Chapter 7

Michael decided to spend the night at his condo in New York. He felt like hell and needed to make sense of things.

For starters, he couldn't get the image of Kenny & August together out of his brain. Working with Kenny in the past, he knew he was married & met his wife once.

"She's not dating Kenny," Michael's subconscious told him. He knew he was being paranoid, but what else was he to make of them having dinner together?

"Tell her the truth, you didn't just drift apart without some fault on your behalf and hers," Michael thought quietly to himself.

He wanted to pick up the phone & call her, but he needed more time to reflect on the past. His emotions were in a wreck & he needed time to regain his composure.

Thinking back to dinner, he couldn't get how beautiful she looked out of his brain. His heart melted at the mere sight of her. He longed to feel her skin again and take in her heavenly scent.

But at the same time, he was also bothered over her various facial expressions; They were a mix of shock, confusion, and curiosity.

"Well, she hasn't seen you face to face in 23 years, what did you expect?"

Sighing heavily, he shook his head in agreement. He knew he had stirred up something inside of her, but was it hate? Or hope?

Feeling deflated, he called it a night and went to bed.


The next morning, August strolled into the studio with two cups of coffee in hand. She & Rodney were completing one last project before she moved back to L.A.

"Good morning Rodney, Good morning Micha-- Michael," she stuttered, as a puzzled look came upon her face.

Returning her puzzled look, Michael had no idea she would be there that morning. He scheduled a private meeting with Rodney to discuss his new album, but it must have slipped Rodney's brain.

"Good morning August, how are you?" Michael asked with care in his voice.

"You two know each other already?" Rodney asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

Picking up an inkling in Rodney's voice, Michael chimed quickly, "Yeah! We met last night at a business dinner I hosted."

Sighing silently, Michael felt grateful that he could think on his toes so quickly. He didn't want Rodney wondering why he asked for August's phone number a month earlier if he already knew her.

"Alright, cool-cool. I need to run across the hall to check on something. I'll be back in about 20 minutes, Mike and then we can finish discussing your new album," Rodney said as he left the room.

When the door closed, Michael walked towards August slowly in silence. Staring at her intensely, he surveyed her up and down. She was now standing in the corner, still holding the coffee she entered the room with. He then took the coffee out of her hands, placing it on the table nearby.

Searching her eyes with his, he began to stroke her cheek and with his other hand, he caressed her hair lightly. Moving closer, he bent down to kiss her. He expected her to pull away but was relieved when she didn't.

August wrapped her arms around Michael's waist, as their kiss deepened. He felt as though he was losing control. It took every ounce of strength to stop himself short of making love to her. He would have loved to throw her on the soundboard and quench the fire that was raging deep inside of him.

At the sound of footsteps approaching the door, Michael and August broke their kiss simultaneously. As Rodney entered the room, Michael told him that he had to leave unexpectedly and that they would have to continue their meeting via phone.

Feeling flustered, he waved goodbye to Rodney and August. He needed to escape the studio in a hurry before anyone noticed his embarrassing state of arousal.


August ended her work early at the studio that day. Seeing Michael was an unexpected, confusing but pleasant surprise. Her body was set ablaze with desire, but she was confused as to what was happening? She didn't try to make sense of it just yet. Everything was happening too fast.

"Sunflowers? Who sent sunflowers?" she squealed in delight. Inside the bouquet, there was a small white card that read:

"It's okay to lose your pride over someone you love. Don't lose someone you love over your pride." ~ I'm so blue, Michael.

"What was he trying to tell her?" she thought to herself. How could he just Waltz back into her life?

Searching the card for a phone number or email address of contact, she found nothing. Was he also trying to drive her crazy? If so, he was succeeding with flying colors.

As she placed the sunflowers in a vase, she absentmindedly counted that there were 23 of them.

"OK, Michael. Why are you doing this to me?" she pondered.

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