Chapter 15

      "Hey! How did operation 'rescue kitty' go?" Symphony teased.

       When Michael took a seat beside her on the sofa, she shrieked when she saw his face. "Michael, baby! Are you alright? What happened? Why is the side of your face red? Did you fall?"

       Turning away from her, he sighed heavily and said, "no, I didn't fall."

       As she gently placed her hand to his face, she massaged the bright-red mark and cooed, "it's ok, baby. Hold on while I go and get some ice, ok?"

      "Ok," he mumbled in return, feeling awful that their night had now indeed taken a turn for the worse.

       When Symphony returned from the kitchen with a makeshift ice-pack, she placed it to his cheek and said, "here. This should help soothe it a little. Now please, tell me what happened."

      Laying the back of his head against the sofa, he closed his eyes. He wanted to tell Symphony the truth. If he wanted their relationship to be any different from his last, then he needed to be completely honest with her.

       With his eyes sealed shut, he grimaced. "Ms. Foster happened."

     Symphony furrowed her eyebrows at him and said, "huh? What does that mean? What does she have to do with what happened to your face?"

       Sitting upwards, he let out a shaky breath and said, "everything."

       "Please... Go on, sweetie; I'm listening," she spoke quietly.

       Taking her by the hand, he looked her directly in the eyes as he began to speak.    

       "When I first started teaching at 'Peabody' three years ago, Ms. Foster was the first person I became friends with. From the moment I saw her, I was attracted to her, so I asked her out on a date. At the time, I wasn't looking for anything serious, and I made that very clear to her. I just wanted someone to spend time with. I was new here and lonely. After our first date, one thing led to another, and we had sex. While Ms. Foster and I got along, for the most part, we have way too many conflicting interests and beliefs. Even if I wanted to be in a relationship with her, it wouldn't last long. Besides sex, we have very little in common."

       Widening her eyes in surprise, Symphony breathed deep and said, "Wow! I figured you had something going on with her, but I didn't know how deep it was. Why didn't you tell me when I asked you about her that night at the theater?"

      Michael sighed. "I didn't feel it was appropriate at the time. I try to respect the privacy of every woman I've ever been involved with."

       Nodding her head in agreement, she said, "I can respect that, but it still doesn't explain why your face is red."

    As Michael took over holding the ice-pack to his face, he winced in pain and said, "it wasn't my neighbor at the door. It was Raven... Or better known to you as Ms. Foster. She came by saying she needed to speak with me. When she tried to push her way inside, I closed the door behind me. But in doing so, she saw you and became upset... She slapped me."

      Placing her hand over her heart in shock, Symphony exclaimed, "oh no! I'm so sorry, Michael. Why would she do that?"

      Looking at her in utter confusion, Michael removed the ice-pack from his face and said, "wait! Why would you be sorry? It's not your fault. If anything, it's mine."

      "Well... If I hadn't been here, she wouldn't have hit you. And regardless, she shouldn't have put her hands on you," she spoke sadly.

      "No, sweetheart. You have every right to be here. But I agree, she shouldn't have touched me. But hell... Maybe I deserved it? I haven't been frank with her. I need to tell her about us."

       Symphony whispered, "us?"

       "Yes, us. I'm completely taken by you. It's been such a long time since any woman has captivated my heart in the manner that you have."

      Symphony smiled. "Same here... I've fallen deeply for you."

      "That's good to know, or else this would be hella awkward," Michael laughed. "So, I guess now would be the perfect time for me to explain my no kissing on the lips rule?"

      Scooting closer to him, Symphony tilted her head to the side and propped her elbow on the back of the sofa. "Go on. I'm all ears," she spoke gingerly while caressing his hand.

       "As I told you earlier, kissing is a form of intimacy I don't take lightly. And for me, it's the greatest form of intimacy there is. It's more important than sex. Now don't get me wrong. Sex is intimate as well, but each takes on a new level for me when coupled together. When I kiss a woman, I'm sharing my most vulnerable self with her. I'm sharing my innermost feelings with her. When I moved to Baltimore, I swore off on kissing altogether. This was my new life, and I wanted things to be different. My heart had been broken many times before, and I didn't want the emotional attachment that came with kissing... Unless."

     "Unless what?"

     "Unless I feel there's a deep connection with the woman I'm involved with. Unless I plan on taking the relationship further. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I'd like to date you exclusively."

     "And what about Raven?"

     "What about her? Since we've become closer, I haven't had sex with her in over a month... I've barely spoken with her. And after tonight, it's pretty safe to assume that things are over between us. But to make things completely clear with her, I'll have a talk with her and that'll be the end of it. I'm only interested in you."

       Noticing an intense yearning flickering behind his eyes, Symphony straddled his lap and said, "I'm only interested in you as well."

      As he cupped her face in his large hands, he crushed his mouth to hers and kissed her passionately. "Mmm... I want you, Symphony," he spoke low and deep, "do you want me as well?"

      "Yes, Michael. I do," she responded eagerly, wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders. 

       With heated desire, she watched

Michael unbutton her shirt slowly. When his fingers lightly grazed her breast, she shivered in response. After removing her shirt, he expertly unclasped her bra with one hand, causing her breast to spring free. Taking one of her breasts into his mouth, he sucked and bit it's nipple gently. "So fucking delicious," he hissed.

      Standing up from the sofa with Symphony's legs locked firmly around his waist, he kissed her neck as he carried her to his bedroom.

       After gently laying her onto the bed, he removed his clothes. As he stood before her completely naked, his uncircumcised dick dripped with pre-cum. He was hard, thick, and long. As his eyes traveled up and down Symphony's body, he licked his lips at what he saw⁠— she was a complete goddess. From her voluptuous breast down to her perky ass, he loved everything about her.

      "Remove your underwear, beautiful. I want to see all of you," he drawled.

      Complying with his request, Symphony removed her thong, feeling relieved she had chosen to wear her cute bra and panty set instead. She shuddered to think what he would have thought if he saw her in what she had on before.

      After joining her on the bed, he spread her legs apart. As he kissed her inner thighs slowly, a soft moan escaped her lips, causing his dick to throb painfully. Her voice was smooth and silky. He couldn't wait to hear her shout his name.

     As he lightly flicked her swollen clit with his hot tongue, Symphony's body jerked upwards.

       "Do you like that, beautiful?" he whispered against her mound as he inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her flower.

      "Mmm, hmm," Symphony whimpered, "that felt incredible."

       "Would you like me to do it again?" he spoke huskily.

       "Yes, baby! Please taste me."

       With a soft, raspy laugh, Michael ran his tongue up and down her slick, inner lips. He loved seeing her respond to his touch.

       "Oh, Michael! Yes, baby, right there," Symphony whimpered softly, as he plunged his tongue deep inside of her.

       As Michael drank her sweet nectar, he groaned deep. "You taste delightful. So warm. So sweet."

      Suddenly remembering what he told her at the cafe a month ago, Symphony giggled through ragged breath and said, "just like your favorite green tea, huh?"

      "Precisely," he chuckled.

       As Michael continued to pleasure her, Symphony gripped the back of his head and arched her back in response. His touch, his tongue, his technique⁠— they were all fantastic. He was amazing.

        Inserting two fingers inside of her, he licked her clitoris slow to start. It was almost too much for her to take. Michael was making her feel things she had never felt before. As he quickened the pace of his tongue, Symphony's eyes rolled to the back of her head.

       Sensing her orgasm was near, Michael curved his fingers upward, stimulating her G-spot.

        "Michael! Michael! Michael!" she cried out as waves of pleasure pulsated throughout her body.

       After coming down from her orgasm, Symphony sat up straight and kissed him deeply. When she tasted herself on his lips, a new surge of hot liquid shot through her box.

       Guiding him onto his back, she flashed him a naughty grin as she mounted him. As his dick filled every inch of her, she slid up and down him slowly. It was her first time having intercourse with an uncircumcised man, and the feeling was truly incredible. And that's not to say her past sexual experiences were unfulfilling, but she most certainly preferred the feel of Michael's smooth foreskin as he glided silkily in and out of her— it was by far her most pleasurable sexual experience yet.

     Biting his earlobe gently, Symphony whispered coquettishly into his ear, "Mmm... I've been waiting for this, Dr. Black. You're the sexiest professor I've ever met. I've been dreaming of this moment for quite some time now."

      Gently placing his hands on either side of her hips, Michael closed his eyes and chuckled. "Damn... You're so naughty, Ms. Wilson. I can't get enough of you."

       As Symphony rocked him slowly, she held his hands in place against the bed. His body was warm to the touch, as beads of sweat rolled off of his body.

       When Symphony kissed his chest and taut nipples, he made a guttural sound that shook her to her core. "Ah, fuck! You're so tight and wet, beautiful. Your rhythm is impeccable."

      Symphony moaned in delight. "I'm just matching your tempo, baby. You're the maestro here."

       Michael smiled softly. "And you're my delightful, Symphony. The most beautiful symphony I've ever had the pleasure of conducting."

       Placing her hands gently on his stomach, Symphony tightened her walls around his cock. She needed to feel him in every crack and crevice deep inside of her. She wanted to perform an exquisite duet with him. As she moved her hips faster, she pressed her pelvis firmly against his. When he felt his dick touch the back of her wall, he yelled and shouted in ecstasy, "Ugh! Symphony, baby! Whatever it is that you're doing... Please don't stop."

       Symphony moaned and said, "Don't you worry, sweetie. I won't stop until we reach the climax of our delightful song."

       As she bounced up and down on his member, he gripped her hips tightly while thrusting upwards into her. When they reached their peaks, they cried each other's names, as Michael's decadent wine filled her cup.

      Feeling totally spent, Symphony collapsed against his heaving chest, their hearts beating as one. What they shared that evening was far more than sex— they made love.

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