Chapter 29

Michael and August were happy that the day was finally over. Michael had been subpoenaed by the 'Clark' county court in Las Vegas to testify at Tai's trial. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison on 'Theft by deception' and 'unlawful entry' charges.

Even though Tai's accomplices did most of the dirty work, he was the mastermind behind the entire set-up. Tai had hired two women to seduce Michael and take pictures of him without his knowledge.

He also stole the uniforms from the hotel that the women used to disguise themselves in so that they could gain entry into Michael's hotel suite under false pretenses.

Fortunately for Lisa, Tai never made mention of her name in court. He remembered her warning to him and feared retaliation. Although she promised to ruin him if he told on her, he knew that his life was ruined already and he didn't need any extra trouble.

"Ack! I hate that damn place!" Michael exclaimed angrily. While he was happy to testify against Tai, he hated going to court with a passion.

"Baby. It's over now! And look on the bright side, Tai is going to jail for the next several years," August interjected, trying to cheer Michael up.

"I'm sorry, but I can't stand going to court. After the 2005 trial and people who continually try to sue me... I keep my distance when I can!" he groaned.

"I know Michael... I know," she said, hugging him tightly. "Hey, I have a question? How come you didn't tell the cops about Lisa's involvement in the set-up?"

"Honestly? I feel sorry for her, and she has baby twins to care for. I'd never want to take any good parent away from their kids. Aside from her being a little loopy, Lisa is a good mother. I know how it feels to almost lose your children," He said, sighing deeply.

Michael still had plans to confront Lisa or to at least, let her know that he knew of her involvement with Tai. He didn't want her to go to jail or anything, but he did want her to stay out of his life.

"I understand, baby. You are so amazingly strong; you kept your head held high during that horrible nightmare," August said as she put her arms around Michael to comfort him.

It was evident that he was still reeling from the thought of how his own kids were almost taken away from him in 2005 when false allegations were leveled against him.

"Yes...but that's over now, so change of topic to more happy things! You're looking more and more beautiful with each passing day," he said, whilst kissing her now fuller tummy.

"Don't sugar-coat it, Michael, I look horrible, and I don't feel sexy at all. How are you still even attracted to me?"

"Heh! You've got to be kidding me right? Seeing you everyday and not being able to make love to you has been driving me crazy. I know we have been busy these past two weeks, but I need you! You have no idea of just how sexy you are," he said, smoothing his hand over her bottom.

As Michael stood up slowly, he traced his hands over either side of her body, stopping to cup her breast as he kissed her deeply. Walking over towards the bed, he laid back with his head resting against the headboard.

"Take your clothes off for me," he said huskily.

"Should I turn on some music and dance for you?" She playfully teased.

"If you want, but I have something better than music playing from a stereo," He smiled, as he began to sing:

There'll be no darkness tonight Lady our love will shine, Lighting the night, Just put your trust in my heart and meet me in paradise, Now is the time, girl You're every wonder in this world to me, A treasure time won't steal away.

Once she was fully naked, Michael gestured for her to ride him. After climbing on top of him, she reached over to turn the light off, but Michael playfully slapped her hand away from it.

"I want to see everything; the lights stay on," he said.

Spreading herself wide to accommodate for his massive erection, she purred lustfully when she took him inside of her, rocking him deep and hard.

"Hmm, you feel incredible!" She moaned.

"Don't hold back, baby, I want to feel every crease and crevice of you," he groaned in pleasure, holding onto her hips while she rode him fiercely.

Placing his hand over her mound, he stroked her clitoris, causing her body to shiver.

"How good does it feel? Do you want me to stop? He said, biting down on his lower lip mischievously.

"No, Michael... You better not!" She pleaded as her voice began to tremble.

He then stopped abruptly and stared deep into her eyes. "What do you want, sweetheart? What do you want me to do?"

"Ohhh...I want you to fuck me, Michael!"

During their lovemaking, they usually replied to each other in gentler terms, but every now and again, they tapped into their wild side.

After he was done tantalizing her, he tilted his pelvis upwards as he circled his hips, grinding into her center as she bounced atop of him.

"Let me take you to paradise, are you coming with me?"

"Yes... Michael, I'm coming!"

After reaching their highest note, August and Michael chorused together in harmony.

"I missed making love to you, sweetie, or should I say I missed Fuc.."

Covering his mouth quickly, August apologized profusely for her earlier choice of words. "I'm sorry, Michael! It just felt so good. The words flew out of my mouth without me thinking. I feel so bad! Please forgive me."

"Haha! I'm just teasing you! You know... Some people still think that Michael Jackson doesn't curse or have sex." He said sarcastically.

"Which is insane! Have they not listened to your music or watched your video's? Hello! 'In the closet' anyone?" She clapped her hands.

"To be fair... The music does gravitate me there. Ahem, Sometime," he said, bursting out into laughter.

"Ok! Mr. I don't do 'dirty dancing,' she quipped.

"You just won't let me live that one down, will you?" he said, shaking his head sideways.

While Michael had a sweet and child-like innocence about him, he wasn't naive. This was the same man that wrote both 'Superfly Sister' and 'Childhood.' He just believed that there was a time and a place for everything. 

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