Chapter 3

      "Todays gonna be a long day," Michael muttered through a tired yawn, as he got up slowly from his chair. "This is exactly why I don't drink or stay out too late on school nights... I can't hang like I used to."

        When he returned the papers from yesterday's assignment, he put stickers of stars on everyone's work. He knew it was a bit kindergartenish, but it always brought a smile to his student's faces — except for Symphony's. Although he had given her three stars, he had also written her a message that read: ["See me after class, Dr. Black."]

       Looking at her paper in utter confusion, she wondered why he would want to see her. "Geeze! What now?" she groaned.

       After noticing her perplexed expression, Michael soon approached her, making sure to whisper so that the other students wouldn't hear him.

       "Everything is fine, Ms. Wilson. I just wanted to discuss a few things with you. Don't worry... I gave you three stars," he smiled.

       During that day's lesson, Michael found himself stealing glances at Symphony and then feeling awkward when they made eye contact. Being the professional educator he was, he never became personally involved with his students. It was a boundary he had no interest in crossing, but with Symphony, he found her intriguing.

        For starters, he wondered why she decided to take music courses so late in life.

According to her records, he knew she would be turning thirty years old soon, but who was he to judge? At the age of forty-two, he had also decided to further his education.

        After class was over, Symphony nervously walked up to his desk, not knowing what to expect.

       "You wanted to see me, sir?" she spoke in a meek tone.

        "Yes, Ms. Wilson... I would like to speak with you alone. But I don't want to make you late for your next class. Is this a good time? If not, we can reschedule at your convenience.

        "No-no... Now is a good time. My next class isn't for another hour. But what's wrong? Am I failing already?"

        Michael chuckled deep. "I already told you... Everything is alright. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your performance last night. You're a wonderful pianist and singer."

       Letting out an inward sigh, Symphony began to relax.

       "Thank you! That's good to know. I noticed you in the audience, but when you left early, I thought you hated our set."

      "Definitely not! I thought your band was amazing... How long have you been playing and singing for?"

      "Oh! Pretty much since I was born. I started taking piano and vocal lessons when I was three years old. My mom loves to tease that even my whines were in perfect pitch."

       "Too funny! You know... My mom said something similar about my dancing. She says that I would dance to the rhythm of the washing machine. Which reminds me, I loved what you wrote in your paper. It's exactly how I feel about music. Like you, I hear music in everything."

       "Really? Well, color me flattered! I can't believe that Michael Jackson. I mean, Dr. Black... Oh, God, I'm so sorry. I know that you don't like being called--"

       Cutting her off mid-sentence, he spoke tenderly. "It's alright... I know it takes some time to get used to. Now, what were you going to say?"

       "Oh... Just that I can't believe someone of your caliber is paying me all of these wonderful compliments. It means a lot to me."

       Just as Michael was about to ask her another question, Raven came bursting into the room.

       "Michael, sweetie! I need to speak with you," she spoke dramatically, as she flung her silky black tresses over her shoulder.

      As Symphony watched Raven rush towards Michael, she couldn't help but admire her beauty. With the classic look of a 1940's Hollywood actress, she reminded her of a forty-year-old 'Eartha Kitt.'

       When Raven noticed Symphony standing by Michael's desk, she quickly toned her voice down and said, "Oh, I'm sorry Dr. Black, I didn't know you were speaking with a student. I'll come back later." 

       Not wanting to take up Michael's time, Symphony politely excused herself. Whatever Raven needed to discuss with him seemed urgent, and she didn't want to be in the way.

       "Good morning, Ms. Foster! I was just leaving. Have a nice day, you two!" Symphony announced cheerfully as she picked up her book-bag and quickly dashed out of the room.

       Getting up to lock the door, Michael returned to Raven with a semi-scowl upon his face.

       "What's the matter? How'd your date go last night? You didn't come over, so I assumed it went well," he spoke in an icy tone.

       Sensing he had a bit of an attitude, Raven paused before speaking. "I'm sorry... We can talk later. It doesn't seem like you want to be bothered right now."

      As he raked his hand through his hair, he exhaled loudly. "It's not that, but I was quite busy before you busted up in here. I also have a lot of papers to grade. Can we discuss this later tonight at my place?"

       "Yeah, sure. I don't have any dates lined up, so I'll see you then. Should I come over at the usual time? 8 pm?" Raven spoke flirtatiously as she pressed her body firmly against his. 

        Instantly becoming aware of his body's reaction to her, and what she was looking to do, he backed away from her. "Raven now is not a good time; my next class starts in 5 minutes... But yes, 8 pm is fine. I'll see you then."


       After Symphony finished up with classes for the day, she met up with her good friend Trinity. A fearless and witty twenty-year-old that she had met one year prior after one of her band's gigs. After having a conversation about who their favorite bands of all time were, they instantly became friends when they discovered that they both loved the singer Sade's band, 'Sweetback.'

        "So how are classes going... But more importantly, what do you think of Dr. Black?" Trinity asked unabashedly. 

      "Classes are going well, but I did arrive late to Dr. Black's on the first day... But he didn't seem too upset about it."

       "Uh-huh... Well, that's a first. He's never been mean to anyone, but he has definitely gone in on folks for being tardy before. And again, What do you think about him?" Trinity repeated once more, tilting her head to the side.

      "Damn! What do you want me to say? I'm very well aware that half the female student body has a crush on him," Symphony Laughed, "he seems to be a nice guy and a great teacher."

       Noticing Symphony's cheeks had turned a bright shade of red, Trinity giggled. "I hope you include yourself when you speak of the female student body. Because right now, your cheeks are rosy as hell! You're blushing!"

       "I! Am! Not! But why is what I think about him so important?" Symphony asked inquisitively.

        "You should ask him out! I know he dates, but he hasn't had a steady girlfriend since he started teaching here. Sure, he and Ms. Foster dated for a little while... But word on the street is that he dumped her. The two are still friends, though, but with a little something extra on the side."

        "Girl! I can't do that! He's my professor! And I kind of figured him and Ms. Foster had something going on. Today while he and I were speaking after class, she came bursting in all dramatic like saying she needed to speak with him. It seemed important, so I made up an excuse and bounced."

         "Wait! So what were you two discussing? It's only your second day of classes with him... You can't be fucking up that bad already. Also, You're a gifted musician; I know my girl is smart... So?"


       "Trinity, have you always been this nosey?"

        "All my life, now spill!"

        "Well, If you must know. Dr. Black so happened to be at the lounge my band was playing at last night. He said we were amazing and that he really liked my paper on an assignment he had given. At the beginning of our conversation, he asked if we could continue at my convenience if it weren't a good time for us to speak."

        "And what did you tell him?"

         "Nothing. Everything was fine until we were interrupted by Ms. Foster.

        Jumping up from her seat, Trinity yelped, "Oooh, girl! He so wants to tap that ass!"

       "Be quiet, Trinity! No, he doesn't! And again... He is my professor!" Symphony vehemently explained, "and besides that, he's like 49 years old. We're 20 years apart!"

        Trinity smirked. "You're grown, and he's grown. That man is sexy and needs a good woman in his life. If Ms. Foster hasn't bagged him by now, she must not be doing something right!"

        "Well, if that's the case... Then why don't you ask him out for yourself?"

        Stomping her foot on the ground, Trinity held up her hand and shook it as if she was testifying in church.

       "I tried girl... I tried. But sadly, he turned me down. He said he didn't date students. I asked him out after I completed his course, but I should have known that he wasn't interested in me... He only spoke to me twice the entire time I was in his class. But with you, it's different! He totally seems interested in you."

       Symphony sympathized. "Oh, Trinity! I'm so sorry, but he is a professor... I'm sure there might be some rules when it comes to dating students."

        "Oh, believe you me! I checked. Peabody doesn't have any specific rules on student-professor hook up's, but they highly warn against doing so... But damn it! For Dr. Black, I'd risk it all," Trinity laughed.


        "Oh, yes! Right there, baby... Fuck! You feel so good," Raven screamed, as Michael pumped in and out of her rapidly.

        Wrapping her hands around the back of his neck, she tried to kiss him on the lips, but he turned his head quickly. Under no circumstances did he kiss on the lips. And although he held no qualms over kissing, licking, and sucking on almost everything else. Mouth to mouth contact was a 'no.'

      It was another rule of his that she couldn't stand, nor did he ever care to explain. And even though he had told her multiple times before not to do it, she would still try to kiss him now and again, hoping that he would give in. 

       As he tilted her head backward, he sucked skillfully on her neck, making her orgasm more intense.

       "Mmm... Do you like that?" He spoke sexily as her body quaked beneath him.

       "Yes, Michael, I do. Like hell, I do!" she shouted in return.

      After having sex several times that night, Michael held Raven in his arms. While he did care for her, he didn't consider what they did as 'love-making.' He didn't love her, so he never referred to their intimate escapades as such.

       Earlier that evening, when Raven arrived at his home, they spoke a little about her date, but per usual, one thing led to another, and all they cared about was fucking each other's brain's out. Though they had a mutual understanding of what they were to each other, Michael would often feel bad. He knew that she wanted a bonafide relationship, but he had no desire to be more than just her friend and fuck buddy.

      Stroking her hand up and down his chest, she spoke quietly. "Will I ever get to kiss you on the lips?"

       Michael sighed. "Come on, Raven; I just don't kiss on the lips, Ok?"

But you've kissed women on the lips before. What's wrong with me?" she asked, feeling self-conscious.

       "That was then, and this is now... And I've told you plenty of times before. There's nothing wrong with you; this is my personal decision... Please respect it," he replied firmly but gently.

        Deciding to let go of the topic altogether, Raven climbed atop him.

      Knowing that he was none too pleased with her line of questioning, she decided to quit while she was ahead; but she also knew he was stubborn and set in his ways. It didn't take too much to turn him off, and she didn't feel like getting into an argument with him.

         As she rubbed her box against his erection, she spoke breathlessly into his ear. "Mind if I ride you for a bit?"

      Placing his hands behind his head, he spoke low and deep. "Of course not. That's the one question you never have to ask."

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