Chapter 7

       "Good morning!" Michael greeted cheerfully as he trotted happily into his classroom. Two weeks had passed since he'd last taught, and he was missing his students like crazy.

        But the one person that he missed the most was Symphony. He had grown accustomed to seeing her smiling face every Monday and Wednesday morning. It was the highlight of his day.

       "Good morning, Dr. Black!" his students shouted as they welcomed him back with thunderous applause.

       "Wow! It's nice to see I was missed, which probably won't last long," he chirped sarcastically, "please open your textbooks to page 109... Surprise quiz. I want to see what you've learned while I was away."

       As a chorus of groans filled the room, Symphony smiled and muttered. "Damn! The man doesn't miss a beat."

      "What was that, Ms. Wilson?" Michael inquired curiously, catching her off guard.

         "Oh nothing, I was just talking to myself," she replied sheepishly, knowing all too well that he had heard exactly what she said. 

       At the end of class, Symphony sat quietly while everyone exited the room. She had something that she wanted to give to Michael but didn't want anyone to see.

       "Is everything alright, Ms. Wilson?" he spoke quietly, walking towards her.

      "Um, yes, sir. Everything is fine. I have something that I would like to give to you. Well, two things, actually."

       As he stood just inches away from her face, he felt a massive amount of heat radiating from her body.

      "So, what is it that you would like to give to me?" he uttered softly.

       "I uh... I brought you some soup. I know that it takes a while for the flu to go away completely, and I thought that you might like it," she stuttered as she retrieved a small container from her bag.

       "Oh, wow! That's awfully sweet of you. But you didn't have to--"

      Cutting him off mid-sentence, she touched him gently on the cheek and smiled. "I know that I didn't have to, but I wanted to. How are you feeling?"

       As a surge of warmth filled both his heart and lower region, he replied kindly, "oh, um, besides a lingering cough that seems to come and go, I'm feeling a thousand times better. Thanks for asking."

       While Symphony continued to stroke his cheek, he closed his eyes. He knew that he probably should have stopped what was happening between them, but he didn't want to. He loved her touch. He craved it.

        "Awww, well, the soup should definitely help with that. I only wish that I could have given it to you sooner." She frowned.

       "And why couldn't you?" he spoke hoarsely, as he took a lock of her hair between his fingertips, twirling it lightly.

       "Well, for starters-- I don't have your address."

       "You could have asked for it," he whispered tenderly.

       Backing slowly away from him, Symphony swallowed deep. "I should get going. My second class is starting soon."

       "But wasn't there something else you wanted to give to me?" he called out.

       "I did! I still do! But I really have to go. I'll speak to you about it later."

       After Symphony practically ran out of the room, Michael instantly felt bad. He knew he had come on too quick and too strong. "Damn it!" he hissed.

       Later that night, Symphony lay in bed awake for hours, thinking about Michael and what had transpired between them. Never in her life did a man make her so hot and bothered. In recent years, she always thought of herself as fearless and outgoing, but sometimes when she was around Michael, she'd clam up.

       "OK, Symphony! Stop it! You're a mature adult. Just ask the man out as you planned. It's only a damn play at a theater! Not some romantic date," she shouted aloud before shutting off the lights and going to sleep.


       "Could you pass me that adapter, please? For some strange reason, my keyboard isn't turning on," Symphony said to one of her band members, as she flicked the instruments power switch off and on.

       When she looked up from her classic Elka Synthex, she noticed Michael sitting at a table, watching her intensely. As he got up from his seat with his adorable puppy in tow, he approached her slowly.

        "How are you, Ms. Wilson? Do you need some help with your keyboard?" He spoke politely, already knowing the answer.

     "Hi, Dr. Black. What are you doing here? And to answer your question-- yes. The stupid thing won't turn on!" she snapped while shaking the antique keyboard.

       Michael giggled. "Stop! Let me try... You're gonna break the thing."

     "It's already broken," she muttered.

     "No, it's not. Stevie wonder used to have one of these in his studio back in the '80s. If memory serves me correctly, he would tap it right here and bam!"

     When the keyboard miraculously switched on, Symphony hugged him tightly. "Oh my gosh! Thank you, Dr. Black! You got it to work!"

     "No problem Ms. Wilson. This board is a classic but was called back for patch and electrical problems. If you want, I can have it fixed for you."

     "Aww, that's very kind of you, but I can't let you do that. But thanks so much."

     "Please let me... It's not a big deal, really. I know how it is to have an instrument you love go berserk. It'd be my pleasure."

    "No, really... It's alright. I'll just wack it as you did."

    "Ok... But if you ever change your mind, just let me know."

    "Thank you... I will. And you never answered my question. What are you doing here? The lounge isn't even open yet."

      "I'm good with the owner. I was just walking Shadow and decided to get a drink. Aren't I allowed to do that?" Michael laughed.

     "I'm sorry for giving you the 5th degree. I just wasn't expecting to see you here. By the way, cute puppy."

       When Shadow barked seemingly in response to Symphony's compliment, they both laughed.

       "Thank-you. And it's ok. But maybe it's a good thing I'm here?"

        Symphony smirked, "Hmm... Maybe."

       Noticing the subtle sexiness behind her expression, he licked his lips slowly. She was definitely proving to be a test beyond his limits.

       "Well, I'll let you get back to setting up your equipment. Can't wait to see you perform tonight."

        "I'm so happy that you enjoy our performances. Like I've stated before, that means a lot to me coming from you," she replied humbly.

       "Your band as a whole is great... But it's you that I really enjoy," he smiled softly, "There's just something so magical about the way you perform."

        Turning her face away from him, she said, "Oh, Stop! You're making me blush."

       "Hey... I'm just being honest. You're a gifted performer."

       Looking downward at the floor, then back up towards Michael, Symphony spoke quietly while producing two tickets out of the back pocket of her pants.

       "So, remember that other thing I wanted to give to you?" She reminded him casually.

        "Yes... I do! I've been curious as to know what mystery you've been waiting to bestow upon me," he laughed.

        As a swarm of butterflies filled her stomach, she passed him one of the tickets and said, "Well― I know this might be slightly inappropriate given that you're my professor, but would you like to attend a play with me? It's titled, 'An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe.' It's a stage adaptation of his most haunting work."

        Michael yelped excitedly. "Wow! This is amazing. Many years ago, I was set to star in a movie about his life. His artistry has always been interesting to me. I've seen the original movie starring Vincent Price, but I didn't know it had been turned into a play."

     Symphony chuckled at his enthusiasm and said, "so would you like to go with me?"

       "Oh, yes! I just got so excited that I forgot to answer. I'd love to go! And it's not inappropriate. We're just two people seeing a play together."

       Symphony nodded. "Sounds good! Well... I should get back setting up for tonight's show. Please enjoy your evening, sir."

       "I will. And thank-you, Ms. Wilson. Getting to see you perform is always a great pleasure."

        As the evening wore on, Michael sat quietly, enjoying the show. Since it was a Friday night, he decided to have a few extra drinks. He didn't have anything planned for the next day and figured he could afford to sleep in.

      During the entire evening, Symphony seemed to be performing just for him. Or at least that's what he'd liked to think. Many times during the show, he envisioned her soft-brown skin pressed against his body.

       The mere thought of her shapely legs wrapped around his waist as he filled her womanhood with his throbbing cock was sending him over the edge. He wanted nothing more but to hear her shout his name and make her cry tears of pleasure, as he made her cum repeatedly.

       Simply put. He wanted to rock her world as no man had ever done before.

      As Michael took a sip of his drink, he looked out of the corner of his eye and noticed a woman standing directly beside him.

       "May I join you, Dr. Black, or is this seat taken?" Victoria spoke in a smokey tone.

       "No-no, it's not taken. Please... have a seat. Are you off work tonight?"

       "Yeah, sort of... I don't work here anymore. I got hired doing a regular 9-5 across town. I just stopped in for a drink. I had quite the date from hell tonight," she huffed.

     "First. Congrats on your new job! And second. Sorry about your horrible date. If it's any consolation, please allow me to buy you a drink."

       "Oh! You don't have to do that. I got it. I just needed a place to sit. I forgot how packed it gets in here on Friday night's."

       Catching an eye full of her ample cleavage, he replied, "Please, I'd be more than happy to. You've always treated me so nice."

       "Well... If you insist. Thank you. It's really needed... But only if you allow me to repay you in the near future," she spoke silkily.

       Knowing exactly what she was alluding to, he shifted in his seat as his ever-growing bulge pressed tightly against his pants.

        Throughout the night, Michael was torn between watching the beautiful woman performing on stage, and the beautiful woman sitting beside him. While he was more interested in Symphony, Victoria was sitting so close to him that her bare thigh was brushing up against his trouser-clad leg.

      He tried to keep his focus on what they had been discussing, but it was hard for him to think straight.

       But despite his wandering thoughts, this was the first time he had really gotten a chance to speak with her. He always found her to be attractive, but during their conversation, he discovered how charming she was as well.

      At some point during the show, Victoria whispered a few saucy innuendos in his ear, causing his already hard dick to become even harder. Without saying a word, he took her by the hand and exited the lounge with her.

        While performing on stage, Symphony witnessed the entire exchange. She didn't feel particularly mad or jealous, just a little disappointed. She was looking forward to speaking with Michael for a little while after the show, but the opportunity was far behind her.

       When she returned home after the show, she wondered what Michael was doing, but could guess the answer to that. Victoria was a sexy woman, and Michael was a sexy man. He didn't belong to her, and she didn't belong to him. What he was out doing or not doing, should be of no concern to her, she ultimately thought.



       Looking up towards the ceiling, Michael sighed deeply and thought, "Why the hell am I here?" The answer was simple and one that he knew all too well. He just wanted to fuck.

         After not having sex for the last few weeks due to his being sick, coupled with the pent up sexual frustration he was experiencing due to Symphony, he needed a release — and there Victoria was, willing and ready. What man in his right mind would turn down an open invitation to sex with a gorgeous woman?

        But on the flip side, he knew that Victoria wasn't the one he truly wanted to be with. He had much rather been with Symphony.

        As he slowly lifted Victoria's arm off of his chest, he quietly slipped out of bed. But in doing so, he became startled when he heard a loud bark coming from across the room.

       Completely forgetting that Shadow had tagged along for his shenanigans, he quickly shushed him. It was bad enough that he had gotten himself into yet another crazy situation, but he didn't need to drag his innocent puppy into it as well.

        When he looked back at Victoria, who was now sprawled out across the bed, he felt terrible about leaving her in the middle of the night. Since one night stands weren't something he did on the regular, he left her a note so that there was no confusion between them.

       [To Victoria: Thank you for the wonderful evening, but this is where it ends. I think you're a beautiful and sexy woman, but I'm not looking for anything further. Thank you for always being kind to me, and I wish you all the best in your new career. Take care - Dr. Black.]

       After getting dressed, Michael called himself a cab. He didn't have his car with him since he had walked to the lounge, and his unexpected hook-up had taken place at Victoria's apartment on the other side of town.

       As he sat in the back of the cab, he laughed to himself and said, "God... If I were still Michael Jackson, 'the Entertainer', all of this would have made for a great song."

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