Chapter 35

Michael and August were ecstatic to learn they could finally take baby Luna home. August had to stay in the hospital a bit longer due to the complications she had experienced while giving birth. Once she was given a clean bill of health, they were released to go home.

"Do you have everything?" Michael asked August as he looked around the room, making sure they didn't forget anything.

"Yes, I have everything, but the most important thing is right here in my arms," she replied tenderly while looking down at Luna.

When their SUV arrived to take them home, Michael immediately checked the baby's car seat to make sure that everything was secured.

"May I?" Michael asked August as he extended his arms for her to place Luna into. "Come on, sweetie. Daddy needs to put you in the car seat, ok?"

Immediately after Michael placed Luna in her car seat, she began to cry. "Shhh, don't cry... Don't cry. We are taking you home now, ok?" As if on cue, Luna stopped crying when Michael began speaking to her.

Once they arrived home, they stood outside of the door before going in. They would soon be introducing Luna to her new siblings.

"Michael, what if they don't like her?" She asked nervously.

"It's gonna be ok, sweetie! Sure...  It will be an adjustment for them, but they are going to love her," he spoke reassuringly.

After entering the house, August sat down on the sofa and made herself comfortable while Michael went and retrieved the kids. When the four returned downstairs, Michael and August introduced them to their new little sister.

"Hey, you guys! Your new little sister is here, and her name is Luna, please come over and meet her" August announced sweetly.

"Hi, Luna! They spoke simultaneously as they stepped closer to get a better view of her.

"Do we get to keep her daddy?" Paris chimed.

"Yes, sweetheart, and I'm counting on you to be the bestest big sister you can be!" Michael replied enthusiastically. "Think you can do that for August and me?" He said, dropping to one knee to face her.

"Yes, daddy, I can. Wow! I've never had a baby sister before!" she exclaimed.

Paris then leaned over and whispered something in Michael's ear, causing his heart to soar.

"I can't answer that sweetheart, but I'm sure that August would love for you to ask her yourself," he replied.

When Paris went to whisper in August's ear, he stopped her just before she left his side.

"Its ok, Paris, you can ask her out loud," he stated firmly but gently.

"Can I call you 'Mommy?' If Luna gets to call you, Mommy, I want to call you mommy too!" She asked sweetly.

"Of course you can, baby! Me, You, Daddy, Prince, Blanket, and Luna are one big happy family now. I love you, sweetheart," August stated tearfully.

"I love you too!" Paris replied as she went and sat beside August on the sofa.

"Prince, you're an expert on this! Luna is counting on you to watch out for her, just like you do for Paris and Blanket." Michael stated proudly as he patted his eldest son on the back. "You're a great big brother already!"

Prince simply replied, "Sure thing, dad!" as he hugged Michael. Since Prince was the eldest, he had been through this before and was used to being the big protective brother.

When Michael finally got to Blanket, he turned to face him and looked him in the eyes.

"You're a big brother now, just like Prince! Luna also needs you to protect her and be her friend. You two are the youngest, so you have to stick together. Can you do that for Mommy August and me?" Michael spoke gently.

Blanket nodded his head 'yes' before speaking. "Yay! I'm a big brother! I can't wait to color with her!" He spoke excitedly.

"Well, not right now, Blanket. She is too little, but she would like it if you could speak to her."

"Ok, I'll be right back, daddy," Blanket replied, as he trotted over to August.

"Do you wanna shake her hand, Blanket?" August asked sweetly.

"Yes! Can I?" he replied while looking a bit unsure.

August placed Blanket's index finger inside of Luna's hand. When she tightened her tiny fist around his finger, he shouted, "wow!" as he looked between Michael and August.

"Luna is excited for you to be her big brother. She shook your hand, sweetie!" August spoke ecstatically.

As Michael watched Prince, Paris, and Blanket surround August and Luna, he ran to get his camcorder and camera. He didn't want to miss out on having such a precious moment on film.

After Michael finished recording the kids and August for a little bit, he got one of the Neverland staff employees to take a family photo of them altogether.

"On the count of three! Smile everyone and say: happy!" He counted down cheerfully.

Soon after their first family photo was taken, Luna put her good lungs to use again.

"Uh-oh, someone's hungry!" August announced as she asked for Michael to take over holding Luna while she got up from the sofa.

"Aww... Come to daddy, sweetie! Mommy is going to feed you soon. Don't cry! Shh!" He singsonged to Luna, as he retrieved her from August's arms.

"Come on. Let's go see your new room!" August animatedly cooed to Luna, causing her to stir.

Luna's room was gorgeously decorated with a "Snow White" theme. It was well supplied and stocked with everything that August might need.

"Michael... When did you get this rocking chair?"

"I got it out of storage. Prince, Paris, and Blanket were all fed in this chair, so we have to keep up with the tradition."

"Good thinking... And I'm honored to keep the tradition going," August replied, as she sat down in the chair.

Michael pulled up a seat next to August and placed Luna back into her arms so that she could begin feeding her. It warmed his heart when he learned that August would be breastfeeding their baby. He always thought it was the most natural for the baby, but ultimately it was the mother's choice.

"You're so beautiful August, thank you for giving so much of yourself to our new family and me. I don't know how I can ever repay you," he spoke tenderly while kissing her cheek.

"Michael, you don't owe me anything, I love you, sweetheart. Luna was created from love, and our new family is joined together by love."

"I know. But I've gotten so used to always giving. This is all new for me. It's hard believing that I've been blessed with all of this after the nightmare I lived through a few years ago." He spoke sadly.

"I know Michael, but I need you to move on from those things now. I'm not telling you to forget, I'd never tell you that, but that part of your life is over! Baby... Look at what all you have now."

"August... it's going to take me time to heal from the type of pain that I have experienced, but I'm dealing with it a lot better since you have come back into my life".

"It makes me very happy to hear that Michael and remember... You're not alone in your healing process. We'll be right here with you." August spoke caringly as she grasped his hand in hers.

Michael gently squeezed her hand in return while smiling down at their new baby girl. "Mommy and Daddy love you, sweetheart," He cooed as he stroked the massive set of curls that sat atop Luna's head.

"So when are we gonna start making baby #2?" He teased.

"I'm not opposed to that, Mr. Jackson, but let's focus on this little one first."

After August finished feeding Luna, she placed her inside of her crib, as Michael stood watching from behind. When she turned around, Michael pulled her into a warm embrace and whispered:

"Hello, August Moon..."

The End!

Writer's Note:

To all of those that have read my book, I thank you so much! Words can't explain how much of a wonderful experience this has been. I'm not ready to let go of August and Michael just yet, but I feel as though their story is complete. There will be an epilogue! So please stay tuned for that! I wish I could give each and every one of you a big hug! Thanks if you ever left me a comment, or quietly read this book and voted! I took notice of it all and just want to say thank you once more! I'm legit crying. 

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