Chapter 17

August ran around her apartment, trying to find the gifts she had bought for Prince, Paris, and Blanket. She wanted to make a good impression on them, hoping that they would like her.  August cursed silently at herself for misplacing the gifts, as she was already running late. Eye-spying the gift-bags in the back of the closet, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Shit! I'm over 30 min late!" she yelled, looking down at her watch. Peaking out the door, she informed Michael's bodyguard Juvon that she was almost done. After she checked herself in the mirror, she grabbed her things and headed for Neverland.

Pacing the floor back and forth, Michael became a nervous wreck as a series of thoughts flew into his brain. "God, please let her be OK, did she change her mind? Why isn't she picking up the phone?" He thought frantically.

As August pulled up to the main house of Neverland, she had been in awe since entering the gates. The ranch set on nearly 3,000 acres amid sprawling mountains, trees, and lakes. She had seen the ranch on TV before, but nothing would prepare her for how beautiful it was in person.

Watching from a window, Michael ran outside when he saw August making her way to the front door. "I hope the golf cart ride up wasn't too bumpy," he said as he hugged her tightly.

", it was fine Michael, Wow! You have a beautiful home," she exclaimed, feeling as though those words didn't serve it justice. It was much more than a beautiful home; it was a magical land of enchantment.

"I'm glad you like it, later I'll take you on a full tour," he said, stroking her cheek. Clearing his throat, he asked, "Are you ready to meet my angels?"

August held his hand tightly as she smiled at him and nodded her head and said, yes. Michael knew his kids had been watching them from an upstairs window the entire time, so he only had to turn around and wave for them to come downstairs.

Bending down to their level, August introduced herself first. "Hi, my name is August. It's nice to meet you three, finally," she said happily.

"Nice to meet you, too!" the children replied in unison. It was the most adorable thing August had ever seen.

Lightly brushing Michael's hand, she leaned over and whispered, "good job, daddy Michael."

"I have some presents for you three," she said, taking the gifts out of a bag. She gave Prince a set of rare 'Star wars action figures.'

"Thanks! These are so cool!" he yelped.

She then presented Paris with some beautifully hand-crafted hair-bows.

"Thank you! They're sooo pretty, can you help me put them on later if daddy says that it's ok?" Paris asked as she looked between both Michael and August.

Giving his permission, Michael said, "Yes, it's fine. As long as Ms. August says it's OK?"

Smiling at Paris, August said, "I'd love to sweetie."

Finally, August presented Blanket with the hugest box of rare colored crayons that she could find. "Crayons Crayons Crayons...Thank you!" Blanket cheered enthusiastically.

Leaning over to August once more, he whispered in her ear, "I think their Aunt Liz has some serious competition in the gift-giving department now. Thank-you! They love you already".

While the three kids were focused on their gifts, August planted a small kiss on Michael's cheek and whispered, "You're a great dad."

Giving her a tender smile, he said, "Thank-you, they mean the world to me."

After the kids took their gifts up to their rooms, Michael suggested they walk over to the amusement park and have ice-cream. Spotting the ice-cream truck in the distance, Michael shouted, "Race!" at the top of his lungs. Even at 48 years old, Michael could still outrun everyone without breaking a sweat.

For the rest of the afternoon, they spent time having fun at the amusement park. Not once did Michael feel that anything was awkward or out of place. His heart had been longing for this type of happiness for so long, and now that he had it, he was never letting go.


Later that evening, Michael gave August a private tour of the ranch. As night fell, Neverland was now adorned by thousands of warm sparkling lights. "It's so gorgeous, Michael, just breath-taking," she said, twirling around whimsically.

Grabbing her by the waist, Michael led her into a dance as Tchaikovsky's 'Waltz of the flowers' played over the simulated rock speakers. By the song's end, Michael dipped her back and planted a gentle kiss on her lips.

After helping her back up to her feet, Michael suggested that she stay the night. She knew it had gotten late, and he wasn't going to take no for an answer. As they approached one of the guest houses, Michael told her that he needed to grab a few things and to come inside with him.

"This will only take a few seconds," he said, shutting the door behind them. Without being around her for the last few days, Michael's body and heart had been aching tremendously.

Pulling her body into his from behind, Michael nibbled softly on her ear as he planted a trail of kisses down to her neck. "I've missed making love to you, did you miss making love to me too?" He spoke breathlessly as he cupped her breast through her shirt. "Close your eye's" he commanded as he placed a blindfold over them.

"What are you doing, Michael?" she asked curiously.

"It's pay-back time," he whispered seductively.

After Removing her shirt, Michael slowly kissed her breast down to her stomach. Smoothing his hands over her thighs, he proceeded to remove her underwear. "I wanna taste you," he said hoarsely, as he hooked her legs over his shoulders.

Since August hadn't replied to him the first time, he asked her again, "did you miss making love to me too?"

Lowering his head to taste her nectar,

he traced his tongue ever so slowly over her clit. As a powerful sensation came over her, she finally answered his question as she cried out, "Yes, Michael! Oooh, baby, yes!"

Wanting to be in total control, he held her hands in place as he continued to make love to her flower.

Feeling as though he was going to orgasm from simply pleasuring her with his mouth, he reached quickly for a condom but soon realized he didn't have any with him. Sensing his frustration, August touched his arm lightly, telling him, "It's OK, baby, remember we shared our medical history last week."

After having a long week and discovering the court summons, he had totally forgotten about their conversation.

Feeling relieved, Michael removed the rest of his clothing and entered her slowly. "Ooooohhhhh, baby! You feel so good," he groaned, rocking his hips in a rhythmic pattern as if he heard music playing in his ears.

Unable to hold on much longer, August locked her legs around Michael's waist as he sank deeper inside of her. Feeling her body quake beneath him, Michael's own body trembled as they both reached their peak of satisfaction.

As they laid silently in each other's arms, August was the first to speak. "You made sure to keep that blindfold handy, didn't you?" She teased, as she let out a small giggle.

"Like hell, I did! After using it during your engagement surprise, I knew that it would come in handy!" he quipped.

Feeling insatiable, Michael hoisted August on top of him for part two. As she stared down into his beautiful brown eyes, he flashed her a naughty grin. "No one can ever use this guest house again! It's now our special place," he stated, as they proceeded to make love once more. 

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