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    When Tamika arrived at the airport, she immediately went to parking lot C, where Michael told her to look for a burgundy Rolls Royce in reserved parking space: C6593473. The two had spoken earlier that morning 

before her flight, and Michael gave her precise instructions on where to meet him. 

    As Tamika approached Michael's car, he swung the door open and said, "please hurry and get in before someone recognizes me."

    Once inside, she uttered in disbelief, "I can't believe you venture outside without your bodyguards."

    Pulling his surgical mask down, he smiled and said, "Yeah, it's a little scary sometime, but I also need some freedom. And besides—I wanted to pick you up personally."

    "Why is that?" She asked with a bemused look on her face.

    "Well, I just wanted to be a gentleman." He smiled. 

    "Aww, I get it. Thanks for picking me up." Tamika cooed, placing a gentle kiss on Michael's cheek that not only surprised him—but herself as well. 

    Michael chuckled. "I wasn't expecting a kiss so soon."

    "Oh, God! I'm so sorry, Micha--"

    "Don't be... It was sweet, " he replied before she could finish saying his name.

    Once they got going on the road, Tamika noticed that Michael wasn't the best driver, but at no point did she feel unsafe. 

    Every so often while Michael was driving, he would steal glances at Tamika. She wore a pretty yellow chiffon dress that showed off her perfect tawny legs. When she caught him staring at her upper thighs, she became a little self-conscious and covered her legs with her jacket.

    After arriving at Neverland's main gate, Tamika stood frozen as they waited for a golf cart that would take them to the main house. "This is incredible!" She gasped.

    Taking her bags, Michael ushered her into the golf cart. "Thank you; I can't wait for you to see the rest of the ranch!" he said excitedly.

    After getting settled in, Michael took Tamika on a tour of the entire property. He recently had a Ferris-wheel installed in his theme-park earlier in the week and couldn't wait to show it off.

    Looking up at the colossal ride, Tamika turned to Michael and said, "uh uh."

    "Don't tell me you're scared?" He laughed.

    "I'm afraid of heights."

    Looking at her quizically, he cocked his head to the side. "But you were just on an airplane that was 35,000 feet in the air.

    "Well, statistically speaking—airplanes are much safer," she replied fiercely.

    When Tamika started to back away from the ride, Michael grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him. With his face only a few inches away from hers, he uttered softly, "come on; it's safe... I promise. I won't let anything happen to you."

    Placing his hands around her waist, he looked her deep in the eyes as he brought his lips close to hers.[Beep Beep Beep!] A nearby speaker sounded, alerting them it was time to get on the ride.

    Becoming startled by the sudden noise, The two broke apart. "Come on, Tamika; we'll just go around once, OK?"

    "All right, Michael, but if I die, it's all your fault." She sulked.

    "I'll pay for your funeral then... Let's go!" He laughed, nudging her forward from behind.

    Once they were high in the air, Tamika built up the courage to open her eyes. Being taken aback by what she saw, she gushed, "this is so beautiful!"

    "I'm glad you think so! This is why I wanted you to get on here with me. I wanted you to see the grounds from this point of view."

    Turning to look at Michael as he spoke, she began to blush and then looked away. Although she was confident and sexy while performing as "Iolanta," her stage persona differed vastly from her real-life one.

    Cupping her chin, Michael gingerly turned her face towards his, then placing a tender kiss on her lips. As he deepened their kiss, they both moaned softly, urning for more of each other. 

    Feeling as if he would tear her clothes off 200 feet in the air, he broke their kiss and said, "Thank you for visiting with me this weekend, Tamika. You have no idea how much this means to me."

    "The pleasure is all mine, Michael." She gleamed. "I can't believe I'm here with you." 



    Later that night, Michael and Tamika watched a movie to end the day. When she placed her head on Michael's chest, his heart swelled as he caressed her hair. Noticing she had fallen asleep, he picked her up and carried her to one of the guest rooms. As he gently placed her on the bed, she awoke suddenly and asked in a groggy state, "did I fall asleep?" 

    "Yeah, you did... But we can finish watching the movie tomorrow."

    Kissing her lightly on the cheek, Michael wished her a goodnight and retired to his room.

   When Tamika awoke a couple of hours later, she took a hot shower, applied her favorite peach-flavored oil to her body, and then snuggled up under the covers—wearing only a lace thong. Amid her rushing to pack, she somehow forgot to pack her nightclothes. 

    As the night wore on, a bad storm had pushed into the area, causing the electricity to go out. "Shit!" Michael yelped, becoming startled by a loud boom of thunder. Scurrying around his room in complete darkness, trying to find a candle, he heard a soft knock at his door. When he opened the door, he found Tamika standing there with only a sheet wrapped around her body. "Are you OK?" He asked tenderly.

    "Yes, but I'm a little afraid. Please don't laugh at me. I hate thunderstorms."

    Michael took her by the hand and said, "please, come in." 

    "Are you sure? I didn't mean to disturb you."

    "You didn't disturb me. I was awake reading when the lights went out. Just give me a minute while I find some candles."

    When Michael finally found several candles and lit them, he placed them around the room, creating a soft romantic glow. "I'm so sorry about this. I can't believe this is happening right now." He laughed. "I invite you all the way out here, and now I have no electricity."

    "It's OK, Michael! Things happen. This isn't my first time experiencing a blackout, you know?"

    Standing before her with no shirt on—and his pajama bottoms slung low around his hips, Tamika felt herself becoming wet for him as her eyes roamed his delectable body. "Damn! He looks so sexy!" she shouted silently in her head. 

    Sitting down on the bed facing her. Michael stared at her longingly. He needed to make love to her. He knew that they hadn't known each other long, but he couldn't fight it anymore; he had to have his fill of her.

    Slowly pulling down the sheet that she had been covering herself with, he kissed her passionately, and then gently pushed her onto her back. As he kneaded her breast with his slender but huge hands, he placed his warm mouth around one of her nipples, sucking and licking it fervently. "You taste delicious... Just like a "Georgia Peach." He breathed deep, inhaling her scent. 

    Spreading her legs wide, he slowly kissed her inner thighs, making sure to avoid her treasure. He wanted her hot, extra moist, and begging for him.

    "Mmm! Michael... Please!" She whimpered, desperately needing him to pleasure her.

    Tracing his tongue over her mound, he could feel her wetness seeping through the lace of her panties.

     Pulling her thong to the side, he teasingly ran his tongue over the outside of her pussy.

    "Ooh, Michael!" Tamika cried out. "Yes, baby! Yes!"

    Flicking her swollen clit with his tongue, he stopped abruptly as he proceeded to kiss her inner thighs once more.

    "Mmm, Michael... Please! Make me cum. You're driving me crazy."

    "What do you want me to do, Tamika?"

    "I already told you! I want you to make me cum."


    "Stop playing, Michael! You know how I want it."

    "Tell me exactly what you want me to do, baby, and I'll do it."

    "Please taste me, Michael! Lick my pussy until I cum... And then, I want you deep inside me."

    Freeing her of her underwear, he held her legs back in the air as he licked her clit and sucked it simultaneously.

    "Yes, Michael, baby! I'm cumming! Mmm... Fuck!" She screamed. 

    When Tamika's body started to shake uncontrollably, Michael slipped two fingers inside of her dampness, bringing her to an earth-shattering orgasm.

While her body was still quivering, he gave her love-box a soft kiss, causing her to arch her back in response.

    "That was beautiful, baby; I love how you taste," he whispered—and then placed a slow and sensual kiss on her lips. "Doesn't it taste good?"

    "Mmm-hmm!" She moaned softly into his mouth—a response to the erotic innuendo.

    Sheathing himself with a condom, he took his time easing himself into her. He knew he was quite girthy and didn't want to hurt her.

    Once completely inside, he stroked her slow and deeply.

"You're so tight, sweetheart. Does it feel OK?" He asked concernedly.

    Wrapping her legs around his waist, she pushed him deeper inside of her and said, "Everything is fine, Michael! You feel amazing!"

    As he continued to rock his hips back and forth, he closed his eyes tightly.

"Oh, yes, sweetheart. You feel so fucking good! Shit!" He groaned, feeling completely turnt.

    When his orgasm was near, Tamika rocked her hips forcibly against his, matching his rhythm, then causing him to lose control.

    "Uhh! Ohh, yes, baby... YES!" He shouted into the night as they climaxed powerfully with one another.

    Michael rolled onto his back, then pulling Tamika into his arms.

    "So, where did the 'shy-act' go, Mr. Jackson?" She simpered, nuzzling his cheek.

    "It's no act, but once I feel comfortable, I'm able to express myself more freely." He explained.

"And speaking of shy acts... Where did your's come from, Ms. Baker? I wasn't expecting you to be so bashful."

    "Well, Michael, this is something you should be able to understand. When I'm performing as Iolanta, I'm not me. Therefore, it's easy for me to be sexy and confident. I'm sorry to have disappointed you," she expressed sadly.

    "Hey, hey! I'm sorry. I didn't mean any harm. I understand it entirely because I'm the same way. I enjoyed making love to you, Tamika."

    Breaking out of his arms to straddle him, she traced the sharp outline of his chiseled jaw as she placed a small kiss on his chin. "I also enjoyed Making love to you. I'm happy you feel comfortable with me."

    "I do... And do you feel comfortable with me?"

    "Yes, extremely. But I'm still a little shy being myself."

    Sitting upwards, he placed his hand on the nape of her neck as he crushed his lips to hers.

"And there's nothing wrong with that." He smiled.



    As their weekend came to a close, Michael dreaded Tamika having to leave, but he knew she had to get back to her life in Atlanta. "Promise that you'll call me?"

    "I promise, Michael! You only gave me every single phone number to reach you by."

    "Listen, my number changes often, and I don't want to lose contact with you." He sighed.

    Grabbing him by his free hand, she gave it a small squeeze, reassuring him that everything would be all right. When they finally arrived at the airport's parking garage, Tamika ran her hands through his curly hair and said,

"I'll call you as soon as I get home, OK?"

    "God, I'm going to miss you. Are you sure you don't want to come on tour with me? I could use another dancer, you know?"

    During their weekend together, Michael asked Tamika to go on the road with him, but she kindly declined.

"Sorry, Michael, but I prefer not to mix business with pleasure. I'll see you when you get off tour."

    "Okay! Trust me—I get it. Mixing business with pleasure is the reason why I need a new dancer in the first place." He grimaced.

    "Exactly! But I'll cut you some slack—it's not your fault she couldn't control herself on stage." Tamika laughed. "You're too damn sexy to resist."

    As they said their goodbyes, Michael kissed her one last time before she got out of the car. "Thank-you." He smiled. "Have a nice flight home—I'll be calling you soon."

    The End.

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