Chapter 13

      "So, when are you gonna stop fucking around with that has-been?" Todrick smirked, "You know damn well he's not laying it down like me."

      Turning away from him, Raven hissed. "He's not a has-been. He simply switched careers. And who could blame him? He's had to deal with bullshit all of his life. I'll have you know that he's a great guy and a really amazing professor."

       Propping himself up on one elbow, Todrick fumed. "If he's so great... Then why are you here?"

      "Come on, Todrick. You know how I feel about you. I like you a lot."

       Feeling frustrated, Todrick hopped out of the bed and said, "Listen, Raven. I like you a lot as well, but I refuse to share you. Whatever it is you have going on with him— end it!"

       As Raven watched him put on his clothes and leave her condo, she broke down sobbing. Here she had two men in her life that she cared for deeply. But the one she really wanted to be with didn't want to be with her.


        "Hey, baby! Damn, your ass is fine! Can I get your number?" A male student yelled at Symphony and Trinity from behind as they were walking down the hall.

       "Ugh! Who in the hell does he think he's talking to?" Trinity scoffed.

       "I don't know! But let's keep on walking. I don't have time for any foolishness today."

      Taking offense to being ignored, the guy ran up to Symphony and said, "I know you heard me."

      "I did. And I chose not to respond, now if you'll excuse us... "

      "Oh, I get it! You're one of those uppity chicks! You think you're too good to speak, huh?"

       As Michael watched the entire scene from across the hall, he quickly interjected." Now, that's no way to speak to a lady."

       "Sir, with all due respect, this is none of your business."

      Speaking through clenched teeth, Michael looked at him and said, "It's very much my business. She's a student of mine, And may I remind you, harassment is a grounds for expulsion from this university."

      Taking a step closer towards Michael, the guy squared his shoulders as if he were trying to intimidate him.

      "Damn, Dr. Black! I was only trying to say hello to the girl. Don't you have a class to teach or something?"

       Now seething with anger, Michael glared at him menacingly. This wasn't the first jerk he had to deal with on campus. But thankfully, there weren't too many of them. While he was used to dealing with the occasional knucklehead, this time was different. Symphony had been disrespected, and there was no chance in hell he was letting the asshole get away unscathed.

       Taking out a note pad from his back pocket, Michael quickly jotted down the guy's name and student identification number.

       As a small smug appeared on Michael's face, he regained his composure and said, "Yes, Mr. Miller. You're correct. I do have a class to teach, and you've wasted enough of my time already. You should be expecting a call from the dean soon."

       After the guy scurried away with his tail tucked between his legs, Michael approached Symphony and said, "are you alright, Ms. Wilson?"

       "Yes, sir. I'm fine, thank-you."

       "That's good. I'm glad to hear that. But please let me or campus security know if he causes you any further trouble."

       "Thanks, I will. Well... I better get going now. My next class starts in ten minutes. Have a good day, Dr. Black."

       "Thank-you and you do the same, Ms. Wilson. Take care."

     "Well, damn! What about me?" Trinity spoke sarcastically, as she and Symphony walked down the hall. "Did he not see me? He completely ignored me!"

      When Symphony didn't respond, Trinity stopped walking abruptly. "Ok! Spill the tea. What's going on between you and Dr. Black?"

      Being caught off guard by her question, Symphony laughed nervously. "Nothing is going on. He was just looking out for us."

       "Correction. He was looking out for you!"

       Waving her off as she continued walking, Symphony spoke gruffly. "Come on, Trinity! Stop digging for things that aren't there."

       "A'ight Symphony! You don't have to tell me anything right now, but sooner or later... I'm gonna find out!"

       "Girl! If you don't stop and bring your crazy ass on! I don't have time to be late for my next class over this nonsense!" Symphony jeered, as she continued walking.

      Twisting her lips in disbelief, Trinity mumbled under her breath. "Damn! She must think I'm stupid."


       Later that day, as Symphony was walking past Michael's classroom, her heart dropped when he took her by surprise and pulled her inside.

       "Dr. Black! What are you doing? I'm going to be late for my last class of the day."

       "Symphony, we're alone. You may address me as 'Michael.' "

       "Hmm, but what if I don't want to? Calling you, Dr. Black in this precise moment is kinda sexy," she spoke flirtatiously, kissing him softly on the lips.

       Placing his arms around her, he pulled her against his chest and replied, "Well-well... I see you're feeling quite naughty today."

       "I am... And as much as I would love to continue, I have to go now. Mr. Lewis is just as serious as you when it comes to his students being on time. And remember, we have a rule. While at university, I'm still your student."

      Michael smirked, "It's time we change that rule."

     After locking the door, he took her by the hand as he led her towards a sleek, all black, grand piano that was located on a massive stage at the back of the room.

       Unlike many of the other teachers, Michael had his very own classroom. Since he didn't like moving from room to room between classes, he asked the university's board of trustees if he could have a personal room of his own. With him being a creature of habit, he needed more stability. He also wanted a room built to his liking with excellent sound acoustics. After all, he was still every bit of a perfectionist.

       "Michael! I told you... I have to go!" Symphony barked, as she tried to pull out of his grasp.

       "Shhh! It's alright. Mr. Lewis canceled his class 10 minutes ago. He forgot it was his turn to pick up his daughter from day-care."

       After they sat down at the piano, Michael smiled adoringly at Symphony and said, "These past four weeks with you have been amazing. I haven't experienced this much fun or happiness while dating someone in such a long time."

       Symphony giggled. "Ah, is that what we're doing? Dating?"

      "Of course, we are silly! See, that's what I like about you. You like to joke around like me... Though I must admit, you were a little timid at times."

      "I was not! And besides... You were also a bit rigid when I first met you," Symphony quipped in return.

       "Well, there's a reason for that. While I'm pretty easy going, I needed to lay down some ground rules first. For the better part of my life, I've been disrespected... I refuse to let that happen here," Michael spoke in a serious tone, as he closed his eyes.

      "Hey, sweetie... It's ok. You don't have to explain yourself," Symphony spoke quietly as she rubbed his back.

       As his expression softened, he switched topics and said, "Have you ever played any of Debussy's compositions on the piano? He's another favorite composer of mine. I was thinking of ideas for a future recital. If you're not busy later, I would love it if we could conjure up some idea's over dinner."

      Giving him a sideways glance, Symphony chuckled. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do! I love Debussy, as well. And sure! I'd love to have dinner with you tonight... Even if this is just a ploy to get me alone at your place."

       "It's not. But even if so... Is that such a bad idea?"

       "God, you're terrible!"

       "I know... I'll pick you up from your place at 7:30."

       "Wait, So... Are we ordering out, or are you cooking?"

      "Neither. I have some leftover KFC I've been itching to eat."

      "Michael! Seriously?"

      "Yeah, what's wrong with KFC?"

      "Uh-uh, sweetie. I'll have dinner prepared for us when you pick me up tonight."

      "Ok, Fine! But please, don't knock KFC. It's the best chicken in the world."

      Returning her attention to the piano, Symphony flexed her hands over its keys. "Anything of Debussy's you'd like to hear in particular?"

      "Oh, gee! There are many things, but I'd much rather for you to surprise me." 

       And surprise him she did. When he heard the sensuous melody, his ears tingled in delight. With it's rising and falling notes blending perfectly, Michael felt as if he were floating on air.

       As he watched her play his favorite classical piece: 'Prelude to the Afternoon of a faun,' he scooted closer to her on the bench. "How did she know?" he thought quietly to himself.

       When Symphony turned to look at him, she continued playing with ease. After performing the piece many times throughout the years for various functions, every note had been permanently etched inside of her brain.

       Feeling a powerful force overcome him, he kissed her deeply. And not just a sweet peck on the lips, but a full-on, open-mouthed kiss. As his tongue danced erotically with hers, he groaned softly.

       Without missing a beat, Symphony continued to play the piano, as they let the music dictate their kiss. When the notes became soft and slow, they kissed most gently, and when the rhythm became hard and fast, they kissed each other with intense energy. 

       After Symphony finished playing the song, she moaned softly and said, "for not having kissed a woman recently besides me, you're incredible at it."

      Michael chuckled. "Thank you. But it also helps when the person you're kissing is a great kisser as well."

       When Michael stood up suddenly, he lifted Symphony into his arms and hoisted her on top of the piano. As he placed a trail of delicate, feather-like kisses, from her lips down to her neck, he gently pushed her backward until she was lying on the piano.

        Slowly nudging her legs apart with his knee, he gently wedged himself between her thighs and said, "Your lips are so delicious, your mouth is so sweet. I need to taste more of you... May I?"

        Symphony whimpered. "Yes, Michael... You may."

       As he kissed her deeply, someone knocked loudly on the door, startling them upright. At first, they tried to ignore whoever it was, but when the person knocked again, Michael became worried.

        "Sorry, Symphony... I need to get that. It might be an emergency. Just stay here, Ok? And please be quiet."

       After adjusting his tie and fixing his suit into place, he made his way towards the door. 

       "Yes, how may I help you?" He answered politely.

       "Hello, Dr. Black. This is Karl Brownstein. I'm so sorry to interrupt you, but it's urgent."

        As Michael opened the door slightly, he sighed in exasperation. "Hello, Mr. Brownstein. What's the emergency?"

          "My classroom is flooded due to a broken pipe, and I have an important lecture to give in the next twenty minutes. I was wondering if I could use your classroom for an hour or so?"

       Silently mulling over a decision as to whether or not he should let Karl use his room, a sexy image of Symphony lying naked on the piano appeared in his mind. As much as he wanted to tell Karl 'no,' he knew it wouldn't be right of him to do so. There too, was a time when he had to use another teacher's classroom in a pinch.

       "Dr. Black, I'm sorry to rush you, but I need an answer quickly. Time is ticking, and I need to alert my students of the situation," Karl spoke frantically."

       Snapping out of his thoughts, Michael reluctantly told him, 'yes.'

       "Thank you, Dr. Black! You have no idea how much this means to me."

        "No problem, Mr. Brownstein. I'll be out of here in ten minutes."

       When Michael returned to Symphony, he touched her cheek lightly and said, "I'm sorry... But another teacher needs to use my room. It's an emergency."

         "I know. I overheard your conversation with Mr. Brownstein. It's incredibly kind of you to let him use your room."

       Turning his face into the palm of her hand, he kissed it tenderly.

         "Kind is an understatement," he snorted.

        "Aww, well, this is one of the many reasons why you're such an amazing professor. You not only care about your students but others as well."

        After taking a quick look at the clock hanging on the wall, he helped Symphony down from the piano. "We should get going. I told Mr. Brownstein I would be out of here in ten minutes."

        "I understand. So... Are we still on for tonight at 8 pm? 

As he lifted her hands to his lips, he kissed them gently and replied in jest. "I'll be there at 7:59."

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