Chapter 5

The 'Hit Factory' in Newyork

August sat deep in thought at the mixing board, adjusting various knobs to get the final mix just right. The finishing touches were being applied to Mary J. Blige's new album, and she was happy with how smoothly the project went.

"Hey, yo! August. Remember that special project you signed up for? It's a live sound engineering gig for a big celebs birthday party at the end of August," Rodney shouted over the music.

"Where is it located?" she yelled back!

"The organizer said he would give the exact location & further details in July. Right now, the artist doesn't want any information leaked about his party!" Rodney shouted in return.

"What in the heck have I signed up for?" she thought. "Lord, it better pay a lot of money."

As she packed her things up for the night, she overheard someone in the hall mention Michael Jackson's name. As she tried to eavesdrop, she dropped her cellphone. "Damn it!" she cursed out loud.

"Are you alright?" A gentleman down the hall asked. "Yes, I'm fine!" She chuckled. "They don't call me butterfingers for nothing."

After arriving home, she tried to find out which celebrity was hosting a private party in the coming months, but her search proved fruitless.

"Why are you so worried, it's not like you're  gonna be kidnapped by some maniac, get a grip!" Laughing to herself, she decided to prepare for bed.

As she lay in silence, her thoughts drifted back to hearing Michael's name mentioned in the hall at the Hit Factory earlier that day. This would soon prove to be a big mistake if she wanted to get any type of rest that night.

Her thoughts wandered to the time that she and Michael got caught in a ridiculous rainstorm in 1983. By this time, Michael's popularity was becoming bigger by the day.

One-time, The two thought they could somehow make it to Michael's favorite restaurant, the Ivy, without being noticed.

On their way to the restaurant, a group of paparazzi had noticed Michael's car & started chasing them. Somehow, August was able to ditch them and pull into an empty alley.

Amazingly, Michael's air-conditioning in the car happened to break that day; he was livid to have such a new expensive car with issues. So they hopped out to get some fresh air.

"Let's just leave the car here and try to sneak over to the restaurant," August blurted without thinking.

"What? We can't leave my brand new Rolls Royce here in this dark alley. And besides... what if they recognize me? I don't have a disguise I can throw on."

"OK. Well, let's just drive back home then," she said disappointingly.

August was looking forward to having dinner with Michael that night and took extra lengths to doll herself up for the occasion. She was bummed that they had to cancel their plans due to the stalking paparazzi.

When August went to open the car door, she discovered that she locked it and left the keys in the ignition.

Michael looked at her and asked what was wrong? Just then, a rumble of thunder clapped, and the skies opened up.

"My brand new outfit," she screamed, "my hair, my make-up! It's all ruined!"

Laughing, Michael pulled August into his arms to try to protect her from the rain, but it wasn't happening.

"It's just rain," he quipped, "you're not gonna melt or well, you might with the way you're screaming!"

"Right now is not the time for jokes, Michael."

"You're right, I'm sorry," he said as he took her into his arms. "I thought being caught in the rain was funny and refreshing."

It was a surprisingly chilly night in Los Angeles and August started to shiver. "Let me keep you warm," he said as he pulled her closer. Wrapping his arms around her, he could feel her nipples against his chest through both of their soaked clothing.

At that moment, a surge of warmth filled both of their bodies, and an aching need to take their intimacy further was felt. Gazing deeply into her eyes, Michael kissed her softly on the lips. Before he got ahead of himself, he broke their daze and produced a spare set of keys. Keys that Michael had all along in his back pocket.

"Why didn't you tell me you had those?" she exclaimed.

"You didn't ask my darling," Michael responded with a quirky tone and sarcastic look on his face.

Even though Michael loved acting silly & being a prankster, he had no problems turning on the sex appeal. That was one of the many charming things about him; there were so many layers to his personality.

The memory made August feel warm, a bit too warm, and now she had trouble sleeping! She tossed and turned all night, as her body couldn't subdue the fire that was raging inside of her.

"Why why, whyyyyy! can't I get you fully out of my system?" She screamed into her pillow.

Turning over in a fit of rage, she decided to take a cold shower. Upon laying back down in the bed after trying to wash away her sexy memories of Michael, she wondered if she should stop trying to bury her feelings for him?

"Why was this time any different? she thought." In the past, she had been so strong but now felt herself weakening and fast.

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