Chapter 25

Michael went back to his hotel, feeling exhausted from all the meetings he attended that day. Removing his shoes, he sat down to call August. She had called him earlier that day to tell him that she would be joining him in Vegas after all.

"Hey baby, the artist canceled their project; I'm on my way to your hotel," she exclaimed happily.

"This is gonna sound horrible, but I'm glad your project got canned, I've missed you terribly. I'll leave your code-name with the front desk, and they'll give you a key to the room."

"Ok, Michael! I'll be there shortly."

*knock!! knock!!*

Staggering over to answer the door, he called out, "Who is it?" As he looked through the doors, peep-hole to see who it was.

"Hello, Mr. Jackson! We are here from maintenance to check a leaky valve; it shouldn't take long," the two women announced bubbly.

When the women went to check the valve in the other room, Michael decided to relax in the reclining chair. Not too long after closing his eyes, he felt someone straddle him, causing him to bolt upright in shock. The women had changed out of their work uniforms into sexy lingerie.

"What in the hell? Get off of me!" he shouted as he pushed the woman forward in an attempt to get her off of him, but just as he was doing so, August opened the door and was utterly devastated by what she saw. Once she broke out of her daze, she took off running.

"AUGUST AUGUST!!" Michael shouted after her as he pushed the scantily clad woman off of him. After Michael left the room, the women got dressed quickly and fled.

Catching up to August quickly, he grabbed and spun her around to face him. "Please don't leave! I don't know those women! They told me that they were repairmen and needed to check a valve. I closed my eyes because I was tired."

Cutting him off mid-sentence as tears streamed down her cheeks, August screamed at Michael, slapping his hands away as he tried to console her.

"Stay away from me, Michael!! I trusted you! How could you do this to me? Our baby kicked for the first time today! Remember...OUR baby?" She yelled as she almost fell to the ground, but Michael caught her in the nick of time.

"It's the baby; I need to sit down... It's kicking me hard," she sobbed in pain.

As Michael helped her to sit down, he placed his hand gently over her stomach; he noticed that the baby seemed to kick a little softer the more she calmed down.

Feeling their baby kick for the first time was amazing, but his heart was aching because she was in so much pain.

"I'm sorry the baby is kicking you hard; everything is probably fine, but let's get you to the doctor now," he suggested out of concern.

"I'm not going anywhere with you; you're no better than Tai!" She screamed as the baby kicked her harder, causing her to wince out in pain.

"August, our baby is trying to tell you something. Calm down," he spoke in a soft tone.

"I'll calm down, alright. I'm leaving! I'll let you know when the baby is born ⁠— if I even have the baby!" she said through clenched teeth.

Michael broke down, crying at her words, "I know you don't mean that August... Don't do that to me! Please, baby, think about what you are actually saying," He cried."

"Why should I? Did you think? when you were doing 'who knows what' with those whores?" She said, trying not to scream.

Getting up from the floor, August walked towards the door and opened it, but Michael slammed it shut as she tried to leave.

"Michael, you can't make me stay. I don't want to cause a scene. Let me go!" She pleaded.

"I need you to hear me out August, stop shutting me down when I'm trying to explain things," He spoke in a gruff tone.

Michael could now feel his sadness turning into anger because August wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise.

"Michael, I know what I saw with my own two eyes, I don't need to hear your explanation, but I will let you say one last thing before I leave... You have 5 seconds." She said tonelessly.

"If you get rid of our child, I'll never forgive you!" he said sternly.

Without saying another word, August left his hotel suite.

"Fuck!" Michael cried out tearfully.


The two women that Tai paid to set-up Michael made their way back to the hotel room that he rented at the 'skyloft.'

"How did it go?" He asked eagerly.

"I'm not sure if we got a picture Tai, Michael's fiance walked in on us," one of the women explained.

"Wow! This is great! But did he accept your advances?" Tai asked curiously.

"Unfortunately not, he damn near caused me to break my neck when he pushed me off of him," the other woman replied curtly.

"Oh, damn! I'm sorry to hear that, but what happened went even better than planned!" He exclaimed. "Just leave the camera with me; your job is done now! Here is a check for you two."

After the two women left the hotel, Tai did the same not too long after. He wanted to hurry home and develop the camera film. He was eager to see what images they caught, even though the plan still went much better than he could ever anticipate.

"Wow! These are great and will make me a ton of money!" He shouted after developing the film. He then called up Lisa to give her an update.

"Hey, Lisa! This is Tai, and you'll never guess what happened, but August actually walked into the room, while one of the women were attempting to seduce Michael. Sadly, he didn't accept her advances, but I still got some great pictures out of it! He blurted loudly.

"Great job Tai! when can you give me the pictures?"

"I wasn't aware that I was giving you the pictures, I thought we were just planning this together, and I would sale the pictures on our behalf?"

"Yes, and you can still do that, but I want to mail those pictures to Michael and August personally! Just to be Petty, you know?" Lisa replied sharply.

"Ok, great, Lisa! But before I give you the pictures, I need to get paid from you first."

"Wait, I assumed you would get paid when you sold the pictures to the highest bidder?"

"I will, but you still need to pay me for putting this all together, you only paid for the hotel and the women. If you decide not to pay me, I'll be forced to sell my story about all of this to the media."

Realizing that she played herself, Lisa let out a heavy sigh. "How much do you want, Tai?".

"Hmm? about 5 million should cover it!"

"Ok, Tai! We have a deal. I'll forward you the money, but don't tell anyone about this, or I'll ruin you. I'm only agreeing with this because it's much easier."

"Lisa, it's been a pleasure doing business with you. I'll forward you the pictures when payment is received."

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