Chapter 15

Michael and August sat in silence as they watched the stars twinkling in the sky above them. She was still lying against him in the reclining chair while he had his arms wrapped around her.

As Michael began to quietly sing the lyrics that were in the card he left for her, he stopped abruptly and let out a little laugh. "It's a good thing the stars are out tonight." He spoke softly as he kissed the top of her head. "They're shining extra bright just for us."

August felt warm and secure in Michael's arms. She smiled to herself as she could feel his heart beating against her back. "Is that song about me?" she asked for self-confirmation.

"Yes, a lot of my songs are about you," he whispered.

Michael went silent, trying to think of a way to propose to her, but she already technically said yes. He didn't want to do the typical bend and knee thing as it was so overdone.

Moving to sit up, Michael held her in place on his lap. "Don't move; I just need to sit up for a moment." As he reached into his pocket for the ring, he took it out of the box, but August didn't see it. He then held her left hand and slid the beautiful ring on her finger as he proposed:

"Please be mine forever August, I gave up on finding true intimacy for myself until fate convened, and I saw your picture in that magazine. I love you so much."

August didn't look at the ring right away but turned to face him, softly kissing him on his lips. As tears formed in her eyes, their eyelashes danced together, and he felt the moisture from hers against his.

"I love you, Michael! I always have and always will. Of course, I'll be yours forever," she replied, choking up with emotion.

As she continued to kiss him slowly and sensually, she pushed him back into the chair. While their kisses became more passionate, he kissed her neck ferociously, as his body was set ablaze, needing to feel every inch of her.

The rooftop of his Terrace was far away from any neighboring buildings, so privacy was a non-issue, and no air traffic was above them. Feeling spontaneous, Michael pulled her blouse over her head. "Let me see you," he said breathlessly.

August went silent while Michael slowly unhooked her bra as she straddled him. When her breast fell free, he gently cupped them in his large hands, caressing them slowly. "So beautiful, I need you... Baby, please, let me have you," he said softly as he gently kissed the nipple of one of her breasts.

August slid off her skirt while Michael grabbed a sheet to wrap around her waist. As she leaned forward to kiss him, he slipped his long fingers inside of her panties. When he found her treasure, he was instantly turned on even more.

"Mmm... Baby, you're so wet. Am I the only man that makes you feel this way?" he whispered sexily in her ear as he stroked his fingers over her clit, causing her body to quiver.

Biting her bottom lip, she whimpered, "Yes, Michael. Yesss!"

Michael continued to stroke her sex, as muffled moans escaped her lips while they kissed deeply. When he removed his hand, August slowly regained her composure and helped him remove his shirt. She then caressed and kissed his chest softly, causing him to throw his head back in ecstasy.

Michael gestured for her to remove her underwear as he held onto her so that she wouldn't tumble off the chair. As he slid his fingers back and forth across her clitoris, he stroked her lips skillfully, causing her to tighten around his fingers. "How does it feel? Does it feel good, baby? I need you to cum for me," he asked seductively as he inserted two fingers inside of her.

Michael loved talking during his lovemaking, which August was unaware of, but it was a total turn-on for her. She loved how in control Michael was, just as he was on stage.

As he gripped her bottom, she cried out in pleasure. "Michael, baby... Don't stop. I'm... I'm... Ahhh," she moaned loudly as she climaxed, falling against his chest.

"Was it that good?" he teased.

August punched him playfully on his arm and replied, "it was alright."

After regaining her senses, she unzipped his pants and pulled them off of him, exposing his massive erection. "I guess you approve of me, Mr. Jackson," she chuckled.

Michael laughed at her comment and then spoke in a more serious tone. "Make love to me; I've been dreaming of this night for a long time now."

Just before she could spring into action, he stopped her and retrieved a condom from his wallet that was sitting on the table beside him. As she took the condom out of his hand and placed it on him, his body shivered when her hands made contact with his member.

Lightly stroking his wand up and down, he groaned hoarsely. "It feels so good baby; Please keep going."

August did as he asked but surprised him when she took him into her mouth. "Oooh August, you don't have to, but it feels so good!" he moaned loudly as he tossed his head back.

"Shh! Let me make love to you Michael," she said as she pumped, sucked and stroked him into a frenzy.

August was making him go crazy. He imagined it would feel good, but he had no idea it would feel this good. Just before he was about to orgasm, she quickly straddled him, allowing him to enter her as she rode him slowly.

Michael had no problems matching her rhythm as he shouldn't, with him being a dancer and all. "Oh, August... Mmm! You feel so good, made just for me," he moaned in pleasure. As she speeded up the tempo of her hips, he held onto her, thrusting into her deeper and deeper.

When he found her G-spot, she cried out. "Michael, Michael... oh baby, I'm... I'm..." Though she was on top, he managed to take control of their lovemaking.

As Michael continued to lift his hips and penetrate her secret garden, he felt unable to control his orgasm. "Yes, baby. I'm cumming with you!" he exclaimed. As they climaxed simultaneously, August collapsed in his arms as they both inhaled and exhaled deeply.

As their hearts beat on the same count, Michael stroked her back softly. "That was good; you're not so bad." he quipped while lightly smacking her bottom. Giving him a sarcastic smile, August laughed with him.

Finally, taking a look at her engagement ring, she beamed in sheer delight. "Oh, Michael, it's the month of August and your birthstone. It's so beautiful. Thank you," she expressed happily.

"Well-- It took you long enough to look at it finally," he said teasingly.

"Hey! We were busy, Mr. smartypants," she retorted as she kissed him sweetly on his lips.

"You've got a good point," he chuckled.

As they lay naked together, Michael draped the sheet higher over them while they cuddled and talked a bit longer. When the temperature began to drop, he suggested that they go back inside the condo.

"I'm going to take a shower now,"

August announced casually, as she winked at him seductively while licking her lips.

No other words were needed as Michael took her hand in his and led the way. 

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