Chapter 19

Once Michael arrived at the hospital, he was escorted through a back entrance and taken to August's room. Before he walked over to her bed, he inhaled and exhaled deeply.

Fighting back his tears, he whispered, "Hey, baby, everything is gonna be ok. Please open your eye's sweetheart."

Stroking her hair softly, Michael placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. As he stood watching over her, his heart sanked deeper and deeper. Hearing a knock at the door, he was broken out of his trance. "Who is it?" he called out.

"It's Dr. Evans, may I come in?" He asked politely.

"Yes, please," Michael said urgently, opening the door.

Entering the room, the doctor introduced himself and gave Michael a handshake. "Hello Mr. Jackson, I'm Dr. Evans. Pleased to make your acquaintance, sir."

Feeling relieved that the doctor was now there, Michael was eager but yet scared of hearing August's prognosis.

Running a shaky hand through his hair, Michael replied, "Nice to meet you, doctor, what happened to her? Is she in a coma?"

As Dr. Evan's took her vital signs, he replied, "No, sir... August is just sleeping. She was severely dehydrated and passed out."

Feeling relieved, Michael said a silent prayer to himself.

Turning to look at Michael directly, The doctor said, "she took a pretty nasty fall, but she and the baby are just fine."

Looking confused, Michael whispered, "The baby?"

Looking at Michael surprised, Dr. Evan's responded, "I'm sorry. Did you not know? Ms.Williams is six weeks pregnant. Are congratulations in order, Mr. Jackson?"

Feeling elated, he replied, "Yes," as a happy smile appeared on his face.

"Congratulations, Mr. Jackson!" Dr. Evan's replied cheerfully, as he patted Michael on the shoulder.

After Michael thanked him for taking good care of August, Dr. Evan's exited the room.

Caressing her stomach softly, Michael whispered, "baby, why didn't you tell me?" But then it dawned on him that she probably didn't know she was pregnant herself.


Awakening a few hours later, August's eyes fluttered open. As her vision cleared, she noticed Michael sitting beside her in a chair and that she was in a hospital. Feeling her hand move, Michael awoke instantly. He had fallen asleep while holding her hand.

"What happened to me? Why am I in a hospital?" She asked as she looked around the room, feeling confused.

"The doctor said you passed out from dehydration, and a good Samaritan called an ambulance for you. I thank God for that person. It's a good thing you had your cellphone on you, and you only called the ranch yesterday. The hospital staff called, and I got here as soon as I could," he spoke softly, flashing a broad smile as he caressed her stomach. "I wonder if it's a boy or a girl?"

"Michael umm. What are you talking about?" She said, looking at him crazy.

"Please take care of yourself, you're pregnant with our child," he said tenderly as he kissed her stomach.

"I'm pregnant?" She uttered in surprise.

"Yes, sweetheart. You are," he said gently, placing a kiss atop her head.

August felt a lone tear roll down her cheek as she placed her hand over Michael's while he continued to rub her stomach. "So you really didn't know? The doctor told me last night when he updated me on your status."

August lifted Michael's head upwards to look him in his beautiful eyes. Let's hope it's a girl or else Paris, and I will feel outnumbered by you men, she laughed. "Congratulations, Daddy Michael. I love you!"

"You're amazing, sweetie, thankyou. Thank you for loving me," he said as he kissed her sweetly on the lips. "Aooow!!! you've made me the happiest man in the world!" He shouted!

After being released from the hospital, Michael took August home. "You're moving in with me, you've spent enough time with my kids. They know you're someone special to me. It's time, baby," he said, pulling her into his arms.

"Yes, Michael. I agree, but we need to discuss something first. Can you tell your ex-wife not to call my studio anymore?" August said, shocking Michael with the unknown revelation made unto him.

"When did she call"? He asked.

"She called just before I passed out. I was a bit stressed after her call, so I took a walk, but I barely ate anything that day."

Pulling out of their embrace, Michael became angry but not at August. He and Lisa were done. He didn't want any stress on his pregnant and soon to be wife.

Lisa hadn't spoken to Michael since the 2005 trial. One day after court, he asked Lisa on the phone if she still loved him, but she never responded. During his darkest hour, his heart had been obliterated. The two hadn't spoken since.

After their divorce in 1996, he and Lisa would still occasionally hook up off and on with the hopes of getting back together, but ultimately, it didn't work out. They finally called it quits and decided to just be friends.

Michael previously made August aware of how his past marriages had played out, but with Lisa's now sudden interest in him, he didn't want August to feel as though she couldn't trust him.


August returned to her studio the next day with Michael. She needed his help packing up a few things she planned to take to Neverland because she didn't trust the movers not to damage them.

*Ring...Ring* the studio's phone rang. Since Michael was the closest to the phone, he answered, "Hello, how may I help you please?"

Taken aback, it was Lisa on the other end. "I've been trying to contact you, Michael," she said coolly.

"Why, Lisa? I haven't spoken to you in 2 years. How are your husband and kids doing?" He asked in good nature but also to remind her of her priorities.

"So who is your new girlfriend? I heard you were getting married. I tried calling you, but your number had changed," she said bitterly.

"How did you get this number?" he asked inquisitively.

"One of your associates gave it to me," she said sorely.

"Honestly, Lisa, why are you doing this? Who I choose to marry is of no concern to you. Enjoy your new husband and twins," he stated firmly, as he hung up the phone.

"Baby, I'm--" He started to apologize to August, who was now standing in front of him.

"It's ok, Michael, I trust you, and I know nothing is going on between you and Lisa. It's time for us to move on."

Without saying a word, Michael lifted August in the air, causing her to squeal. As she wrapped her legs around his waist, he laid her down gently on the soundboard.

"Before we leave this studio, there is something I've been meaning to do," he said wickedly as he proceeded to have his way with her.

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