Chapter 28

"Where are they? They have to be on here? Tai gulped nervously as he searched both his laptop and camera for the compromising photos of Michael.

"Damn it! I should have actually printed the photos... and she just sent me the money for them too. Fuck! I gotta get out of here," he cursed aloud.

Without a second thought, he packed a few of his belongings and left his apartment promptly. Since he had no pictures to give to Lisa, he decided to keep the money and make a run for it.


"Hmm... I like this one," Michael said, pointing towards a 'baby-carrier' inside of a boutique catalog they were looking through. Just as August was about to say something, the phone rang.

"Hello Mr. Jackson, this is Private Investigator Jones, may I come over and speak with you and August? It's very urgent, sir."

"Yes, of course! We'll be here, but what's up?" Michael asked inquisitively.

"It's better that I explain in person, sir, I'm on my way," PI. Jones stated hastily before hanging up the phone.

"What was that all about?" August asked with a puzzled expression on her face.

"I'm sure whatever it is, it involves 'Tired'... Oop's, I meant Tai," Michael said, sounding annoyed.

Michael's private investigator showed up shortly after getting off the phone with him. "Sir, I hacked back into Tai's computer and saw an email from your ex-wife Lisa Marie, she sent Tai a payment for those pictures."

Michael felt his entire body go numb at the revelation. "Why would she do something like this? I can't believe she hooked up with that low-life Tai! Ahhh, I'm so angry!" He yelled.

August massaged his shoulders in an attempt to calm him down.

"According to these phone records, Tai and Lisa communicated a lot over the past few weeks," PI Jones stated while giving Michael the phone records.

"Well, at least we know she didn't get the pictures! Thank you, Mr. Jones, for destroying them when you did. I would have loved to see Tai's face when he discovered they were gone," Michael scoffed.

"Michael...Why does she hate me so much and not your other ex-wife?" August questioned candidly.

"Jealousy... plain and simple. You're giving me everything she chose not to. With my last ex-wife, I was a bit quieter about our relationship, but with you, it's different. You are my first and only true love... it shows throughout my entire being. No other woman can love me the way that you do."

"Oh, Michael... please don't make me cry. You're the only man that I have ever truly loved. I want to give you every ounce of love that I have inside of my heart for you." She spoke tenderly.

"Ahem" PI. Jones coughed, clearing his throat. Michael and August had seemed to forget he was still in the room with them.

"Sooo...are you going to confront her about all of this?" August questioned Michael in a serious tone.

"I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but don't you worry baby, I'll handle this," he said, taking August into his arms.

"Well, it's getting late, Mr. Jackson, and soon to be Mrs. Jackson! I should get going," PI. Jones stated with a smile.

"Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us," Michael spoke sincerely.

"No thanks are needed Mr. Jackson; it has been a pleasure to work for you. Have a goodnight, you two".

"Goodnight!" They both replied in unison.

The very next morning, Michael called the 'Las Vegas' police department to file a report on the incident involving Tai. After reviewing the digitally submitted surveillance footage provided by Michael, the police found proper cause to put out a warrant for Tai and his accomplice's arrest.


Tai approached the Mexican border, feeling relieved. "Phew! That was a close one," he sighed.

"May we see your passport?" The 'Mexican Federales' requested impassively.

After turning over his passport, the security check seemed to be taking much longer than usual. Tai had been to Mexico a few times, but it usually didn't take them long to pass him through.

"Sir! I need you to step out of the vehicle. There is a warrant out for your arrest, issued by the "Las Vegas police department" The guard spoke sternly.

"Shit!" Tai mumbled as he stepped out of his car slowly.

"Sir, you're being detained here in Mexico until the 'LVMPD' arrives to arrest you and transport you to their facility.


Early the next morning, Michael received a phone call from the "Las Vegas" police department, notifying him of Tai and his accomplice's arrest. When the police arrested the two women, they sang like canaries, exposing Tai as the main perpetrator.

Tapping August on the shoulder lightly to awake her, Michael told her the great news.

"Wake up, baby... Tai is going to jail for a long time. I filed a police report yesterday. They arrested him and the other two women late last night," he shouted triumphantly.

"Serves that bastard right! But what time is it?" She asked sleepily.

"Early... Go back to sleep sweetheart, I didn't mean to wake you, but I had to tell you because his sorry ass probably thought he was gonna get away with this".

"I'm so happy, Michael, but let's get some rest, ok? We had a long day yesterday. I try to get rest when the baby isn't dancing around all night like it's father which is a rare occurrence," she said, giggling.

"Our baby will be 'moonwalking' in no time!" he laughed boisterously.


During the last forty-eight hours, Lisa tried to contact Tai several times. She had paid him as he requested but never received the photos.


"Hello?" She answered, hoping that it was Tai returning her phone calls.

"This is a collect call from 'Tai Davidsen' at the 'Clark County detention center.' Would you like to accept this call?

"Yes!" She replied quickly.

Once the call connected to Tai, Lisa screamed into the phone, "What the fuck are you doing in jail?"

"I got arrested for the set-up, the two girls were locked up as well. Michael obtained the hotel's surveillance video and pressed charges against me with the police. My bail is set at one million dollars, can you help me pay for it?" He asked, hoping she would help him out.

"Hell no! You already stole money from me, and you expect me to help bail you out?" She continued to yell.

"I didn't steal the money Lisa, I became afraid and ran. When I went to send the pictures to you, they vanished from my hard drive and camera."

"Am I really supposed to believe that Tai? I know one thing! You better keep my name out of this! You are one dumb ass criminal," she exclaimed, hanging up the phone.

Trying to calm her nerves, Lisa prayed that Michael hadn't become aware of her involvement with Tai. If Michael weren't speaking to her now, He sure as hell would never talk to her again after this.

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