Chapter 10

Stepping off the airplane at LAX, August felt her sinuses flaring up. Not that Newyork's air was any better, she immediately recognized why Michael wanted to move to Europe. As she waited for her car rental, a familiar face approached her. "Hi, Tai? What are you doing here?" I thought you moved to Las Vegas?" she grimaced.

"I did, but now I'm back in Cali for a little while," he said while looking her once over. Tai Davidsen was August's last ex-boyfriend. He didn't treat her well, and he was always involved in some type of get rich quick scheme. When August caught him cheating on her, it was a blessing in disguise. Although she was hurt, she was happy to kick him out of her apartment.

"Well, Nice seeing you again, Tai!" she said, lying through gritted teeth. "Good to see you too, maybe if you are free later we can get together?" Under no circumstances would she ever go anywhere with Tai. On their last date, he ditched her before the bill came. He told her he had to leave & help care for his sick cousin, only to find he went to a casino because it was 'half-off' game night. "Think about it?" he yelled, as he got into a cab.

Once the cab pulled off, August flipped him the bird! "Jerk!" she mumbled under her breath.

August then awaited for her rental car, but when the valet drove out and handed her the keys, she realized it wasn't the car she requested. "Um, there has been a mistake; I didn't request this car," she said to the valet.

"Are you August Williams?" he asked.

"Yes, I am!" she answered assuredly.

"Then this is your car," the attendant said as he walked away.

Feeling confused, August got in the new 2007 Rolls-Royce and saw a card with her name on it inside. When she read the card, her jaw dropped! "It's yours. I'm not taking no for an answer. Don't question me; here's to regaining trust. Sincerely, Michael."

August playfully rolled her eyes at the letter. She appreciated the new car but didn't want Michael to buy her expensive gifts. "The nerve of him!" she thought.

Pulling up to her new apartment in California instantly brought her peace. All she wanted was a warm bath and her bed. Entering the apartment, she noticed there weren't any boxes. Suddenly she discovered her belongings had been unpacked and put in their proper places.

"Michael, Michael, Michael," she thought. "How does he do it?"

As if on cue, she heard a knock at the door. Looking out the door's peephole and seeing no-one there, she instantly knew it was Michael. "Why do you keep hiding around the corner?" she asked, laughing as she opened the door.

"So I don't end up in the tabloids and possibly get attacked. Let me in please!" he pleaded.

Feeling concerned for his safety, she grabbed his hand & ushered him inside.

"Nice apartment, you've got great taste!" he said casually, taking a look around.

"I'm surprised you didn't see it before I did," she retorted sarcastically.

"You needed the new car, and I just wanted you to relax once you got into your new home," he said with care in his voice. "I also thought about having your things shipped to Neverland; I have more than enough space."

"Haha! Funny-funny, she quipped, throwing a pillow at him.

Eyeing the basket he was holding, she asked, "what ya got in there?"

Michael opened the basket to give her a peek inside. "I thought you might be hungry and tired, so I planned a picnic for us to christen your new apartment."

Removing the contents of the basket, he laid a picnic-blanket down for them to sit on. "I'll go get some plates, be right back!" August said, scurrying to the kitchen.

"Do you have anything to drink?" he yelled, getting up to join her in the kitchen.

Turning around to face him, she presented tea, water, and champagne.

"I'll have champagne!" he replied, taking the bottle out of her hands.

"Since when do you drink champagne, Mr. Jackson?" she asked curiously.

"A lot has happened in 23 years, come on. Let's have lunch," he motioned towards the picnic spread he set up in the living room.

"What did you make, Chef Michael?" she teased.

Opening the container, Michael pulled out a pair of 'cheese quesadillas' and strawberries. "It's my specialty," he stated proudly. "I make them myself."

Biting into the warm tortilla, August let out an airy moan.

"I'm glad you like it," he said through a toothy grin. Michael was ecstatic that she loved his cooking, but he was also turned on by her light moan.

"Would you like a strawberry?" he asked, as mischief played behind his eyes.

August nodded yes while he pulled out a juicy one. When she reached for the strawberry, he moved it away from her. "Open your mouth," he commanded.

August obliged as he gently placed the strawberry to her lips. As she bit into the fruit, a small drop of juice leaked down her chin. Looking at her seductively, he wiped away the juice, licking the wetness off his thumb. "How does it taste?" he asked?

"It taste divine," she replied breathlessly.

"That's good!" he said.

As Michael sat on the floor with his back pressed against the sofa, he patted his hand on the floor, gesturing for August to sit beside him. But instead, she decided to sit on top of him with her legs hooked over either side of his body. Stroking his lips, she leaned in and kissed him sensually.

"Is this taking it slow?" he asked?

She then kissed him more slowly for being a smartass. As August continued to kiss him softly, she slid her tongue across his lips, causing him to groan deeply. "We're only kissing," she giggled.

Looking at her in surprise, he said, "I see you're not shy anymore."

She laughed. "No, Michael. I'm not."

For the rest of the afternoon into the night, they talked and reminisced together. Michael took another sip of champagne.

"Did you drive here by yourself?" she asked.

"Yes, I did. The Bodyguards did try to stop me," he laughed.

August then left the living room and returned with a pillow and some sheets. "You're spending the night here, Mr. Champagne."

Making a mock salute, Michael said, "Aye Aye Captain."

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