Chapter 26

It had been five days since Michael last saw or spoke to August. He was worried sick and tried contacting her several times but was unable to reach her. He knew she was ignoring his phone calls, and it hurt him to his core.

Rubbing his temple, he played back the scene in his head with the two women. He vaguely remembered seeing a camera in one of the women's hands, but he was so worried about August that he didn't focus on it until now.

Michael had a strong suspicion that Tai was behind the whole thing.

"Tai, you Motherfuc..." before he could complete his thought, his phone rang.

"Hello Mr. Jackson, this is PI. Jones. Did something happen at your hotel involving Tai? It has been made known to me that two women confiscated hotel uniforms, and the room that they stayed in was booked under the name Tai Davidsen."

"Yes! Two women posed as maintenance workers and tried to seduce me after I let them in to check the sink! Shit!...Ok! This all makes sense now," Michael said aloud as he connected the pieces.

"Mr. Jackson, I'll investigate this further and find a resolution. I never officially closed the case on Tai because when you initially report a person to me, I continue to watch that person for the next few years."

"Thank you so much for continuing to watch that asshole. Unfortunately, August walked in on the set-up, and we had a big argument. She won't talk to me, and I don't know where she is. Can you locate her? And by any chance, can you find out if those women took any pictures of me with them?"

I'll look into it, Mr. Jackson, and I'll find August's whereabouts as well. I'll call you back as soon as I locate her," PI. Jones said as they ended their call.

Feeling somewhat hopeful, Michael ran a shaky hand through his hair as he still thought of ways to get through to August.

"Surveillance cameras?" Michael silently thought to himself. In an ah-ha! Moment, Michael picked up the phone to call the owner of the Skyloft resort.

"Hello Mr. Kerkorian, this is Michael Jackson. I stayed at the Skyloft last week and was wondering if I could get a copy of your surveillance camera footage? Two women got into my room and are under investigation. Please don't notify the media of my call for this is being handled by the authorities."

Michael had to fudge the truth a little to get what he wanted, his private investigator was an Ex-cop, but he hadn't made a formal complaint with the Las Vegas Police. Michael didn't want to cause August any further pain, so he tried to take care of it without the media finding out.

After the owner of the hotel confirmed that he was talking to Michael Jackson, he agreed to let him have a copy of the tape.

"Oh, Thankyou Mr. Kerkorian! I'll send my bodyguard to the hotel shortly to retrieve the tape. I appreciate all you have done, and I look forward to staying at one of your wonderful hotels again soon!" Michael exclaimed cheerfully.

After getting off the phone, Michael promptly gave orders for his security team to go and pick up the tape. "Tai, you have picked the wrong person to fuck with, you're not getting away with this!" He avenged.


"August, just talk to that man! you probably didn't even let him explain what happened, did you?"

"No, mommy! Why should I? He cheated on me with not just one woman but with two!" August yelled.

"Excuse me, missy! Please quiet your voice in my home! You might be grown, but this is my house, and I need you to tone it down," she chastised.

"I'm sorry, mom! My hormones are out of whack, and the baby is making me more emotional than I usually am." August said remorsefully.

"It's alright, baby. I understand that you are hurt. Michael seems like a good guy, and I feel he loves you very much. Maybe this is all one big misunderstanding. You know...his fans probably sneak into his hotel rooms all the time, and unfortunately, you walked in at the wrong time."

"Or I walked in at the right time," August replied sarcastically.

"You know what I meant, baby, stop being a smart ass! How does Michael even put up with you?" Her mom laughed. "Just hear him out the next time he calls you, ok? You are about to bring a life into the world. Think about the baby."

"Alright. Alright, I'll listen to him the next time he calls. Thanks, mom, for letting me stay in my old room, I can't go back to Neverland right now."

"Can't? Or you don't want to? There is a difference, you know?"

"I get it, mom, and thanks for everything. I'm gonna go take a nap now," August yawned as she went up to her old room.


Later that evening, Michael's private investigator called again. He informed him that August was staying at her mother's house and that the two women did indeed take pictures, but he hacked into Tai's laptop and destroyed them.

"I'm on my way to Tai's apartment to delete the photo's off of the camera itself while he is away at work. No worries, Mr. Jackson, all is being taken care of," PI. Jones stated confidently.

"Thank you so much! Please expect a huge bonus from me soon!" Michael enthused.

"No problem, Mr. Jackson, take care and have a good night, sir."

As soon as Michael got off of the phone, his bodyguard Bill knocked on his office door to deliver him the surveillance footage.

"Thanks, Bill! I wanna warn you that I'll be driving over to August's mom's house alone tonight" please don't worry.

"Be safe, Mr. Jackson and bring your lady home where she belongs," Bill said encouragingly.

"Thanks, Bill, I'll be safe and yes! I'm bringing her home."


Michael made the two-hour drive to August's family home safely from Neverland. Her mom still lived near the Jackson family compound, and the trip was old hat to him.

Before leaving Neverland, Michael watched the surveillance footage. It was clear as day that the entire thing was a setup. In the video, he saw Tai entering into a hotel room first & the two women afterward.

This would undoubtedly prove to August that he wasn't lying and was telling the truth. He just prayed that she would give him a chance and listen to him this time.

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