Chapter 12

It had been an excellent week for August and Michael. They spent every day together since Michael had some free time. His kids were still away with their cousin & he had no other obligations.

On their last free night together, Michael wanted to surprise August with something special. Since they never made it to 'The Ivy' restaurant 23 years ago for dinner, Michael wanted to make it up to her. He had the entire restaurant closed just for the two of them, so they could enjoy themselves privately. Once Again, Michael chose to drive to the restaurant, but this time he had his security detail follow them. He didn't want the night to be ruined and took every precaution to ensure his plans went accordingly.

"Michael, where are we going?" August asked him curiously.

"It's a surprise! You'll see," he said as he kept stealing glances at her while driving.

August looked absolutely stunning that night and Michael couldn't keep his eyes off of her. When They pulled up to the restaurant, her eyes lit up. "The Ivy!" she exclaimed! August wasn't impressed with the restaurant itself, but she was touched that Michael was trying to correct their botched date that happened years ago.

As they walked into the restaurant, Michael nuzzled her ear and whispered, "we finally made it!" Throughout the night, they spent hours talking, cuddling, and enjoying the warm ambiance of the restaurant.

When it was time to pay the check, August almost choked on her drink. "Baby, are you alright?" Michael asked as he patted her back.

"Hi August," a male voiced boomed.

"What are you doing here, Tai?" she asked in shock.

"I'm working here for some extra cash," he stated as he made eye contact with Michael. Tai was shocked to see Michael Jackson in the flesh, especially with August. Since he was used to seeing celebrities around California, Tai shook off his initial shock pretty quickly.

Michael looked at Tai menacingly, reminding himself to keep calm. Given that his girlfriend choked at the mere sight of the guy, Michael felt his feelings were justified.

"I've been waiting for your call August, what's taking you so long?"

With that, Michael almost jumped out of his seat. Feeling Michael lift up, August put her hand on his leg to stop him from standing. "I'm never calling you Tai, please leave me alone," she told him coldly.

"Who is this guy?" Michael asked with irritation in his voice.

"No one to be concerned about," she replied curtly. August then stormed out of the restaurant, leaving Michael to chase after her.

Grabbing her by the hand firmly, he asked her again, but this time angrily, "Who in the hell is that guy? Answer me, damn it!"

Seeing that Michael was about to go back inside of the restaurant to confront Tai, she stopped him. "Michael... Tai is a world-class asshole that cheated on me and stole money from my bank account. He often had these schemes to make money but at my expense. He asked me to call him when I saw him at the airport last week, but I didn't reply. I hate him for what he did to me," she answered bitterly."

There was no doubt in Michael's mind that August wasn't telling him the truth, but he had a funny feeling in his gut that he couldn't shake.

As Michael and August left the restaurant, Tai snapped a picture of them together. "Ha! this picture is gonna make me a lot of money," he laughed evilly.


Michael was now back at Neverland, feeling angry that his date ended on a sour note due to some jerk. After seeing Tai that night, August became a little distant and didn't seem quite herself. Michael had an unsettling feeling, but it wasn't about her but rather her ex-boyfriend. God, he hated saying the word ex-boyfriend in relation to her. Shaking his head, he tried to focus on something else.

Eyeing a newspaper on the kitchen table, Michael picked it up and started reading the headline. "The King of Pop, His Mystery Lady and Who is she: Is there trouble in paradise?" he read contorting his face in disbelief.

"How did this crap get in my house?" he said, recognizing it being the National Enquirer. "One of the staff must have brought this in." He then made a mental note to remind his staff not to bring tabloids into his home or be fired. Picking up the phone, he tried to call August for the 7th time, but she wouldn't answer. Before he threw the tabloid down in disgust, he noticed a photo of him and August. The picture showed them speaking outside of the restaurant that night. The picture was taken at that precise moment when he grabbed August's hand during their semi-heated conversation.

Glancing at the tabloid once more, Michael tossed it in the trash. "Absolute garbage," he said as he left the room.


August hadn't been feeling well since that night at "The Ivy" restaurant, where she saw Tai for the second time since returning to California. Bad memories of their failed relationship had instilled a new fear inside of her. She started to fear that Michael would cheat on her just as Tai had done. She knew Michael loved her, but he was still just a man after all, and she didn't want to get hurt again.

Knock knock knock!! August jumped at the pounding sound on her door. "Open up! It's us," the voices yelled excitedly.

As August opened the door, they shouted, "Surprise!"

"Omg! I'm so happy to see you two!" she chirped. August hadn't seen her two best friends in over four months due to her temporary move to New-York.

"Sorry to just pop up on you, but you've been back for an entire week and we haven't seen you!" her friend Mariah exclaimed.

"Yeah, so we decided to invite ourselves over and check on you," her other friend, Scarlett chimed in.

Taking in her disheveled appearance, they both asked if she was ok and why was she still wearing her PJ's at 3 pm.

"I'm ok, I'm... Just a bit sad, but it's fine, I'll be fine," August replied hastily.

"You don't sound ok, did something happen?" Mariah asked.

Blowing out a deep sigh because she knew they would not give up asking questions, August told them that she was dealing with some anxiety over her boyfriend.

Cocking her head sideways, Scarlett said, "Boyfriend? What boyfriend? That piece of trash, Tai? We thought y'all broke up a long time ago?"

Feeling awkward, August replied, "no, not Tai. I reconnected with an old boyfriend of mine from many years ago while I was living in NewYork."

Turning her head away, August's friends continued to interrogate her. "What's his name, they asked?"

"His name is Michael," August replied sullenly as she showed them a picture of her and Michael together.

Both of her friends gasped when they saw that it was the entertainer 'Michael Jackson.' "Is this photo-shopped" Mariah asked.

"No, it's real. Michael and I dated 23 years ago. Hold on." August then got up and retrieve her old photo albums, showing them pictures of she and Michael in 1978 and more recent ones.

"Well, I'll be damned! How is he in bed?" Mariah blurted out.

Scarlett looked at Mariah in shock, "you can't just ask her that," she laughed.

"Well... all I know is that she better had sucked that thang and gagged."

All August could do was stare with wide eyes in silence at her friend's bold statement. After several seconds of quietness, the three burst out laughing.

"I'm a lady, and I'm not telling," August replied in her best snooty voice.

"Yeah, she wouldn't give us the details of Michael dicking her down anyway," Scarlett said while playfully punching August in the arm.

"Well, you know what they say about guys who can dance?" Mariah winked, causing them to burst out laughing again.

August was feeling much better now that her friends had come over to visit her. She didn't tell them exactly what happened between her and Michael over the years, but she did confide in them that she was afraid he would cheat on her.

"Girl, that man loves you. Don't let an asshole like Tai ruin your relationship with a good man," Scarlett stated reassuringly.

"Listen to her August, Michael Jackson could have any woman in the world, but he chose you, don't let fear stop you from loving the man of your dreams," Mariah said.

The three friends then hugged & told August that She and Michael would be OK.

After her friends left for the evening, August contemplated what Mariah said earlier: "Don't let fear stop you from loving the man of your dreams."

"Easier said than done," she thought.

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