Chapter 20

August watched Michael as he slept quietly on his back. Brushing his hair out of his face, she kissed his lips gingerly.

As Michael slowly awakened, he stroked August's face softly and whispered, "Good morning, how did you sleep?"

"I slept wonderfully Michael, this bed is amazing," she replied, stroking his chest as she lay in his arms.

"Zzz...Zzz" was the next sound August heard coming from Michael. He had suddenly fallen back asleep and began to snore lightly. "Poor baby...Get some rest," she cooed.

Last night was August's first time sleeping in Michael's master bedroom at Neverland. Thinking she would feel uncomfortable living in a new place, she was amazed at just how much at home she truly felt.

When Michael awoke again later that morning, he heard the shower running. Not wanting to startle August, he announced himself before entering the bathroom. "Can I join you?" He asked politely.

"Boy, If you don't stop playing and get your ass in here," she chuckled.

Removing his clothes, Michael joined her in the shower as she washed her hair. As she began to massage her scalp, Michael offered his assistance. "Allow me," He said, as he took over washing her hair.

"Mmmm!" she moaned.

"I take it that you like this a lot! Huh?" he teased, kissing the back of her neck.

"I could get used to this, Mr. Jackson." She sighed.

Moving under the showerhead to rinse her hair, she informed Michael that she could handle it from there. "Thank you, baby," she murmured.

As she finished rinsing her hair, she felt Michael's large hands cup and caress her breast gently. "Mmmm, Michael, don't make me fall in this shower," she teased.

"I won't sweetheart," he said, kissing the crook of her neck while tweaking her now hardened nipples.

Michael then lathered her body with soap as he smoothed his hands all over her. As they stood under the showerhead, he turned her face upwards, kissing her from behind. "I can't get enough of you... Hold on to me," he forewarned in a husky tone, propping her leg up on the edge of the tub, as he slowly slid his fingers inside of her.

"Michael, don't let me fall," she said nervously through ragged breaths.

"I won't, baby... I won't," he said as he held on to her extra tight.

Stroking her clit with his thumb, he slid his fingers in and out of her silkily.

"Damn, you're so wet for me!" He said as he massaged her folds, feeling her nectar pool onto his fingers. "Say my name, baby...say it," he commanded, as he bit down on his bottom lip.

"Michael... Michael... Michael!" She whimpered.

Feeling her body go limp as he held her steadily in his arms. He told her reassuringly, "I've got you, baby... Always, never forget that."

Once August regained strength in her legs, she made a saucy facial expression and asked, "What can I do for you, Mr. Jackson?"

Running his thumb across her lips, he nudged it inside of her mouth as she licked and sucked it suggestively. "Mmm, Hmm... Just do that, Ms.Willams. Just do that," he drawled.

Dropping to her knees, she stroked Michael's wand slowly, placing her mouth on its tip, as she twirled her tongue around it gently.

"Ahhh, fuck!" he blurted. "Baby! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that," he said regretfully.

"It's ok, baby. It means I'm doing it right. Just relax," she said soothingly.

Feeling relieved, Michael relaxed and grabbed the back of her head gently.

August wanted to drive Michael wild, so she took him deeper inside her mouth as she massaged his balls. "August...what are you trying to do to me?" He said, wincing in pleasure.

As she continued to deep throat him, his body began to convulse uncontrollably. "Ohhh...Ohhh... Don't stop, baby, make me cum," he moaned loudly.

"Mmm, you taste sooo good," she said passionately, swallowing his sweet juice as he came inside of her mouth.

Michael helped her back up to her feet, kissing her swiftly. "You won this round," he said in pleasurable defeat.

Returning his kiss, she replied, "We both won."


Later that day, August set in Michael's office, keeping him company. He had a few phone meetings lined up that he wasn't looking forward to. As he put his reading glasses on, August 'wolf-whistle' at him. "So sexy, Mr. Jackson," she said, fanning herself.

Cocking a perfectly arched eyebrow at her, he placed his index finger to his lips, "shh!" He gestured in silence.

August pouted her lips in mock protest, causing Michael to feel bad about silencing her. "I'm sorry," he mouthed.

Returning his attention to a contract he was being offered; he put the call on speakerphone. As Michael listened to the representative pitching his best sale lines, he made funny faces at August.

Two minutes into the phone call, he knew it wasn't the right investment for him. He didn't want to hang up on the guy abruptly, so he finished listening to his pitch.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I don't think this is the right endorsement for me, but thank you for your time, have a nice day!" Michael replied honestly as he ended the call.

"What! you don't think a 'Dvd Rewinder' is a good invention? August yelped, doubling over in laughter.

For making fun of the phone call, Michael threw a stuffed animal at her and missed, causing her to laugh louder. Rushing over towards her on the sofa, he straddled her and tickled her relentlessly.

"Michael, please stop," she pleaded as she laughed uncontrollably.

"No! this is fun," he said, as he continued to torture her.

"Michael, please stop! The baby... Remember?

Stopping his tickling immediately, he instantly became worried.

August looked at him and busted out laughing. "The baby is fine, Michael, I just wanted you to stop tickling me," she admitted.

Touching her stomach tenderly, he bent down and whispered, "Sorry, but your mommy had it coming to her."

After Michael completed his meetings, he reminded August that his party was a week away. "My birthday party is coming up, are you sure you still feel up to overseeing the Audio? If you're tired because of the baby. I can find someone else," he said thoughtfully.

"I'm only seven weeks pregnant Michael, I'll bring an assistant to help me with anything heavy. I'll be ok."

"Ok, baby. Just be careful, please," he said tenderly.

Switching topics, he asked her if she wanted a big or small wedding?

"It doesn't matter, Michael, but I would like for us to get married before my stomach is the size of a kickball," she said, laughing.

Hugging her closer, he said, "We'll start planning after my birthday party."

As he held August in his arms, a feeling of total contentment washed over him as he thought of their new happy beginning together.

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