Chapter 13

Michael had finally decided to call up a private investigator to perform a background search on Tai. He knew that the guy was up to no good, but he couldn't place his finger on it. In the mean-time, he needed for August to talk to him. Michael could sense the guy had shaken her up, but why was she taking it out on him?

After calling her phone for the tenth time with no answer, Michael became worried and went to her apartment. He knocked on her door at first, but when he didn't get a response, he let himself inside with the key she had given him.

"Hello! August baby, it's Michael. Are you alright?" He called out. When he found she wasn't home, he decided to wait for her until she came back. He needed to see her and know if she was OK. That night after dinner at The Ivy, she barely spoke two words to him. He knew her sudden change of mood was due to her ex-boyfriend Tai and he didn't like it one bit. He also wouldn't let his mind jump to conclusions this time, he trusted her but needed for her to do the same.

[Buzz, Buzz] Michael's phone vibrated. "Hello, Mr. Jackson, I got the information on Tai Davidson that you requested."

Getting a pen and paper, Michael listened intently to the private investigator while taking notes. "OK, so I found out that Tai was the one that sold the picture of you and August to the National Enquirer. He also embezzled 1 million dollars from August and has gone to jail several times after they broke up. Here is his address and phone number."

Upon hearing this information, Michael clenched his fist tightly and banged it on the table. Just as he was about to reply to the investigator, his other phone line rang. "August, honey! Slow down. I'm on my way," he spoke briskly when he heard August crying for help.

Before leaving the apartment, Michael ended his phone call with the investigator & called up his security detail. Somehow the paparazzi followed August to the store, and they were blocking her from leaving.

As he approached the store, he saw that August was surrounded by journalists and cameramen. Michael leaped out of his SUV without thinking, pushing through the crowd with the help of his security team. "I'm right here, baby... I'm here! Hold my hand, ok?" He said soothingly. Holding her close to him, he ushered her through the crowd into the safety of his SUV.

Michael caressed her face gently, checking her for any injuries. "Are you ok sweetheart?" he asked compassionately.

"Yes, I'm OK.  Just shaken up a bit, she replied as her voice trembled.

Feeling relieved that she was OK, Michael crushed his lips to hers passionately.

When they arrived at August's apartment, Michael sat her on his lap. "What's going on? I know you're upset over that jerk, but please don't make me pay for it because I love you," he pleaded.

"I just don't want to get hurt again... If you cheated on me. I wouldn't be able to take it," she spoke tearfully, looking away.

Turning her face back to his, he said, "Listen to me, I'd never do that to you. I love you with every fiber of my soul. When I heard you crying on the phone, I didn't think about anything else but getting to you right away."

[Ring, Ring] August's apartment phone rang. Without thinking, Michael picked up the phone. "Hello!" he answered in irritation.

"Who is this?" A male voice replied.

"This is Michael; August is busy. How may I help you?"

After recognizing the voice as Tai's, Michael looked in disbelief, thinking, "this fool must then lost his damn mind!"

"This is Michael, August's Man and soon to be husband. Leave her alone! Don't call her, don't contact her, don't try to speak to her, and don't approach her. If you have a problem with this? have your people call my people!" he growled as he slammed the phone down.

Looking at Michael in shock, August was speechless. Michael was usually a gentle spirit, but he was not to be played with.

"August, I know all about Tai. Even though you told me what he did, I needed more information. Come to find out, he took a picture of us and sold it to the National Enquirer. The paparazzi surrounded you today because of an article they ran," he told her as he tried to remain calm.

"Thank you, Michael, but um? Are we engaged now? She giggled with curiosity, then turning serious."Or did you say that just to piss him off? Are you my soon to be husband?"

Letting out a deep sigh, Michael stared off into space before returning his attention to her. "Yes, if you'll have me?" he replied as he looked into her eyes, feeling afraid of her answer.

August gently kissed him and said, "yes, I want you more than anything in this world."

Looking sad, Michael informed her that he didn't have a ring yet. "I don't need a ring; I just need you!" she replied joyfully.

Smiling brightly, he wrapped his arms around her and suddenly remembered his birthday Party.

"Oh! would you like to attend my birthday party in August...August?" He chuckled. He loved teasing her about her name.

"Since when did you start having birthday parties?" she quipped.

"Damn it! I have a special work project that month, but I'll cancel it as soon as I get the date...of... the... par," she spoke slowly, stopping mid-sentence, suddenly remembering that Rodney Jerkin's was to give her the date of this big celebrities party that she would be setting up the audio for.

"The party is being held at Neverland on August 29th, please show up early and be professional," Michael said, doubling over with laughter. "I created the party to get a chance to speak with you privately. I was afraid that you wouldn't want to talk to me if I just called you up on the phone after 23 years."

"Get out, Michael!" she said in a serious tone.

Michael's heart sank in his chest. "Baby, I'm sorry, I."

August put a finger to Michael's lips and giggled. "Gotcha!"

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