Special 5 Year Update and Authors Note

Author's note: 

(Re: Special 5-Year Update)


Though this story is complete, I always had plans of publishing a "five-year character update" on the first couple I had written in a full-length "Michael Jackson Fanfic/MJ Romance Novel." I'm a romance lover, and I got the idea from one of my favorite published authors (non-MJ stories). On her blog, she sometimes posts "character updates," giving her readers a glimpse into the future. I always found them interesting reads—and they tide me over until she releases an entirely new book.

So, without further ado, I give you the second edition of Hello, August Moon. But before you delve in, you don't have to read the new chapters if you wish not to. You can keep the original ending in your head and heart. Since I write "romance stories" with Michael Jackson as the protagonist—and most romance stories always have a happy ending—(it's a part of the formula.) And, with that being said, if the original ending works for you, leave it at that. But, if you're just a bit curious about what happens after "the happily ever after,"—then, by all means, check out this update!

Please remember, I'll be posting a new chapter once a week, maybe twice. And if I'm behind, I'll post once every two weeks. There are only seven chapters to this update, so I should be able to post once per week. I can't give an exact date/time on when I will upload a new chapter. However, I will post a news blurb to my blog under the "book/news" section when I update! Or you can subscribe to my blog and get notified by email.

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Ok, on the blog, I said I wanted to keep this short! But here we are! Haha! The new chapter proceeds next— and is titled "Chapter 1 of Special 5 Year Update."

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