Chapter 14


Things were going great between Michael and August; he couldn't believe that he was getting married again. He looked forward to waking up to her beautiful smile every morning and just being with her.

Michael had awakened extra early for his Ebony Magazine photoshoot. They were shooting in July, but the issue wasn't due out until December. He had a grueling schedule lined up and a wedding to organize, so this was the only time his schedule was open.

As he got dressed, August watched him through heavy laden eyes. "Are you awake?" He asked as he kissed her bare shoulder.

"Mm-hmm, I am," she said while stretching. "Have a nice day, baby," she cooed.

Michael enjoyed the quiet moments they shared; he loved it when she would quietly watch him getting dressed or when she would simply lie in his arms while he read a book. Those moments were so sweet and endearing to him.

They still hadn't made love yet, but Michael was happy that they were taking the time to learn each other again. He knew when the right moment came; their lovemaking would be beautiful.

Michael arrived early at the Brooklyn Art Museum, where the photoshoot was being held. He wanted to look around before his actual photoshoot started. It was a beautiful museum, he thought, he just wished that August could have joined him, but she was working in the studio that day.

"Alright, Michael, that's great! Hold that pose," the photographer yelled. While Michael was honored to grace the cover of Ebony Magazine, he didn't care for photoshoots much, but it was part of the business. Feeling relieved that the photoshoot went by quickly, it allowed him some extra time to buy August a ring for his surprise to her.

Michael had planned to properly propose to August that night, on the rooftop Terrace of his condo. He planned to have a moonlight picnic with the first meal he had prepared for her. A picnic was in order because of its symbolism, as it was the picnic at August's apartment that brought them closer together.

After finding the perfect ring, a heart-shaped peridot gem-encrusted with diamonds, Michael made his way back to the condo to prepare for the evening. He still needed to cook his famous quesadillas, get dressed, and set everything up on the terrace.

Once back at the condo, Michael placed an order to a local deli for a few items that he needed for their picnic.

"I'd like to order two bottles of champagne and some strawberries. Please don't forget the strawberries," he said, as his mind flashed back to when he fed August the delicate piece of fruit.

Michael had finished his preparations just in time before August got back to his condo, he was so nervous but excited at the same time.

"I'm home, dear!" she playfully called out but didn't expect him actually to be there. When Michael heard her voice, he ran down the stairs and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hi, can you go get showered and dressed, please? I'm taking you to dinner, but it's a surprise!" Michael chimed enthusiastically.

August wondered what he was up to and replied hastily, "Michael, let's just stay away from the NYC Ivy restaurant, please!"

"We are not going there again, silly," he said with a giggle. After their last ordeal, he was done with the entire chain of the Ivy restaurant for now.

"Ok, I'll be down in 45 minutes," she said as she dashed off. When August came out of the shower, she discovered that Michael left a bouquet of roses and a card on the bed for her.

The card read:

Hello, August moon, where are the stars of the night?

You promised me too soon, 'cause it's been cloudy all night.

And the weatherman said if you're not well, stay in bed 'Cause I've been feeling down and blue and it's cloudy in my head.

Instead of going out to some restaurant, I'll stay home instead.

But I'll be loving you, that's what I want to do

I'll be loving you, that's what I want to do

Hello, midnight lover, you're the one I adore

And I'll be thinking of you 'til the stars are no more

If it's cloudy or blue, I'll stay here with you

We'll make a wish, and then we'll kiss, a love forever true.

Instead of going out to some restaurant, I'll stay here with you

But I'll be loving you, that's what I want to do, I'll be loving you, that's what I want to do

~ Forever yours, Michael.


"Aww, he wrote a song about me," she gushed as she placed her hand over her heart. Picking up the roses to take in their scent, she inhaled deeply. "Michael always picks the best flowers."

After she finished getting ready, Michael came into the room and presented a blindfold, winking at her mischievously. "I need to put this over your eyes," he said silkily.

Looking at him with an unsure look upon her face, she chuckled nervously and said, "Ok."

Standing behind her, he gently placed the blindfold over her eyes. "No peaking, promise?" he whispered in her ear.

"I won't, Michael! I promise!" she said excitedly.

At that moment, Michael thought of other things he wanted to do while she was blindfolded but brought his thoughts back to reality.

Michael led August to the outdoor terrace of the rooftop where candles and plush pillows surrounded the picnic setup as jazz music played softly in the background. As he slowly removed the blindfold from her eyes, he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, gently pulling her body closer into his.

"It's beautiful, Michael! When did you find time to do this with the photoshoot today?" she exclaimed in surprise.

"I finished a little early," he replied gently as he placed a tender kiss on her temple.

"Something smells delightful, did you cook again?" she asked curiously.

"And you smell and look delightful," he spoke huskily as he nibbled on her ear, causing her to wiggle in his arms.

As they sat down, Michael opened the tops of the dishes he prepared. "Aww! It's the first meal that you made for me! I'll never forget that meal," she said with a cheeky grin on her face.

Michael then proceeded to pour two glasses of champagne, simply saying "cheers" as they clinked glasses.

After finishing their meal, Michael got up and went to sit in one of the reclining chairs, motioning for August to sit in his lap with her back against him. Once she sat down, Michael rested his chin atop her head.

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