Chapter 10

After finishing their dinner, Michael and Sparkle headed back to the car so that he could put on his disguise. Once he was unrecognizable, they made their way to the show.
  "So, what does Michael Jackson know about Def Comedy Jam?" Sparkle asked inquisitively.
   "I love comedy, and I love to laugh! Eddie Murphy is a good friend of mine. I've snuck out plenty of times with him to hear local comedians in California."
   "Wow! I would have never guessed that about 'Mr. Heal the world!' She teased.
   "Hmm, another misconception about me. I'm not Peter Pan 24/7 like most people think. Yes! I want to help heal this planet! And Yes! I love kids and magic, but at the end of the day, I'm still a man with wants and needs. Albeit I can be a big kid at times, but who's to say you can't have fun as an adult?"
   "Yes, Michael. I agree. And by the way, I was being sarcastic." She smiled. "But it's nice to hear from the man himself explain what he's all about."
   Pulling into a parking garage near the club, he went over some safety rules with her.
    "Ok-- while we're in the club, don't act nervous and don't call me Michael. This disguise usually works if no one is tipped off. Remember-- this is a regular date, and I'm a regular guy."
   "Come again, sir? You are a regular guy." She affirmed.
   "Precisely." He replied as he tweaked her nose.
   Once they found their seats in the club, Sparkle was happy to learn they were in the VIP section.
   She tried getting Michael to sit in the seat nearest the stage, but he took another glance at her dress and wrapped his arms protectivly around her.
  "I think the view from back here is better." He said while gently nibbling on her ear.
    "Haha, that tickles." She giggled as his fake beard brushed against her skin.
   Once the show got started, they laughed non-stop throughout the night. The last person to take the stage was a comedian by the name of Chris Tucker. His opening was hilarious, but when Michael heard his name mentioned, he became nervous. While he loved comedy, he knew that some comedians could be cruel.
   Feeling Michael tense up behind her, Sparkle rubbed his forearms gently, as they had remained wrapped around her all night.
   As the comedian continued with his 'If Michael Jackson was a pimp' skit, Michael actually found it very funny. When he shouted out, "Come here, girl, I said come here, girl! Where my money, how much you got?" Michael burst out laughing at the comedian's imitation of his voice.
   "Wow! He's funny as hell! I'm gonna have to tell Eddie he has some serious competition."
   When Chris Tucker finished his set, they both clapped thunderously and gave him a standing ovation.
   At the end of the show, Michael told Sparkle to wait until the club emptied. He didn't want to get caught up in the exiting crowd and run the risk of having someone recognize him.
   As they stood waiting for the last few people to leave, Sparkle looked down at her watch. "Oh, my goodness! It's 2 am, Michael! I can just take a cab back to my friend's home from your place. I know you're tired, and I don't want you out driving alone." She exclaimed.
   "So umm... Won't you just stay at my place tonight?"
   "I don't know if that's a good idea, Michael? I'm sure my friend is worried about me! But on second thought, she did say that she wouldn't wait up."
   Pulling her close against him, he kissed her lips tenderly.
   "So it's settled. You'll stay the night with me, Ok?"
   "Yes, Michael, I'll stay the night with you." She replied softly.
   Once they arrived at his condo, Sparkle walked around, taking in its beautiful decor.
   Catching her off-guard, Michael pulled her into his arms from behind and said, "I'd like to continue where we left off if you don't mind."
   Before she could put up a fight, he spun her around to face him. As he kissed her slow and deep, he stroked the small of her back in sensual circles.
   "God... I love this dress!" He murmured as he ran his hands down the sides of her hips, cupping her ass.
   Not being able to wait any longer, Michael picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.
   When he placed her down on her feet, he practically ripped her dress off, taking little concern of how to remove it properly. "Shit, I'll buy you another one; I think I tore it!" He yelped.
    As Sparkle stood before him in her lace bra and G-string, his eyes swept over her entire body. "You're so beautiful." He said huskily.
    Just before he started to remove his clothes, he warned her about his skin condition. "I hope it doesn't bother you, but I have markings from my Vitiligo.
   Without saying a word, Sparkle slowly unbuttoned his blazer, yanking off the white v-neck tee he wore underneath.
   As she kissed his chest softly, he hissed when she bit down on one of his nipples.
   "Sparkle, I've been celibate for the past year. So I might lose control easily." He warned, through bated breath.
   "Why were you celibate for so long?"
   "It was by choice and caused by a bad break up. I decided not to have sex again until I found someone I was serious about."
   Pressing her fingers to his lips, she shushed him as she kissed him from his lips to his bellybutton.
   "Alright, Michael. We'll discuss that later, but for now, just relax, baby and let me take care of you."
Lowering herself to her knees, she took his pulsating wand into her hand, slowly stroking its tip, causing him to shiver.
   "Mmm, you like that?"
   "Oh yes, baby, I do!
   "Can I taste you, Michael?"
   "Yes, Sparkle. You can do whatever you like." Even though Michael wanted to lay her down and ravish her, he relinquished all control over to her at that moment.
  Taking him slowly into her mouth, he moaned loudly when his dick touched the back of her throat.
   "Oooh, shit, Sparkle!"
   "It feels good, right?
   Tossing his head back in ecstasy, he panted loudly as Sparkle continued pleasuring him.
   Stopping just before he could cum, she gently pushed him down on the bed as she removed the rest of her underwear.
   "Can I ride you? She said seductively while proceeding to straddle him.
   "Yes, baby, please... I need to feel you."
  Stopping her just before she could take him inside of her, he gave her a quizzical look.
   "I'm clean, Michael. I had a check-up last week, an HIV test, and I'm on the pill. Just as you said, you wouldn't hurt me. I won't hurt you. Trust me." She stated tenderly, as she looked deep into his eyes.
  Michael didn't make it a habit of having unprotected sex. He knew it could be dangerous, but since he asked her to trust him as well, he felt he should do the same.
   Nodding his head for her to continue, she lowered herself down over him, taking in his length.
   When their skin made contact, he groaned deep at how warm and moist her center felt.
  "Damn baby, you're huge," she winced in pleasure as she adjusted to his size.
   Holding his hands down on the bed, she rocked her hips slowly in unison with his as they moaned in pleasure together. 
   Feeling himself on the verge of a powerful orgasm, a tear escaped his eye. It was the first time that he had ever truly been made love to. He wasn't a virgin by any means, but he was usually the one that did all of the work.
   Smoothing his hands over her breast down to her hips, he held her in place as he lifted his hips to hit her G-spot.
  "Uhh, Michael!" she cried out.
  "Yes... Sparkle?"
  "You feel so good!" She moaned, rocking her hips faster.
   "So do you, baby... So do you!"
After they both climaxed together, Sparkle collapsed against his heaving chest. 
   "I hope I was worth waiting for." She teased breathlessly as she kissed his sweaty cheek. 
   After catching his breath, he stroked her hair lightly as he soothingly massaged her scalp. 
   "I'm so glad you decided to spend the night." He playfully teased, while stroking her back.

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