Chapter 34

April 2008

"Michael, we really need a name for the baby, or she is going to be called "a baby with no name," August teased.

"We'll come up with a name, sweetie. Just relax," he replied soothingly.

"But when?" She sighed. "She will be born in a few weeks. We're running out of time."

"When I get back from my favorite place, We'll come up with a name together, I promise," He said while stroking her cheek.

"Let me guess. You have a meeting with Sony today?" August replied, as she absent-mindedly played with the button on his pants.

"Sweetie... What are you doing?" He questioned, looking down at her wandering hands.

"Sorry, Michael. Force of habit, I guess. But if you want, we could make love before you have to leave," she said mischievously.

"As much as I'd love to sweetheart, I can't. I'm supposed to finalize the concept of the album today, and I need to be there on time." He replied, while grasping her hands.

"Oh, it's okay, Michael. I understand. Have a good meeting and be safe. I love you."

"I love you more," he affectionately replied as he kissed her softly on the lips just before he left for his meeting.

August was now heavily pregnant, and she just wanted to have the baby and get it over with. Her pregnancy was still going by smoothly, but she couldn't take feeling tired and achy all the time.

Since Michael had now left for his meeting and the kids were in school, she was now home alone with nothing to do, so she decided to relax in the tub.

After her bath was prepared, she eased herself into the tub carefully. Though she was near the end of her pregnancy, she could still move around fairly well on her own.

"Oh, this feels so good!" she said aloud as she sank lower into the water.

No sooner after she closed her eyes to relax, she felt a popping sensation and felt a distinctively different temperature of liquid than that of the bathwater, flowing between her legs.

"Really? Why now?" She yelped.

Springing into action, she got out of the tub and called Michael. Luckily, he hadn't even made it into the city of Solvang yet.

Michael was going over paperwork in the car when his cellphone rang.

"Hello," he answered quickly.

"Michael... I need you to come back home! Ahh! My water just broke," she said sobbing while grasping her stomach.

"Bill, turn the car back around-- hurry! August is having the baby!" he shouted at his bodyguard.

"Sure thing, sir!" Bill replied, turning the car around swiftly.

Once they returned to the main house, Michael ran as fast as he could to reach August. He alerted his staff of what was happening, as he ran past various employees outside.

When Michael reached their bedroom, he found August huddled over.

"Sweetie, I'm here! Are you ok? How far apart are your?--" she cut him off with her screams. "Aaaaa! Michael! I don't know, just get me to the hospital!" she screamed as she pulled on the lapel of his jacket.

"August, honey. It's not time to go to the hospital just yet, but I'll call the doctor to see if we can arrive early."

After getting off the phone with Dr. Evans, he informed Michael that he could bring August into the hospital early.

"OK, baby. The doctor says we can come to the hospital right away. After timing her contractions, he noticed they were 5 minutes apart. "August, did you have any pain today?" He asked inquisitively.

"No, just that my normal aches were a bit harsher and I had some light stomach pain," she winced.

"Let's get you to the hospital, you probably went into labor earlier and didn't know it."

Michael then hurriedly grabbed her baby bag and anything else he thought she might need, as they made their way to the hospital.


"Michael, I can't breathe!" she panicked, gasping for air.

"August, please do what we practiced with the Lamaze coach."

"I'm trying Michael!" she spoke weakly, before going into shock.

"August baby... Baby? Shit!" He screamed as he yelled for the doctor from inside of the room.

Soon after, a team of medical staff, along with the doctor, surrounded August as they tried to get her breathing sufficiently again.

"What's going on? What's happening to her?" He yelled as tears streamed down his face.

After the doctor successfully stabilized August's breathing, he informed Michael that she had 'Amniotic fluid embolism.' Some of the fluid that had surrounded the baby got into her bloodstream, causing her to have low blood pressure and difficulty breathing.

"Will she and the baby be ok?" Michael asked the doctor while shaking.

"She's not out of the woods yet, but the baby is fine, and everything is under control. I've given her medicine to help her heart contract, but we are going to have to deliver the baby via C-section," Dr. Evans calmly explained to Michael.

After August regained consciousness, Michael returned to her bedside and held her hand as the doctor explained to her what happened.

"Michael, I don't want us to lose the baby!" she cried.

"We're not sweetheart. The doctor has everything under control. Just try to relax, I'm right here," he replied while stroking her hair.

August's C-section went smoothly without issue. When August and Michael heard the baby cry loudly after being delivered, they both kissed each other through tears and smiles.

"Wow! She's going to be an incredible singer with those pipes," the doctor said in jest as he placed the baby in August's arms.

August gushed over her new baby girl but suddenly remembered they hadn't chosen a name for her yet. "Oh, no! Our baby really doesn't have a name," she thought silently to herself.

"Sorry, Ms. Jackson, but we need to examine her. I'll be right back!" The nurse stated cheerfully as she retrieved the baby from her.

"She's a strong and healthy baby!" the nurse announced, as she gave the baby to Michael to hold, while August's C-section incision was being cared for.

"Hey, my sweet little Luna, I'm so glad to meet you finally. How do you like it out here?" He cooed.

"Luna? You had a name for her this entire time and didn't tell me? August said, feeling confused and surprised.

"Yes, when I took that photo of you on the beach, I thought of the name Luna because it means 'Moon.' Seeing you on the beach bathed in the moonlight while being pregnant was the most beautiful image I'd ever seen," he spoke genuinely.

"I love it, Michael! 'Luna-Michael Katherine Jackson' has a nice ring to it. Aww, you did a good job, daddy, Michael."

"No baby, you did such an amazing job today. I love you so much. You've given me the things I've waited my entire life for," he spoke tearfully.

"Michael, you are incredible and deserve all of the happiness that comes your way. I thank God every day for you, sweetheart."

Michael returned Luna to August's arms and made himself more comfortable by getting into the bed beside her. The two doted happily over their daughter together, as they talked and sang to her.

"You're so precious sweetheart, mommy and daddy love you very much. Someday when you're older, we'll tell you all about our love story," August whispered as Michael kissed her and Luna each tenderly atop of their heads.

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