Chapter 22

August 29th, 2007

It was finally Michael's birthday, and his party was still on for later that evening. August and Michael had planned to celebrate his birthday in the daytime with his kids because the party being held later that night was for adults only.

"OK, you three! When your daddy comes down the stairs, we'll scream surprise! Happy Birthday, Daddy, and spray him with the silly-string," August instructed.

"Hello! Where is everyone?" Michael called out to a seemingly empty house. Figuring that August was with the kids somewhere, he continued to make his way down the stairs.

"Surprise, Daddy! Happy Birthday!" they all shouted in unison as they jumped out and sprayed him with silly string.

Michael was completely unaware of their hiding place, causing him to jump at the sound of their voices. "You got me!" He exclaimed.

August laughed hysterically at Michael. He was never an easy person to prank, so this was hilarious for her to witness.

Looking at her sideways, he mouthed, "I'm gonna get you later."

In response, she mouthed, "bring it on, Daddy."

Shaking his head dumbfoundedly, he returned his attention to his three children. "Wow! You guys really surprised me! Thank you for remembering my birthday."

After giving each of his children a hug, he walked over to August and hugged her stomach. "You also get a hug from daddy." As the three children looked on in confusion, they wondered why he was talking to her stomach.

August and Michael hadn't told the kids about the new baby yet, she had just moved into Neverland and he didn't want to spring too much information on them too quickly. A few weeks prior, he and August explained to the kids about their soon to be marriage and how their family was going to change.

"Come here, you three," Michael spoke gently. "August has a new baby growing inside of her, and the baby is going to be your new little sister or brother."

Still looking confused, Paris asked, "How are babies born"?

Michael was caught off-guard by the question and looked to August for help. Heaving a heavy sigh, Michael tried to explain the process innocently.

"Well! Grown-up men give grown-up women a special fruit to eat that has seeds in it. When the woman eats the fruit, the seed goes to a special place below her stomach where the baby grows," he explained.

Michael silently prayed that his kids would accept his explanation of 'human reproduction,' for this was the most kid-friendly version he could come up with.

"Ok. Got it! do we get to eat cake today?" Prince blurted out!

"Yay! Cake!" Blanket and Paris shouted excitedly.

Matching their enthusiasm, he yelped, "Of course! We're gonna eat cake! It's my birthday! Remember?"

Feeling relieved the kids had no further questions about 'how babies were born,' he wiped his forehead and asked them to go play in their rooms until it was time for them to have


After the kids left the room, August walked over to Michael and held his hand. She then asked, "When you fed me those strawberries, did they have seeds in them?" She chuckled.

"As I said, I'm going to get you later!" He said naughtily. "And for your information, Yes! Strawberries actually do have seeds."


Later that evening, Michael's party guest began to arrive one by one. He was set to announce his engagement and the future arrival of their baby during his party.

He knew that the media had been reporting about his relationship, but he wanted people to hear it directly from him without tabloid fodder.

The night before, August brought in a professional crew to set-up a massive audio system for the party. Everything was in place, and all she had to do was sit at the sound-board and control the mix.

"August... sweetie, Can you please come help me put this on?" Michael gestured towards the 'Men's choker chain' he was trying to clasp shut.

"This is sooo beautiful Michael, where did you get it?" She inquired.

"Oh, the fashion designer for 'L'uomo Vogue' gave this to me when I did a photoshoot for their magazine this year," he said, passing her the choker.

Lifting his hair gently, she placed a soft kiss on the back of his neck, causing a warm sensation to spread throughout his body.

"Mmm." He moaned deeply. "Be careful, baby, or we'll be late for the party."

"That's not such a bad idea," she said seductively.

As they entered the party, they marveled at how beautifully decorated it was. The Dinner tables were draped in white and adorned with white carnation centerpieces.

"Oh, Michael! This is stunning! The decorator of the party would be great for our wedding," she said approvingly."

I'm already on it," he said, nodding his head in agreement.

Michael went all out for his party. Once he and Liz got together to make the preparations, it turned into a huge extravaganza. He didn't usually throw big parties for himself, but this time he felt there was a need to celebrate.

Initially, he planned the party to reconnect with August, but the universe had an even better reason. He was finally getting the family he always wanted, and this was a cause for celebration.

"Ok, baby, I have to head to the sound-board now... TO WORK!" She emphasized while laughing.

"August, I'll make it up to you. I promise! Thank you for doing this for me," he said sincerely.

Backing him into a corner where no one could see them. August sucked on his earlobe as she whispered in his ear 'Happy Birthday Baby.' I'll have a very special gift for you later."

Placing his hand on the small of her back, he stroked small sensual circles, causing her body to weaken. "I... can't... wait... for... you... to... rock... my... world..." he drawled, as he kissed her lips between saying each word.

Michael then laughed silently to himself for referencing his own song during the 'throes of passion.'

As the night wore on, Michael made frequent trips to visit August at the sound-board. He made sure that she enjoyed the party by convincing her to let her assistant take over for the rest of the evening.

"I hope I'm still getting paid, Mr. Jackson," she said jokingly.

"Yes! And in more ways then one," he answered mischievously.

After making the rounds for the night, Michael had an announcement to make. To get everyone's attention, he tapped his wine glass against a microphone. Earlier that evening, August had provided him with a microphone pack, so that he could communicate with his guest if he needed to.

As everyone's attention averted to their table in the center of the garden. Michael begin to speak:

"I'll keep this short, but I just wanna thank everyone for attending tonight. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I hope you all had a great time. But before the night ends, I want to introduce you all to someone very special to me".

Gazing down at August, Michael asked her to stand. Grasping her hand in his, he looked her deep in the eyes as he continued his speech.

"It's not very often that true love comes around twice. You and I were never seperate. It's just an illusion wrought by the magical lens of perception. You are the sun, you are the moon, you are the wildflower in bloom, you are the life-throb that pulsates, dances from a speck of dust, to the most distant star and you and I were never separate, it's just an illusion, wrought by the magical lens of perception".

After reciting the beautiful poem to August, he kissed her sweetly on the lips. "This is Ms. August Williams, but soon to be Mrs. Jackson, and I love her very much."

Bending down, he placed a kiss on her stomach and added, "and this is the precious gift that we have been blessed with."

Looking into each other's hope and promised filled eyes, they expressed their feelings for one another.

"I love you, Michael."

" I love you more, August."


Writer's note: Some of the poem Michael recites in the story, is called 'Heaven is Here.' It can be found in his book titled 'Dancing the Dream".

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