Chapter 2 of Special 5 Year Update

    As August made her way home, the ride to Neverland seemed longer than usual. She was still reeling from Kenny's kiss—and didn't know whether she should tell Michael about it or not. He was already upset with her, and she knew the revelation of Kenny's kiss would send him over the edge. 

    "Fuck! Why in the hell did Kenny have to kiss me!" She quietly exclaimed, slapping her hand against the plush leather seat of Michael's 1999 Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. Though the pricey luxury vehicle was nearing 12 years old, it ran like a dream. The interior was made of 24-carat gold and crystals—akin to the 'Palace of Versailles.' Whenever August had to make long trips, it was the car she loved to ride in because Michael personally designed it. 

    When Bill heard the loud noise emitted by August's assault on the delicate upholstery of the vehicle, he became alarmed and called her through the intercom. "Is everything all right back there, Mrs. Jackson?" 

    "Yes, Bill. Everything is fine. I just swapped some sort of bug," she lied. "Michael would have a fit if he knew what I've done."

    Bill roared. "He sure would! But rest assured, your secret is safe with me."

    "Thanks, Bill." She smiled. "How's your daughter doing?" 

    "Oh, she's doing great! I just sent baby girl off to college. God, they grow up so quick!"

    August thought about Luna and frowned. All the times she missed tucking her in at night—reading her bedtime stories by Michael's side—their afternoon tea time when they wore matching outfits; she missed it all. Though August spent ample amounts of time with her daughter up until last year, her current schedule was spiraling out of control. 

    "Yeah, they sure do," August replied to Bill, guilt eating at her conscious. Michael had every right to be upset. It wasn't just her working at night, but more often than not, she didn't arrive home until a little before noon. Most times, she would only see Luna for three hours due to her being in school. However, the three would have lunch together, and she cherished every moment. 

    On occasion, August and Michael would attempt to spend quality time together, but she still needed to get a few hours of sleep before heading back into the studio. 


    When August arrived home, she checked in on Luna first. Tiptoeing to her bed, making sure not to make a sound, she placed a whisper-soft kiss on Luna's forehead, praying she wouldn't startle her. "I love you, sweetie. Mommy misses you," she uttered as she gazed upon her ever-growing toddler. Luna was experiencing a growth spurt and outgrowing her clothes every few weeks, it seemed. 

    After watching Luna for several minutes, she crept out of the room and made her way towards the master bedroom. As a blue light glowed from the massive HD TV, Michael was fast asleep on the couch. He was sitting upright with his head tilted backward. 

    Straddling him, August stroked his cheek—his light stubble tickling the back of her folded palm. Michael was snoring lightly, and his mouth was agape. "Michael, baby," she whispered, shaking him lightly. "I'm home."

    His eyes fluttered then opened. "What time is it?"

    "3 am." She replied. "Go get in the bed. You're gonna get a crick in your neck."

    Slowly opening his eyes, Michael snorted, then mumbled, "And what do you care?" 

    "Michael baby, please... I'm sorry. I know you're upset with me—and rightfully so."

    As tears began to stream down August's face, Michael wiped them away with his thumb. Though he was upset, he hated seeing her cry. "I'm sorry, baby," he whispered, leaning forward to kiss her lips.  

    "Sweetie, I--" August stammered, turning her face away from him. "I haven't brushed my teeth in the last eight hours." Though she was telling the truth, she didn't want to kiss him with the taste of Kenny still lingering on her lips. 

    Michael narrowed his eyes at her. "Since when has that mattered? We kiss every morning before brushing."

    "I know, sweetie, but please. I feel utterly disgusting at the moment and would like to freshen up."

    Michael sniffed her blouse. "Get away from me." He glowered, his nostrils flaring. "How could you?"

    "How could I what?"

    "You're fucking him, aren't you?" He yelled. "I gave my heart to you!"

    "Michael! Stop this shit! I'm not fucking anyone but you!"

    "Don't lie to me, August! This is all adding up! 

    The late studio sessions, 

    You not wanting to kiss me! 

    You're having an Affair with Kenny! I've worked with him enough times to know his scent."

    August cried. "Michael! Listen to me, damn it! Kenny and I sit right next to each other in the studio—of course, I might pick up his scent! Stop jumping to conclusions."

    Michael cupped August's face, placing a hard kiss on her lips. Her taste told him all he needed to know. "Get off of me." He growled. "And while you're at it, pack your things. Go be with the man you really want to be with!"

    Feeling as if her world were crumbling, August pushed Michael against the sofa and screamed. "For the last time, I'm not having an affair with Kenny! But hey, maybe this is for the best! Since you obviously don't trust me—I'll heed your advice and move out! I don't need this shit!"

    August dashed out of the room. 

    Michael returned to the sofa. "I can't believe this shit!" He snapped. "I knew it! I fucking knew it!"

    Moments later, a knock came at the door. 

    When August requested to be let out of the main gate, Bill instantly became alarmed. It was unlike her to leave Neverland on her own in the middle of the night. When he asked her if everything was all right, she kept her eyes straight ahead and demanded that he let her out at once.

    "Is everything all right, Mr. Jackson?" Bill asked in a loud but polite tone. "Mrs. Jackson has left the premises." 

    Michael stalked lazily to the door and flung it open. "She's a grown-ass woman, Bill. She can do whatever the hell she wants."

    Bill was taken aback. He had never heard Michael give such a callous response about August. "I know it's none of my business, boss, but I'm here if you need to talk."

    Michael clapped Bill on the shoulder and said, "thanks for your concern, but I need to get some sleep. I have a long day ahead of me. Have a good night, Bill—or what's left of it."

    "All right, sir." Bill nodded. "You have a good night as well."

    Anger and jealousy coursing through Michael's veins, he closed the door and retreated to bed. 


Authors Note:

Is Michael tripping or naw? I think he has valid reasons to be upset but he seems to be doing the most. However, I do think August needs to be honest with him. Hopefully those two will clear their heads soon. Right now, they are both being hard-headed, it seems.

So, I think I'm gonna try and update on Sundays, but please, still check the blog for my announcements of new chapters. (Right now, I'm super busy and will be for some time but I'm still here!). Thanks for reading and have a blessed week.

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