to the salon. As Charmaine became more and more well known, she decided to add an extension to the building by adding a VIP section. Though she made house calls, there were just times when she couldn't travel to style a client's hair.
     Staring at her in silence, Michael began to study her features as he tried to remember their relationship. But alas, it was futile. He just couldn't remember much besides the nickname he had for her, which was by sheer coincidence. But the one thing he knew for sure; was that she genuinely cared about him and his well being.
      Taking her by the hand, he caressed it softly. He didn't know what overcame him, but he wanted to kiss her. With her smooth golden-brown skin, plump lips, and delicious curves — his body yearned for her. As he leaned closer, he tilted his head to the side, capturing her lips in a delectable kiss.
     "You smell so good, Char. What's the fragrance you're wearing?" He uttered gently between soft, peppered kisses.
     "It's Black Orchid' by Tom Ford, do you remember it? It's one of your favorites, but I've taken a liking to it as well."
     Kissing down to her neck from her lips, he breathed deep, as a vision appeared in his mind. "Hmm... I remember us playing around at a lovely place surrounded by mountains. I playfully pushed you to the ground and kissed you. Did that happen?"
     A tear cascading down her cheek, she whispered, "yes. We were at your home."
     As the tear traveled down to her lips, Michael instantly tasted its salty flavor. Deepening their kiss, he raked his hand through her freshly blown-out hair. "Is this the first time we've kissed since my accident?"
     Charmaine nodded. "Yes, Michael. It is."
     "Please make love to me, Char. Or is it to soon to ask for such a thing?" he inquired innocently.
     "No, Michael. It isn't. I've missed making love to you."
     When Charmaine stood up, she started to push Michael's wheelchair towards the bedroom but stopped immediately when he shouted for her to stop.
     "What's wrong, baby?" she asked, as a worried expression formed upon her face.
     "Sit on my lap, please. I already feel helpless as it is. I want to carry you to the bedroom, or well, wheel you." He laughed, his frustration subsiding.
     Once they were inside, Michael tugged at the waistband of his pants. "So uh, this is the part that I need your help with." He chuckled.
     After Charmaine helped him to undress, he lifted himself onto the bed. He felt both sad and angry that he wasn't able to do things for himself. Lowering his face into his hands, he sighed. "God, I feel so helpless, Char."
     "This is only temporary, Michael. You'll be walking again soon," she gently reassured him.
     "It's not just that. It's everything. I feel so lost. I just want to remember my life — I want to remember you."
     "Michael. Maybe we shouldn't do this. We can make love when you're feeling a little better?"
     Without replying to her suggestion, he pulled her on top of him, causing her to squeal. As he unbuttoned her shirt slowly, he placed a trail of delicate kisses from her neck down to her chest.
     "God, you're so beautiful," he hissed, taking one of her breasts into his warm mouth.
     Feeling completely spun, Charmaine closed her eyes and whimpered. "Damn, baby. It's been too long. I've missed this... I miss us being together in this way."
     "I'm sorry that I can't remember much of our past lovemaking, but this feels so good. It feels so right, Char."
     Lowering her head down to Michael's chest, Charmaine licked his nipples slowly. As she ground her mound against his erection, he moaned softly. "Mmm... Fuck, Char! I'm not even inside you yet, and already this feels amazing.
     Charmaine giggled. "Just don't cum too fast sweety, I've missed having you deep inside of me."
     Slipping his fingers into her moist garden, he expertly stroked her throbbing rosebud as her nectar pooled onto his fingers. Without removing his hand from her clit, he gently placed his wand inside of her. As she bounced up and down, her hair fell over her face.
     "Yes, sweetie. Ride me. Oooh shit!" He groaned deep, closing his eyes tightly.
     "Yes, Char?"
     "I see you haven't forgotten how to work your hips... Damn!"
     "Haha!" He laughed. "That's a good thing, right?"
     "Hell yeah!"
     As Charmaine continued riding him, he caressed her breast with his free hand while still paying close attention to her clit. He wanted to please her, just as much as she pleased him.
     "Ahhh, mmm... I'm cumming, Char." He spoke huskily, pounding upwards into her.
     "Mmm-hmm. I know, baby. I can always tell when you're about to explode." She smiled, her body convulsing wildly.
     Moments after they orgasmed together, Michael sat up and grabbed the back of Charmaine's neck, capturing her mouth in a deep passionate kiss.
     Pulling her into his arms, his chest rose up and down as she snuggled against him.
     "Please don't give up on me, Char. I'm trying my hardest to remember. I want to remember the love we used to share," he whispered into her ear.
     Turning to face him, Charmaine gently stroked his cheek and said, "I'll never give up on you, Michael. I love you. We'll get through this."

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