Chapter 1

"Damn it!" Michael hollered while grabbing a roll of paper towels to clean the mess he made. Finally, back in his hotel room, Michael was determined to get a good night's sleep.

He planned to drink a cup of tea and finish reading an article in Prosound magazine. Prosound often published articles about seasoned and new sound engineers. He was planning to work on a new album & was seeking new talent.

Just before tossing the now half wet magazine in the trash, he spotted the name, August Williams. As he started to read the article, he thought, "no, it can't be about her. What's the chance of that?"

Over the years, Michael would often think of his first kiss and first girlfriend. He also felt guilty for not seeking her out after his popularity rose but figured it was for the best. How could he have possibly juggled being a megastar at the height of Michael-Mania and be in a serious relationship?

Michael had been through 2 divorces and a few girlfriends up until this point. He had given up on finding true love and was content with being a father to his three kids. Every now and again, he would find a woman that he was interested in, but they would always lack something. Maybe finding real intimacy was over for him, or so he thought?


Michael was now 48 years old and much wiser. He had been through so much in his life; it was amazing how he dealt with the various ups and downs throughout his career while remaining true to himself.

Even after the 2005 trial, he never once stopped loving kids, but he did take a personal oath not to trust everyone so freely again.

Today, he had three beautiful children of his own to take care of, and the 2005 trial nearly broke him into pieces. Although pronounced Innocent on all charges in the case, It took two years for him to feel relaxed again, and his emotional state was a work in progress.

Michael continued to read the article about his former girlfriend, and at the end, it included a picture. 'Beautiful,' he exclaimed as a lone tear ran down his cheek.

Thanking God that the article remained dry after spilling his tea on the magazine, he removed the article and put it in a folder. He wanted to contact her when he returned home to the United States.

Michael was in Tokyo visiting U.S. troops and their families at 'Camp Zama.' Though for a good cause, Michael jumped at any chance to leave the United States. After the allegations in 1993 til present, Michael had been very hurt over how the American media treated him.

During that time, everyone seemed to be on a witch-hunt for him, including abroad, but the American media were the worse.

In the morning, he had a flight back to the United States. He was gearing up for an exclusive interview and photoshoot with Ebony Magazine. He was feeling a bit nervous but excited to finally get his career back on the right path after taking a long-needed break.

That night he slept for 4 hours as he was still having trouble sleeping. Throughout the years, he would have difficulty falling asleep due to a grueling schedule, adrenaline rush after performing, pain from physical injuries, and just over-thinking too much.

Later that night, he had a dream about August and couldn't get her out of his mind. In his dream, she held him tenderly in her arms as he slept peacefully. When he awoke, the dream seemed all too real. He suddenly felt a calmness overcome his body. It was the same calmness that he used to feel when they dated many years ago.

Was the universe trying to tell him something? He quickly called up his assistant and gave her vague information about August, such as her name, age, and job title.

After hanging up the phone, he took the article back out of the folder with August's photo on it. He held the picture to his heart and mouthed, "God... Please help me find her. I need to see her again."

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