Before reading this story, please read the author's note listed below. 

Author's note:

This was the first story I had written in years⁠—and subsequently, the book's format is not what I wish it to be.

Due to my lack of writing over the years, I pretty much forgot every grammar and punctuation rule in the book, but it's still legible. (Lol!)

At first, I thought about re-writing this book, but since it's the first story I published to a writing platform, I'll leave it as is. It shows how much I've grown as a writer in my later published stories.

P.S. For Nostalgic reasons, I have decided to keep this story's alignment "centered"—as this is how it was formatted when I intially published it.

Story begins below

29 Years Earlier

Encino, California

It was a late and muggy summer night when Michael Jackson finally put away his note pad & pen. He had been writing lyrics for 7 hours straight, working on songs that would be for his solo album 'Off the Wall.'

"Michael!!! You have a guest!" His brother Randy yelled at the top of his lungs.

"I'm coming down in a second," Michael shouted in return.

As he neared the bottom of the steps, he spoke softly, "hello August, good to see you."

August Williams was a shy girl that Michael became friends with two years earlier. She was the daughter of a next-door neighbor that his mother befriended. "Hi Michael, are you busy, or should I come back later?" She replied in a meek tone.

"Of course not, please stay," Michael replied sheepishly, as a soft smile graced his lips.

Earlier, Michael had been writing the lyrics to 'Don't stop till you get enough.' The song's words had a double meaning & Michael's temperature was running high due to the suggestive nature of the song.

Clearing his throat, Michael suggested that they go to a nearby park. He cared deeply for August, but they were just close friends at the time. He felt as though he could talk to her about any & everything.

Once they arrived at the park, Michael got out of the car & opened the door for August. At this time, Michael could somewhat still drive around in secluded areas of L.A. & not be mobbed.

"How is the album coming?" she asked.

"Um, it's coming together piece by piece," Michael replied nonchalantly. While he was excited about the album, his mind wasn't entirely focused on it at the moment.

Michael had wanted to tell August that he liked her a lot, but he was too nervous about expressing his feelings. As they continued to walk, they found a park bench to sit on.

Surrounded by just the sound of the tree's blowing lightly in the breeze, Michael had a deep urge to kiss her. As nervous as he was, he could no longer suppress his need to know what her lips felt & taste like.

Before she could say anything, Michael gently caressed her face and leaned in closer. Chills shot through her body as Michael softly kissed her lips.

"I'm sorry," he replied soon after. Feeling a bit unsure of how she felt, he started to feel uneasy. At that moment, she kissed him back achingly.

Shortly after their second kiss, August replied, "don't be sorry, silly. It was sweet."

With a sigh of relief from Michael, they both grew quiet again and stared at each other. Michael was the first to speak.

"I really like you a lot. Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked. Even though they talked about everything, he didn't want to assume.

"No, Michael, who would want me as a girlfriend?" she said with a curious tone to her voice.

Taking her hand into his, Michael stared lovingly into her eyes and replied, "I do."


In August of 1979, Michael was gearing up for the release of his album titled, Off the wall. He was happy that the album was finally done! He was ready for the world to hear the project that he put so much love, effort, and hard work into.

Up until this time, Michael & August had developed a sweet semi intimate relationship and dated until a few years after the release of his album, Thriller.

Somewhere after the Victory Tour, Michael fell out of touch with August. Her life had become busy as well. August had decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a live sound engineer and moved to New York for the engineering program she was accepted into.

During this time, It was becoming harder and harder to stay in touch with Michael. Finally, she decided to stop trying, even though it hurt like hell. August felt as though Michael should have stayed in contact with her more. His phone number would continuously change due to his rising mega-star popularity and fans obtaining his phone number without permission.

She tried calling his mom at Havenhurst after she moved, but even that number had changed multiple times. Due to project timelines, performances, interviews, and a myriad of other things, he just wasn't able to communicate with her often. He felt awful, but life moved on, and so did they.

Being that Michael & August were both stubborn Virgos, neither went the extra mile to stay in contact with each other; they just assumed what they had was a young and fleeting romance. In reality, both longed continuously for each other, but their budding romance seemed too far behind, as the days, weeks, months, and years grew longer.

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