Chapter 19

      "Hey, sweetheart. Are you all ready to go?" Michael whispered in Symphony's ear, as he stood behind her, wrapping his arms delicately around her waist.

       "I am, but--"

       "But what?" he spoke concernedly, turning her around to face him. "Are you still feeling nervous about meeting Elizabeth?

Symphony sighed. "Michael. She's practically like your second mother."

       "And like my actual mother, she's harmless and very friendly. She's going to love you."

       "But you could have told me sooner she was the friend of yours we'd be having dinner with. This is a lot of pressure," she frowned.

       "And this is why I didn't tell you until yesterday. I didn't want you to be nervous the entire three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving," he spoke empathically, "everything will be wonderful."

       The drive up north to NewYork had been a long one, and Symphony thought Michael was insane for wanting to drive in a light snowstorm. Michael wasn't the best driver, but he most certainly was not the worse. Never at any point did she feel unsafe with him, but driving in the snow for most east coaster's that lived below Boston and upper state NewYork was a challenge.

       When she kindly suggested taking a plane or a train, he politely told her he much rather drive. Michael was a nervous flyer, and even though he had flown around the world and back many times throughout his life, he only flew when he needed to.

       As they approached Delaware, the snow started falling at rapid speed, blanketing the road in a matter of minutes. "Shit!" Michael huffed, as the wheels of his car began to spin. "If the snow continues at this pace, we're gonna get stuck out here."

       Deciding to pull into a desolate parking lot of a nearby hotel, Michael switched on the radio so he could listen to the latest weather forecast.

      [If you're out on the road's tonight! You shouldn't be! Snow will pack down quickly, but it should melt by morning as an approaching warm front comes in. Stay tuned to WDEL for up to date weather conditions.]

       "I think it would be best if we hunkered down for tonight. I don't think my car can push through this," Michael sighed heavily as he shut off the radio.

       "Good idea!" Symphony chuckled lightly with an 'I told you so,' look upon her face.

       "What's so funny?" He rolled his eyes in exasperation.

        "I told you we should have taken a plane or a train."

       "Don't sass me, Ms. Wilson. Unless you want a hard spanking."

       Symphony purred, kissing his neck lightly. "Mmm... But I enjoy it when you discipline me, sir."

       Looking at him daringly, Symphony straddled his lap. She'd been extra horny for him all afternoon and couldn't wait another second to feel him inside of her. As she unzipped his pants, Michael groaned when she grasped his aching member, stroking it lightly.

        "Do you ever wear underwear?" she laughed.

        "I do, but when I'm with you, what's the need?" he spoke in a husky tone, biting his lower lip.

       Pushing her underwear aside, Michael smirked when he slid two fingers inside of her. "At first, I found it odd you would choose to wear a skirt on such a cold day... But I'm glad you did."

      Symphony whimpered, as he fingered her slowly, his thumb stroking her hood intricately. "Mmm... I'm glad I did as well. But admittedly, this was my plan all along. I've never made love in a car... I wanted you to be my first."

       "And your only," Michael added, as he slipped a third finger inside of her. "You belong to me, beautiful."

        Clutching the back of his neck, Symphony arched her back as she made a whistling sound that could rival that of Mariah Carey's.

       With his lips nuzzled into the crook of her neck, he murmured breathlessly, "wow! That was an impressive G6, Ms. Wilson. I wonder what other notes I can make you hit?"

       Symphony chuckled. "So are you finally giving me that lesson on sequential modulations I missed? Because if so, I doubt I can hit anything higher than what you've just heard."

       "Hmm... I love the way you think, sweetheart, but no. I plan to do that another time," he spoke smoothly, "we need to start from your lowest register to the very top. I wanna hear your entire range."

       Licking his lips slowly, Michael swiftly lifted Symphony and lowered her onto his engorged cock. As she rode him fast and hard, the heat from their bodies caused the windows of the car to fog up.

       Throughout the years, Michael had his share of being made love to and fucked by a few talented women, but Symphony was the best he'd ever had. But unlike the other women, she didn't have to try too hard. Just one sexy glance from her was enough to make him completely weak— he loved it when she took control.

       Eyes closed and lost in ecstasy, Michael and Symphony's bodies jerked uncontrollably. "That was so hot," Symphony spoke breathlessly, as she slumped her body against his.

      As Michael rubbed the small of her back in soothing circles, he gave her a light smack on her ass. The contrast between the two actions caused her to squeal in delight. "I love when you spank me, Dr. Black," she spoke in a sultry tone.

        "You're so naughty, Ms. Wilson. Come on... Let's check into the hotel so I can discipline you more appropriately."

       After checking into their room, Michael gave Symphony a weak smile. He wasn't stuck up or anything, but it wasn't a place he'd take her if he had other options available.

       Embracing her into his arms, he frowned and said, "I'm sorry about this... Maybe I can try to find a better hotel that's not too far away."

       Symphony chuckled and teased, "Oh, Michael, sweetie. This is fine. I stay in three-star hotels all the time... Hell, even 1 star, and no stars at all. There's nothing wrong with the Hampton-Inn."

       "I understand that, but I want to make sure you're comfortable, baby. I can't have you staying at any old place."

      "Michael, sweetie. Chill... As long as we are together, that's what matters most."

       "Yes. You're right. It's just that I want to give you the best at all times, you know?"

       Just as Symphony was about to answer, Shadow began to whimper from inside of her bag.

       At first, Michael thought about finding Shadow a puppy-sitter while they traveled to Newyork, but Symphony couldn't bear to leave him behind.

        Shadow was an adorable grey, black, and white 'Shih-tzu.' Symphony had always wanted a puppy but never got around to buying one. Luckily for her, Michael didn't mind sharing Shadow with her— she thought he was the most cutest puppy ever and loved him as if he were her own.

       Retrieving Shadow from the bag, Symphony held him in her arms and cooed, "Daddy and I are so sorry for leaving you cooped up in that bag... Thank-you for not barking while we were checking in."

       Michael smiled. Whenever Symphony referred to he and she as Shadow's parents, it made his heart melt. Though she hadn't expressed her feelings on whether she wanted kids or not, he felt deep within his heart she'd make a great mother.

       "I'm surprised he didn't bark while we were checking in. And I'm even more shocked we didn't hear a peep out him while we were fuc--,"

       Placing her hand over Michael's mouth, Symphony exclaimed, "Michael! Please! Don't curse in front of our baby."

        Removing Shadow from her arms and placing him in the corner, Michael laughed mischievously, as he lowered Symphony onto the bed. After capturing her lips in a deep, toe-curling, delicious kiss, he whispered, "while we were fucking."

       Biting him on his lower lip, she spoke saucily, "I'm glad you enjoyed it, baby. Now, where's my punishment?"


      When Michael and Symphony arrived at Michael's townhouse in Newyork, she was floored. It was six story's high, had 16 rooms, and ten wood-burning fireplaces throughout. Much like his home in Baltimore, it boasted a classy modern vibe with its oak flooring and grand staircase.

       "Wow! This place is gorgeous... And please, don't take this the wrong way, but why on earth would you buy a townhome this big?"

      His expression turning gloomy, Michael began to reminisce over why he had brought the house back in 2001. He and his then-fiancee, Mercedes, had been living with one another for a few years, and they needed a place to stay while he rehearsed for his 30th-anniversary concert. When buying the house, he was looking towards the future.

        He and Mercedes were to be married the following year at his Neverland ranch. He was hoping to have a big family, and while their primary place of residence would have been the ranch, he wanted a big house in Newyork that could accommodate the enormous family he planned to have. Like California, Newyork was the second-biggest hub in the entertainment industry. Instead of leaving his family behind while on long business trips, he wanted to bring them along.

       "Hello! Paging Dr. Black, paging Dr. Black. We need you back on planet earth," Symphony teased.

         Quickly snapping out of his thoughts, Michael laughed embarrassingly. "Sorry, Symphony. I'm a little tired from the drive up, and I'm a bit scattered brained at the moment. Can we discuss why I brought the house at a later time?"

       "Sure, sweetie. So what bedroom will we be sleeping in?" she laughed.

       Sweeping her into his arms, he kissed her and said, "Hmm... Well, I was kinda hoping we could test them all out and see which better suits our needs."

       "What needs?" she spoke coyly, knowing precisely what he was alluding to.

       "Well... Like the beds, for example. Some are sturdier than others. After almost breaking the bed at the hotel, we need to find one that'll support your bouncing and my thrusting."

       "Michael! Stop it! You are terrible."

       "Ah! Touché, my love. Touché. That's not what you were screaming last night."

       After several hours of making love, Symphony gave Michael a much-needed back-rub. On the drive up, he had made mention of an old injury that was aggravating him from when a bridge he was performing on had collapsed. The injury had taken place at his 'MJ and Friends' concert in 1999 in Munich. After the accident, he continued the performance but was rushed to the hospital afterward.

       Hovering over his back with her legs splayed on either side of him, she spoke tenderly as she massaged his lower back. 

      "How does it feel, sweetheart? Let me know if I hurt you."

       Michael exhaled loudly. "It feels incredible... Thank you. It's been a long time since I've had a massage, and never like this. This is very soothing... Very intimate."

       "I'm so glad to hear that, sweetie. And not to pry, but have any of the women you've been with ever given you a massage?" she asked while kissing the back of his neck.

       "Yes... Two. My ex-wife and ex-fiance. Getting a massage by a stranger makes me uncomfortable. I'd rather for someone I love to do it."

       Symphony smiled and said, "well... Whenever you want or need one, please don't hesitate to ask."

       "Thank-you. And not to change subjects, but I want you to attend Friday's meeting with me at Sony. I think it would be great for you to get an inside glimpse of the industry from the business level."

        "Oh, I don't know, Michael. Is my being there even allowed? I don't want to intrude."

       "Trust me...You're not intruding.

I own half of their entire catalog. I'll bring whomever I damn well please."

      "Alright, sweetheart. I'll attend. I'm very interested in learning more about the business from the boardroom, but for now, I want you to relax."

      "Thanks, Symphony. I'm fine... But you're right— no need for me to get all riled up before I get there. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I want to enjoy the holiday with you. I shouldn't be sulking over those bastards."

       After Symphony had finished giving Michael his massage, they turned in for the evening. They had a long day ahead, and Elizabeth had invited them over much earlier than initially planned. She was still quite nervous over meeting the incomparable legend, and her thoughts were racing a mile a minute. If Elizabeth disapproved of her in any way, she wasn't sure what she would do.

        Michael held Elizabeth in such high regard that she could only imagine him sending her packing if his best friend and second mother didn't like her.

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