Chapter 21

Las Vegas

Lisa Marie Presley had recently given birth to twins a few months ago. She hadn't been anywhere since their arrival and could use a much-needed break from parenting.

When she was invited to see a new tribute show called 'Viva Elvis' at the 'Aria Resort & Casino,' she jumped at the chance to attend. The mini excursion was the perfect excuse for her to take a break from her parental duties, letting her husband take care of the kids while she was away.

Before attending the show later that evening, she would be joining friends for drinks at the nightclub located inside of the resort.

Lisa had arrived at the nightclub super early before her friends and decided to have a few drinks until they came. "Hi, my name is Tai, and I'll be your waiter tonight," he said as he put down a glass of water on the table.

"Hi Tai, my name is Lisa," she replied coolly. Figuring she was going to be at the club for a while, she formally introduced herself in hopes of getting faster drink service.

Looking her once over, Tai soon realized that it was Michael Jackson's ex-wife. "Excuse me, but you look a lot like Lisa Marie Presley, and coincidentally, your name happens to be Lisa," he said, chuckling.

Tai was fully aware of who she was and was already thinking of a plan to make some quick cash. He had extorted money from many celebrities before, but this was much more personal. Ever since Michael warned him to stay away from August, it made him feel like a punk because Michael held the upper hand. His chance meeting with Lisa could provide him with vital information to get revenge on Michael and August, he thought.

"Well, they say everyone has a twin, but no, I am Lisa Marie Presley," she replied.

"Wow! It's an honor to meet you, Ms. Presley," Tai said in mock surprise, just as a very convincing Michael Jackson impersonator walked by the table.

Scoffing at the impersonator under her breath, Lisa put her hand on her forehead and heaved a heavy sigh. "Is something wrong? Tai asked.

"No, no, everything is alright. It's just hard being reminded of your ex-husband over ten times in an hour... There are too many MJ impersonators here", she quipped.

"I heard that! Well, we have something in common. My ex-girlfriend, August is about to marry the guy," Tai said bitterly.

"Michael Jackson? your ex-girlfriend is marrying thee Entertainer, Michael Jackson?" She looked at Tai in disbelief.

"Yep, the one and only," Tai chuckled.

Lisa was fully aware that August and Michael were getting married, but she played along as if she didn't know. Just then, she thought, 'Wow! This is incomprehensible.'

"I like you, Tai! Let's exchange phone numbers and talk in private when you get a chance." she kindly proposed.

Accepting her offer, the two swapped phone numbers and made plans to talk to each other soon. Even though Tai had his own agenda, unbeknownst to him, Lisa sought her revenge on Michael and August as well. 


Elizabeth Taylor had invited Michael and August over to her house for dinner. August had been a nervous wreck over meeting her and was running late getting ready. She wanted to look her absolute best, and she hoped to make a good impression. Elizabeth was Michael's most trusted friend and a second mother to him. It would crush her to her core if Elizabeth didn't like her.

"August baby, are you ready yet? We're gonna be late for dinner with Liz", he called out impatiently.

"I'm almost ready Michael, just give me a few more minutes." She replied quickly.

As they finally made their way to Elizabeth's house, Michael noticed how unusually quiet August had been on the drive over.

"Don't worry about meeting Liz. She's the easiest person to talk to. I'm sure she is going to adore you," he said, taking her hand into his.

Giving him an unsure smile, August nodded and said, "ok."

"There you are!!" Elizabeth exclaimed as she greeted Michael and August, giving them both big hugs. "Well, come on in you two, we have a lot to catch up on," she said as she ushered them into the house.

A few weeks prior, Michael had a discussion with Elizabeth on how he and August first met. He didn't include every detail of their reunion, but she understood that Michael had known August many years ago, and they recently reconnected.

After enjoying a wonderful dinner full of great conversation and laughter, Elizabeth asked Michael if she could speak to August privately. "Sure thing, I'll just go and check out the library," Michael said as he excused himself from the dinner table.

Just before Michael left the dining room, August gave him a worried look. Recognizing that she was nervous, he winked his eye and mouthed "you'll be ok" as he left the room.

"Let's go on the patio to talk," Elizabeth suggested to August. It was a beautiful night out, and they both could use the fresh air. Once they arrived at the patio, Elizabeth offered her something to drink.

"I'll take water please," August said, as she touched her stomach caringly.

Elizabeth handed August a glass of water and teased, "don't let him keep you barefooted and pregnant."

As they both laughed, August replied, "Well, I am 46 years old, so there isn't a lot of time left for that, but my doctor says I'm healthy, and he anticipates no major problems with the pregnancy."

After Elizabeth poured herself a drink as well, she sat down beside August on the patio sofa. "You make Michael very happy. I haven't seen him smile this much in the past few years, except for when he's with his kids."

"Thank you for telling me that, I just want him to be happy and know that I love him very very much," August said, as warmth filled her heart.

"It's not always going to be easy for you two, but please don't let anyone or anything distract you from loving each other. There are always going to be people that will try to destroy and taint your relationship, but you have to block that negativity and continue to be there for one another. Most important is that you both have to trust each other," Elizabeth spoke candidly.

August took to heart what Elizabeth was telling her, but it scared her to think of all the challenges that she and Michael might face because they had dealt with so much already.

"You're a wonderful woman August, thank-you for truly loving Michael. I wish you two much happiness, but first, we're going to have to discuss your gift-giving to the kids. Michael told me that I now have stiff competition," Elizabeth said, smiling, as she took August into a warm embrace.

Feeling relieved, August was thankful for the alone time she got to spend with Elizabeth. Her words and blessings meant a lot to August and soothed her nerves. She felt elated, now knowing for sure that Elizabeth liked her.

Michael soon appeared on the patio to join them. "She's a doll, Michael, and I approve!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

Smiling tenderly at the two, Michael replied, "There was no doubt in my mind. I knew you would like her."

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