Chapter 27

Michael and August's mom stood in the doorway as they watched her sleep soundly.

"I'm glad you came here, Michael, she can be a bit stubborn at times" August's mom whispered.

"I know..." He said with a chuckle—Thank-you Mrs. Williams, for believing me about the set-up. I just hope that she will do the same," He whispered back.

"I'm sure she'll hear you out this time, Just be patient with her. This is her first pregnancy, and everything that has happened is taking a great toll on her. Don't give up on you two; she loves you, Michael."

Patting his shoulder lightly, Mrs. Williams left Michael's side to give him and August some privacy.

Michael quietly walked over to  August's bed, taking in her beautiful form as he sat down next to her. "I'm so sorry, baby, but I'd never do anything to hurt you." He said as tears filled his eyes.

As she continued to sleep, Michael tenderly touched her stomach and felt their baby kick gently. "Daddy is here," he cooed while caressing her 'baby bump' lightly.

In a state between half asleep and awake, August stirred at Michael's touch. "I love you, Michael...I miss you," she subconsciously whispered. When August became fully awake, she was shocked to see Michael sitting beside her.

"What are you doing here?" She exclaimed softly.

"August, please listen to me! Tai set this whole thing up. I need to show you something. Does that VCR still work?" he asked, pointing towards the old system sitting on the dresser.

"I'm not sure, Michael! Can you tell me what's going on?" She said, looking perplexed; as he inserted the tape into the VCR.

Once the video began, her jaw dropped when she saw Tai appear on the TV screen."That son of a bitch," she uttered. Without saying another word, she continued to watch the video in silence until she saw the two women that were in Michael's hotel suite. "Whores," she muttered under her breath as she clenched her fist shut.

"I'm so sorry, Michael! But how else was I supposed to react? I'm sorry I didn't hear you out. I was completely heartbroken... and how did you get this tape?"  

"Well first... my private investigator informed me that Tai was behind this whole thing. I then called the owner of the hotel and got the surveillance video," Michael said, grasping her hand impetuously.

Moving closer to Michael, August pressed her forehead gently against his, causing their noses to kiss.

"I've missed you... I've missed you so much. Please forgive me for the harsh things I said. I'd never get rid of our child Michael, it was wrong of me to even allude to that," she spoke tearfully.

"I love you August, and I forgive you, but you really crushed me with those words. I knew deep down inside that you could never do such a thing. I want us to be a family, baby. I need you as my wife, and nothing will stop me from making that happen."

Helping August to her feet, Michael whispered, "Come on... Let's go home."

Once they were outside of the house, August noticed that there weren't any SUVs and only Michael's 'Rolls Royce-Phantom.'

"Michael! Where is your security team?

"At Neverland. Now come on and get in this car, girl," he quipped.

Michael and August enjoyed the long trek back to Neverland. It had been years since the two took such a long ride together, with Michael at the wheel.

"Hey, can you turn up the radio? I love this song?" He expressed joyfully, as he began to sing along:

"I was a fool to ever leave your side

Me minus you is such a lonely ride

The breakup we had has made me lonesome and sad I realize I love you 'cause I want you bad, hey, hey"

Smiling brightly at Michael, August joined in and sang the second verse:

"I spent the evening with the radio Regret the moment that I let you go Our quarrel was such a way of learnin' so much I know now that I love you 'cause I need your touch, hey, hey"

"You sound so beautiful!" He chimed after she sang the leading female vocals.

When the song neared its's chorus, August took Michael's hand in hers as they belted out the rest of the duet together.

"Reunited, and it feels so good Reunited 'cause we understood There's one perfect fit And, sugar, this one is it We both are so excited 'cause we're reunited, hey, hey."

"Wow! I miss the days of when we would hop in the car and drive for hours, listening to music and talking," she reminisced.

"Yes! Those were the good ole' days... all these years later, and we still got it," he chuckled.

When they arrived at the main house at Neverland, August squealed as he lifted her and carried her over the threshold.

"You're supposed to do that 'after' we're married!" She fussed.

"I know, but I couldn't wait, and who knows? By that time, I might not be able to carry you," he said jokingly.

"I know... and I need to buy some maternity clothes soon; I must look horrible," she frowned.

"You're beautiful sweetheart and even more so' since carrying our child,"  he said sweetly, kissing her on the lips.

"Come here, I wanna show you something," He said, leading her towards the hall.

Michael placed his hands over her eyes as he walked her into the room near their bedroom.

"Surprise! It's not done yet, but I started to work on the baby's room last week. We can get more things once we know if it's a boy or a girl," he said, wrapping his arms around her.

"Oh, Michael... I love it! We should know the sex of the baby in a few weeks. I can't wait to come up with names together."

"The baby has to have my name; all of my kids have 'Michael' within their's; it's a tradition."

"She'll have your name, Michael. Don't worry about that!"

"How are you so sure that the baby is going to be a girl?" He asked curiously.

"I'm moody, and I'm craving sweets like crazy! Old wives' tales... I know. Look, I just really want it to be a girl, you have two sons already."

"Haha! When have you 'never' craved sweets or 'not' been moody?" He teased as he embraced her once more.

"Oh hush!" she shushed while smacking his leg playfully.

As Michael held August lovingly in his arms, he felt as though the nightmare they had been living, had finally come to an end...

But he still needed to shut Tai's tired ass down once and for all. 

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