Chapter 28

      When Michael and Symphony arrived at the music hall, Maison De La Radio, she was a mixed bag of emotions.

      Earlier that afternoon, she had met with the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra and rehearsed the three songs she would be performing. The four-hour practice had gone well, and she was feeling pretty good about the performance.

        At first, she was a little concerned over having a short time to practice with the orchestra, but she likened it to when singers would hire her band for club gigs. It wasn't uncommon for an out-of-town artist to hire a local band and then practice with them the day of their show.

       As the two walked hand in hand to their seats, Michael's heart swelled with pride. It was no easy feat performing with a 50 piece orchestra, but he knew Symphony could pull it off. For the past two weeks, she had been practicing like crazy, ensuring she knew the compositions like the back of her hand. Seeing how hard she had been practicing, reminded him of himself. Back when he was still performing, he would practice night and day, sometimes forgetting to eat.

       Before taking their seats, Michael turned to her and smiled. "Wow! I can't believe you'll be performing the music of one of my favorite composers. And in the country where he was born at that. I definitely chose the right woman to fall in love with."

       Symphony chuckled nervously and said, "I can't believe it either. This is such an incredible honor. But to be quite honest, I'm nervous as hell. This is the biggest audience I've ever performed for."

       Knowing exactly how she felt, he took both of her hands in his and said, "feeling nervous is a good thing. It means you care about what you do. But Please; try to relax. Your brain needs to be clear when you walk out onto that stage. If you're stressed out, you'll lose your focus."

       Nodding her head in agreement, Symphony inhaled and exhaled loudly. "Yes. You're right... But it's just so many people. For that alone, it's very daunting."

       "Trust me, Beautiful. I know," Michael spoke sympathetically. "On the opening night of the Bad tour, I was shaking so intensely that I grabbed the hand of an entertainment correspondent and walked hand in hand with her to the stage. I know that sounds odd given how much I hate the media, but she was a rare breed. She was lovely and had always been fair in her reporting of me. I'm glad she was there to comfort me that night."

       Symphony teased. "Why do I have the feeling there's more to this story."

       "Oh, God, Symphony!" Michael blurted, wrinkling his nose. "I invited the host of Entertainment Tonight, Mary Hart, to cover the first show of the tour. It was nothing more than that."

       Symphony laughed wryly. "Besides your nerves, I'm sure that's not the only thing she comforted that night."

       His face turning red, he chuckled and said, "look! I was kind of soft on her, but nothing happened between us. Entertainment Tonight was the only entertainment show I liked watching, and I loved her personality on the show, but when we met, I kept it professional. However, after the concert, I did invite her back to my hotel suite for dinner, but honestly, that was it. But look, let's get off of that. The reason I shared that story with you is that most wouldn't think an artist of my stature would get anxious before performing. But nothing could be further from the truth — I was a nervous wreck until I hit the stage."

      "See. I knew there was more," Symphony simpered, shaking her head from side to side. "So, how did you manage to calm yourself down?"

       Placing both of his hands on either side of her face, he looked her deep in the eyes and said, "I took several deep breaths and acknowledged my strengths... I had confidence in my abilities. For several months, I had been practicing day in and day out. I knew every single detail of the show — I left no stone unturned. What I'm trying to say is... Have confidence in yourself, Beautiful. You've practiced for this! You've trained for this. All of your previous performances have led up to this moment. You've got this!"

       Pressing her forehead against his, Symphony whispered, "thankyou. Thank you for being my rock, sweetheart. I love you so much."

       "I love you more, Beautiful," Michael whispered in return, "have a great performance."

       "Thank you, baby. See you in a bit. I have to go back-stage now. I'll join you in the audience after I perform, and we'll watch the remainder of the concert together."

        As Michael watched the show, so many thoughts were running through his mind. He wanted their vacation to be stress-free but was also glad some things had come to a head. He and Symphony had confided deeply in one another, thus strengthening their bond.

      When Symphony walked out onto the stage, Michael's heart beamed with adoration. Symphony appeared to be calm, cool, and collected. He knew her performance would be flawless.

       After taking her seat at the piano, Symphony flexed her fingers over the keys and began playing with a passion she had never played with before. She was completely immersed in the music. Not once did she open her eyes to look at the sheet music in front of her — for the songs had become etched in her soul.

      After Symphony's performance was over,

the audience erupted into thunderous applause and whistles. It was the most applause she had ever received — she was grateful. As she thought back to the little seven-year-old playing with her baby-dolls while simultaneously tapping out, Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, she bowed her head and said, "thank-you."

      When Symphony lifted her head, she made direct eye contact with Michael. He had the biggest smile on his face and was clapping louder than all of the other attendees. Though she was appreciative of all the admiration she was receiving — it was Michael's that mattered the most. She wanted to make him proud.

       After taking her final bow, Symphony made her way backstage. As she was making her way towards the audience, Michael appeared out of nowhere, causing her to startle. "You gotta stop popping up out of the blue like that!" she huffed, "how did you get back here so quick? You were just in the audience."

      Michael chuckled as he handed her a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses. "I know magic, and I wanted to give you these."

        "Aww, thank-you, baby. These are beautiful," she gushed, as she inhaled the fragrant scent of one of the beautiful buds.

        As Symphony moved the bouquet away from her nose, she noticed something sparkling inside one of the roses.

      Upon further investigation, her jaw dropped, as she removed the glittering objects — a set of diamond rings.

        Getting down on one knee, Michael took her hand in his and said, "I hope this isn't too sudden, but I want to share my life with you. I want to wake-up to your beautiful face every morning, I want to write songs with you on rainy Sunday's while our squishy babies are napping, I want Shadow and our new puppies to play in the backyard of our pretty home — I want to be your husband. Will you marry me?"

       Happy tears streaming down her face, her voice overcome with emotion, she whispered a simple, "yes."

       Michael chuckled. "Can I have the rings, please? I want to do this properly."

       "Oh, yeah-yeah." Symphony giggled as she passed the rings to him.

      "Look here; I even got them engraved. They have both of our names with music notes on each side."

       "Nice touch, baby," she giggled. "They're beautiful."

       As Michael slid both the engagement and wedding ring on her finger, Symphony yelped. "Michael! You're supposed to give me the wedding band during the wedding ceremony, not now."

       "I know." Michael sighed. "But they're safer with you. I tend to lose things from time to time. Thank God I haven't lost any of my student's homework... This year. When that happens, I usually give everyone a passing grade."

        Placing her hand on his cheek, Symphony stroked it lightly and said, "aww! Poor baby. Well, you've been doing a great job, and I'm sure your students didn't mind the passing grade. Your tests are hard as hell."

       "Speaking of hard," Michael smirked, as he rose to his feet. "Let's get out of here."

        "But don't you want to watch the rest of the show?"

        Picking her up into his arms, Michael gave her a wolfish grin and said, "While I love Debussy's music, I much rather we make our own. The sound of our lovemaking is the greatest composition of all."

       As they made their way back to the Villa, Michael had a hard time sitting still and was squirming in his seat. He had been horny since they left for the concert, and his member had been pressed tightly against his trousers for most of the night.

       Noticing Michael's huge bulge, Symphony placed a call to the chauffeur. Though their Villa was less than twenty minutes away from the concert hall, Michael had rented a limo for the occasion. "François, please take us around the city center before heading back to our Villa. Unless there is an emergency, we wish not to be disturbed."

       "As you wish, mademoiselle! He spoke in a jovial tone. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

       Hitting the back of his head against the headrest of his seat, Michael huffed in frustration. "I don't believe this! I left the concert early so we could make love... Not take a tour of the city," he thought silently to himself.

       "No-no. That'll be all, François!

Thank you," Symphony sputtered, as she rolled up the partition. She knew Michael was hungry for her, and so was she for him. She wanted to do something she hadn't done before.

       Taking Michael by surprise, Symphony got down on her knees and nestled herself between his legs. "What are you doing on the floor, sweetheart?" He asked inquisitively, furrowing his eyebrows.

       "I want to taste you," she spoke saucily as she rubbed his thighs slowly. She had never given 'head' before and had always been a little apprehensive about it. She wanted to experience it, but only with a man, she was completely comfortable with.

        "Symphony sweetie... Are you sure?" Michael spoke through bated breath, his eyes half masked. Though he longed to feel Symphony's soft and plump lips on his shaft, he felt unsure due to Nicolae's crude remark.

        Placing her head in his lap, Symphony spoke gingerly. "I know why you're concerned, Michael. And it's ok. We spoke about it, and I'm over it. I've wanted to do this for a while now. You're my first. To be honest, I'm surprised you never asked for it."

        Michael gave a throaty laugh. "Trust me... It's been hard for me not to ask, but I also didn't want to put pressure on you. Not every woman likes giving oral. It's unfortunate for me, but I've always respected the decisions of the women I've been intimate with."

       Symphony smirked. "Well... Guess there is only one way for me to find out."

       As Symphony slowly undid his pants, his belly quivered with anticipation. There was something sexy in knowing he was her first.

       "Would you like me to wear a condom," he asked. "It can get kinda messy."

         "Relax, baby. I want to experience all of you," she spoke through ragged breath.

        Once Michael was free of his underwear, Symphony smiled delightfully at the sight of his massive erection. "Is there anything in particular you would like me to do?"

       Licking his lips slowly, Michael chuckled and said, "do whatever you wish, Beautiful."

       Symphony grasped his length delicately, gliding his foreskin back and forth over his glistening tip. He was rock hard, and his veins were showing. As she lightly flicked her tongue over the head of his cock, Michael's body jerked upward. "You like that?" she whispered, staring up into his eyes.

       Michael panted. "Yes, Beautiful. Your tongue... Your lips... your mouth... They all feel incredible."

       Symphony grinned in satisfaction. "I'm happy to hear that, baby."

        Wrapping her hand around his sex, she pumped him slow and deliberately, as she sucked and licked his slick knob. His juice was sweet and salty — she couldn't get enough of his taste.

        When Symphony took him entirely into her mouth, he tossed his head back and hissed, "oooh fuck! Symphony... Are you sure this is your first time doing this?"

       "It is." She giggled. "I hope I'm doing a good job."

      Michael laughed hoarsely. "You're doing better than good... You're doing amazing! This is the best oral pleasure I've ever received."

      As Symphony continued to pleasure him, he placed his hands on her head, pushing her harder against him. His moans becoming louder, he pounded his cock into her mouth. "Shit! I'm about to cum, sweetheart." He cried out. "Fuck me harder, please!"

        Gripping his thighs for support, she took him deeper into her mouth. His dick hitting the back of her throat, she moaned loudly, sending vibrations throughout his entire shaft. As he continued to thrust in and out of her mouth, his juice trickled down her chin.

       "Swallow, Beautiful," he panted as he stared at her through heavy-lidded eyes.

      As another shot of his hot cum entered her mouth, Symphony did as he commanded and drank every bit. His body jerking upwards, he cried out her name as she brought him to a mind-blowing orgasm.

         "How was it, sweetie? Did you enjoy it?" she spoke quietly, as she got up from the floor and straddled his lap.

        Pulling her against him, he stroked her back delicately and said, "that was incredible, Beautiful. Sorry if I got a little carried away. I couldn't help myself."

       Symphony giggled. "No need to be sorry. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

         "And how was it for you? Did you enjoy it as well? Because if you didn't, you don't have to do it again."

        Kissing him softly on the lips, Symphony smiled and said, "thank-you for your concern, Dr. Black... But I enjoyed it very much. And now that I've had my first sip of you, I can't wait to have more."

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