Chapter 14

As Michael raced over to Sparkle's apartment, he was an emotional wreck. He was tired, missing his girlfriend, and wanted to fuck up her ex-boyfriend.
   If he could have punched Byron without suffering any repercussions whatsoever, he would have, but now was not the time for him to catch a simple assault charge.
   When Michael entered Sparkle's apartment, he didn't give her a chance to speak before crushing his lips to hers desperately.
   As he kissed her wildly, he picked her up and pressed her against a nearby wall, causing her to scream in surprise.
   He didn't know what was overcoming him, but he felt very possessive of her.
   Lifting her legs around him, as he held her in place, he kissed her neck hastily.
   "I need you, Sparkle. Oh, God, I need you. I love you so much, baby." He whispered in her ear.
   "I love you too, Michael." She replied breathlessly as he ground his erection against her center, causing her to whimper.
   After letting her down, he led her to a spot on the living room floor that had been set-up with pillows and blankets.
   As he continued to kiss her deeply, he removed both of their clothing and eased her down onto the blanket.
   Spreading her legs apart, he kissed her inner thighs just before slipping his hot tongue inside of her dampness.
   "Do you like that?" He spoke through ragged breaths.
   "Yes, I do, baby. Please don't stop." She moaned.
   Licking her clit slowly, he held her hands firmly in place. He needed to hear her say his name over and over again as he made love to her.
    "Michael, I need to touch you." She cried out helplessly, trying to wiggle her hands free from his grasp.
    "You will but not right now... I'm in charge. Just relax, baby." He cooed as he flicked her hood with his tongue again.
   When her body began to shake violently, he flipped her onto her side, gently easing himself into her from the back.
   He desperately needed to claim her as his own and wanted to make it clear to her that he was the only man in her life.
    "Sparkle... My heart belongs to you. Does yours belong to me too?" He asked while thrusting his wand in and out of her smoothly.
   "Mmm... Yes-- it does baby." She moaned.
    "Who do you belong to Sparkle? Who is the only man that can make you feel this way? Who?" He commanded for her to answer while running his hands all over her body.
   "Ahh! You Michael! Just you!" She shouted.
   With one last thrust, he exploded violently inside of her, watering her flower with his warm liquid.
   As she turned around to lay in his arms, she took one look into his eyes and knew something was wrong.
   "Baby, is everything alright?" She asked tenderly.
   "Why do you ask?"
    "I just feel something is wrong; you know that you can tell me anything, right?"
   "Yes-- I know... but is there anything you want to tell me first? He replied, wondering if she would tell him about Byron's visit.
   "Yes, actually, I do. Um, my ex-boyfriend, Byron, came here today. I was shocked to see him, but I let him know that I had a boyfriend. He doesn't seem to realize that we are no longer together." She sighed.
   "I know... That asshole was one of the potential lawyers I spoke with today."
Shocked at Michael's reply, Sparkle set-up straight. "Byron Harris? My ex?  Are you sure?" She exclaimed.
   "Yes, Sparkle, I'm sure! When I left my office to use the restroom, I eavesdropped on the conversation he and his associate were having. I heard him say that he had been here today and you told him that you had a boyfriend. The way he spoke about you made my blood boil. Needless to say, I didn't offer his firm the job."
    Hitting the floor with his hands, Michael set-up straight and rubbed his eyes vigorously.
   "What did he say about me?" She asked curiously.
   "He said that he's going to convince you to dump me and that you used to tell him that sex with him was the best you ever had." He replied, feeling incensed.
   "Michael! I don't want Byron! I only want you. I love you! And pulease... He could never pleasure me the way that you do." She spoke gently, removing his hands from his face.
   "I love you too, Sparkle. You have no idea how much those words mean to me." He sighed deeply as he kissed her lovingly.
   "Maybe you should stay with me for a little while? I don't trust that guy. If he touches you, I'm going to jail." He snarled.
   "Michael, calm down! I'll be OK, but it would be nice to stay with you for a few days. Are you traveling anymore this month?"
   Trying to calm him down, Sparkle nuzzled her lips against his ear.
   "Actually, no. I'm all yours for the next few weeks, and by the way, that feels incredible." He smiled.
   "Perfect! And we still have to get you a Christmas tree." She exclaimed.
   "We'll hold off on that. We'll get a tree, but we might need a bigger one. The renovations at Neverland should be completed this week. I can't wait to take you there!" He replied excitedly.
   "Hmm, so you're taking me to Neverland? Guess that means you're pretty serious about me?" She chuckled.
   "You're so silly! Yes, I'm serious about you... It's a good thing you're off work for the next two weeks, or that would be one hell of a drive to Compton!" He quipped.
   "Look, don't make me change my mind." She laughed.
   As the night wore on, Michael and Sparkle relaxed in each other's company.
   While they were watching a movie together, Michael suddenly thought about the surprise sparkle said she had for him.
   "What happened to my surprise?" He whispered in her ear.
   "You didn't give me a chance to show you, sir, but I think I'll save it for Christmas." She replied.
   "Haha, OK... Well, it better be good." He teased.
   "Just wait and see Michael. You'll love it, I'm sure.

The next day, Michael decided that he would go to the community center to help Sparkle and her staff pass out Christmas gifts.
   She was elated that he would be joining her and knew it would make him happy seeing the kids receive their gifts from him personally.
   Once Michael and Sparkle arrived at the center, she introduced him to everyone in her office and informed them that he would be helping pass out gifts.
   To keep the order of things, Bill and Wayne came up with a plan to only let ten kids in at a time to receive their Christmas gifts.
   It touched Sparkle's heart when she saw how happy and relaxed Michael was around the kids.
  "I wonder why he doesn't have any kids of his own?" She silently thought to herself, as Michael caught her eye.
   "Thanks for letting me do this! Spending time with Children makes me happy... they're so innocent, you know?" He smiled as he pinched the cheeks of an adorable little girl.
   "I know Michael, and I'm glad you're here. Your presence is an extra treat for everyone, and hey! You bought the gifts! Of course, you can help." She laughed.
   After they were done for the day, Michael surprised her staff with gifts to enjoy for themselves.
   "Aww, you didn't have to do that." She gushed.
   "But I wanted to! Everyone here has been so kind to me, and they have worked super hard." He replied graciously.
   "You're so incredible, Michael."
    "And so are you, Sparkle."

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