Chapter 3

Pulling out her laptop, August glanced at her schedule for the following week. She was due in the studio to work with music producer Rodney Jerkins.

A light bulb flashed in her head! "Rodney worked with Michael on his Invincible album," she remembered.

"No, girl! It's unprofessional to seek out your old boyfriend's phone number through a co-worker," she exclaimed, as she quickly tossed the crazy idea out of her brain & prepared for bed. Besides that, she was over Michael, or so she tried to convince herself of that lie.

On the other hand, She wouldn't have mind catching up with him, but she didn't need any complications in her life. Things were going well, and her career life was good.

She also knew deep down in her heart that she still had feelings for Michael. Being reacquainted with him wouldn't be easy. She could only imagine his work schedule & the rollercoaster of his life in general.

August spent the entire weekend in her apartment. Exhausted from the week, she decided to hibernate and relax. Her plans for relaxation didn't go as expected, as the universe had other plans.

"Michael Jackson weekend on VH-1, they still do that?" she thought to herself and suddenly felt bad, "why shouldn't they?"

Since being proclaimed innocent of false allegations in 2005, she didn't see many positive MJ programs on TV. Naturally, it was a shock to see but a happy shock! Michael's video for 'Rock with you' started to play.

Suddenly warm memories filled her heart & she could feel her lungs collapsing.

Michael had given her front row tickets to the Triumph tour. While performing, he leaned over the edge of the stage & tried to kiss her, but she quickly turned her head.

August shouted in his ear, "Michael! What are you doing? You can't kiss me at this concert in front of all of these people!"

Ignoring what she said, he kissed her for all to see. At that moment, the venue became silent. It felt as though it was just the two of them, and nothing else mattered.

In retrospect, she burst out into laughter because Tatiana Thumbtzen, the love interest from his 'The Way You Make Me Feel' video, was fired for kissing him on stage at one of his concerts.

She never got jealous of seeing Michael with a female love interest in his videos. It was apart of his craft, and Michael never crossed the professional line.

Sure, at times, it was hard to watch because she knew how funny, sweet, and caring he could be. This always led to confusion with his female co-stars, taking his natural friendliness and making it out to be more than what it was.

After watching a few more videos, she shut the TV off. A few seconds later, Rodney called her up.

"Hey, Ms. Williams, I'm looking forward to meeting you on Monday. I know we are to work on the new Mary J. blige album together, but I have a future project coming up that I think you would be good for. Are you free in August?" He asked in a hurry.

"Hi, I'm looking forward to meeting you as well, umm... What's the project?" she inquired.

"Sorry, it's for a top-secret artist, and I can't divulge any details at the moment, but you won't regret it," he said cooly.

"Yes, I'll do it, but only because I trust you as an incredible producer," she replied slowly, feeling a bit unsure. But at the same time, she didn't want to turn down a great opportunity either.

"Thanks! See you Monday!" Rodney replied.

"Have a great weekend and see you Monday," August replied with a sudden frog in her throat.


A short time earlier

Back at Neverland, Michael could be heard shouting gleefully. He eventually took matters into his own hands and started calling past producers he had worked with. The 3rd producer on his list was Rodney Jerkins. He called Rodney and asked if he had a list of audio engineers he had worked with. After finding the list, Rodney asked him what he needed it for?

"Oh, I'm just looking for a potential new engineer & wanted to do some research. I'm having a party at Neverland in August, and I need a great live sound engineer. I know you only work with the best of the best," he said casually.

After being faxed a shortlist, Michael saw August's name. He immediately wrote down her phone number. He told Rodney, he would call him back later after his research.

Michael already had what he wanted, so he let an hour pass before calling Rodney back. He didn't want Rodney to know why he really wanted the list, and this was his way of alluding further questioning.

"Yeah, Hey, Rodney! Can you contact this 'August Williams' for me? She's exactly the one I need." After saying those words, Michael's body became warm at the sudden thought of seeing August again.

Rodney then put Michael on hold while he dialed up August. After she said 'Yes' to unknowingly working for Michael, Rodney clicked back over to Michael and gave him her answer.

"Thanks, Rodney, I appreciate this." Michael quickly ended the phone call and jumped down on his knees, shouting, "Yes."

Just then, Michael thought to himself, "August is four months away both literally and figuratively." He didn't want to call her right away because he needed time to think about how to approach her.

Michael's mind and heart were in full throttle. "No turning back now," he thought. "You have a party to plan."

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