5 Years Later

       "Come on, Michael. Stop! I have to feed the baby."

       "But sweetie, she just ate." Michael groaned, wrapping his arms around Symphony's waist from behind. "She's fast asleep, and so are the others. Let's sneak in a little quickie."

       "As much as I'd love to fool around — it'll have to wait. You know our babies don't sleep very long." Symphony laughed. "As soon as we start making love, they'll wake up right away."

       Michael quipped. "Well, if you weren't so loud, they wouldn't wake up so easily."

       "And I could say the same for you," Symphony retorted quietly. "With all of your aoww's, grunts, and groans — you're just as loud as me."

        When Michael and Symphony heard several little giggles and yawns, their eyes shot immediately to the CCTV security camera that Michael had installed in just about every room of their house. With four energetic kids bopping around, in addition to a one-month-old baby, Michael and Symphony thought about hiring a nanny to help care for their kids but ultimately chose against doing so. Since Michael was now teaching part-time and Symphony having recently graduated from Peabody, choosing to be a stay-at-home mom for the time being — they felt they didn't need any extra assistance. They often thought — If Michael's parents could raise nine children on their own, then so could they.

       "Well, we better get in there before the triplets bite, Joy." Symphony grimaced, lifting Melody from her bassinet. "Ever since they turned two years old, they try to chew on everything in sight."

       "And once they latch on, they don't let go." Michael sighed. "I can't believe they sank their little baby fangs into me. Last week, while I was making their beds, they crawled up and bit me on my ankles."

      Trying her best not to laugh, Symphony pinched Michael on the cheek and said, "aww, you poor thing. Well, they don't call them the terrible two's for nothing. We'll just need to have a more in-depth conversation with our adorable little vampires and hope they grow out of their biting phase soon."

       As Michael and Symphony headed towards their children's bedroom, Shadow and the two new puppies they had recently purchased followed closely behind them.

      A couple of months ago, Michael had given Joy a book titled, Boo: The Life of the World's Cutest Dog, and she instantly fell in love with the adorable Pomeranian that graced the pages of the book. Since Michael and Symphony were already looking to buy a couple of new puppies, they adopted two baby Pomeranians from the local animal shelter and surprised Joy with the puppies on her fourth birthday.

        When Michael and Symphony entered the kid's bedroom, Joy and their triplets — Malachi, Jade, and Elijah yipped excitedly at the puppies. "Shadow, Sasha, Spankey!" 

       Throwing his hands in the air, Michael pouted playfully and said, "Hey! What about mommy and daddy!" 

        As the four children's attention shifted from the puppies to Michael and Symphony, they ran up to them and shouted, "Hi, Mommy! Hi, Daddy!"

       "Did you all have a good nap?" Symphony smiled sweetly as she took a seat on their bed.

       Nodding their heads up and down, they screamed, "yes, Mommy!"

       When Melody began to stir in her sleep at the sound of their voices, Symphony said in a firm but gentle tone, "please settle down, you guys, your little sister is sleeping." 

       "Yes, Mommy," they replied in unison, immediately calming down.

       As Michael and the kids gathered around Symphony and Melody, he placed a tender kiss on their cheeks and said, "We have to remember to speak quietly around the baby. She's still tiny and needs sleep so she can grow up big and strong."

        "Ok, Daddy," they answered quietly, as they watched Melody sleep.

        From the moment Joy and the triplets met their new baby sister, they were utterly fascinated with her. They enjoyed interacting with her and loved watching her respond.

       When Melody smiled in her sleep, Joy snuggled against Symphony and asked, "Is she dreaming, Mommy?"  

       "Yes, sweetie... She is."

       "Is it a happy dream?"

       "Of course it is, Angel," Michael quickly interjected, scooping Malachi, Jade and, Elijah onto his lap as he took a seat beside Symphony. "That's why she's smiling."

        As Symphony's heart filled with happiness at the sight of their ever-expanding family, she cupped Michael's chin and said, "wow! I can't believe it. We have our pretty home, five squishy babies, and three puppies... Now, all we have to do is double the amount of squishy babies."

         Tilting his head to the side, Michael slanted his mouth over hers and kissed her sweetly. "That won't be a problem, Beautiful. But instead of doubling it, how about we try for a few extra? I've always dreamed of having a large family and imagined myself with 13 children."

The End.


Auhtor's Note: 

Back  in August 2019, I started planning, drafting, and writing 'Dr. Black'. I  was on a writing break after having finished penning 'Michael and  Leila' (shameless plug, I know.) And then the idea for this story  suddenly popped into my head. Many times throughout Michael's life, he's  always stated how he'd like to do normal things. So with this story, I  wanted to give him a sense of normalcy in my own little crazy way.

I  hope you all enjoyed the story. If you only knew how many times I  gritted my teeth and threw my phone on the floor or attempted to toss my  laptop out of the window, you'd think I was insane. While I know this  book is not perfect in terms of a multitude of things; I did put my  blood sweat and tears into it. Though this last chapter and epilogue  might not be the most exciting, I wanted to detail Symphony's labor  process and show how things came together for them.

P. S. As some of you know, I always try to weave a bit of Michael's real  life, expressions, characteristics, lyrics, and art throughout my  stories. At the end of this chapter, when Michael reflects upon a fan  question he received during a Q & A with Rolling Stone magazine, his  response is his actual words. If you'd like to read his full answer,  please check out the YouTube link in the paragraph below.

In  the interview, he even speaks about 'The Nightmare of Edgar Allen Poe,'  a movie he was to work on back in 2001. If you'd like to check out the  interview on YouTube here is the link: https://youtu.be/tpwN5icgMXA (If  the link doesn't work, plug the following into the search bar): Michael  Jackson interview audio chat 2001 VH1 Francais.

It's  a fantastic interview. Michael speaks about Invincible, how he wanted  to be remembered, his creative process, and much more. Please check it  out.

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