Chapter 19

Byron awoke feeling pissed and dejected by not one but two women. He wasn't too pressed over Danielle, but seeing Sparkle with Michael took him entirely over the edge.
   Throughout college and up until meeting Sparkle, Byron was used to getting whoever and whatever he wanted.
   When he and Sparkle went their separate ways, his ego was severely wounded, and he refused to believe that she had broken up with him.
   While they were together, Sparkle had confided in him about her parent's divorce.
   Since he knew of her former stance on dating celebrities, he was quite shocked to learn that she was engaged to Michael Jackson.
   After his meeting with Michael last week, he kept trying to figure out why Michael had become upset and took away his offer to hire his law firm.
   As he thought back to their initial meeting, it suddenly dawned on him. "Damn it! He must have overheard me discussing Sparkle with Eli."
   Feeling vindictive over Sparkle's rejection of him and his failed law-firm deal with Michael, he was now hell-bent on getting back at the two by any means necessary.

"Happy New Year, Michael!"
"Happy New Year, Sparkle!
When the clock struck midnight, Michael and Sparkle kissed each other passionately as they rang in the New-Year together.
   Even though Michael's schedule was free for the next few days, he had forgotten about an important meeting in New-York that he needed to attend. And since celebrating 'New-Years' without Sparkle was not up for debate, he invited her along with him.
   "That was beautiful! I've never seen the ball drop live!" She exclaimed.
   "Believe it or not, neither have I!"
   "So how did you get this amazing penthouse suite with a full view of 'times square' at the last minute?" She remarked. "I, for sure, thought everything would be sold out."
   "You know... Every now and again, there are some great benefits to being Michael Jackson." He smirked.
   Smoothing his hand over Sparkle's ass, he slapped it lightly.
   "I have a new toy; you wanna try it out with me?"
   "Ahh-- So we're trying new things now?" She replied playfully.
   Shaking his head side-ways, he chuckled. "Sparkle! No! I have a new camcorder."
   But no sooner than he replied, a kinky thought entered his head. "I have a great idea of how we can test it out! Let's make a video." He said mischievously.
   "OK, baby... I'll go change."
   "What for?" Michael said flatly.
   "To make it more exciting." She purred.
   When Sparkle entered the bedroom, she smiled when she discovered scented candles lit around the room and rose petals strewn on the bed.
   "Wow! It's so beautiful, Michael!" She exclaimed, taking note of the camcorder sitting beside the bed.
   "He's really going to record this?" She quipped.
   Sneaking up behind her, Michael inhaled deep. "Where did you get this? You look so sexy."
   "It's your very late Christmas gift, I mentioned it some weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to wear it and besides... You never give me a chance to dress sexy for you. You just end up ripping my clothes off anyway!" She laughed.
   Kissing the back of her neck, he whispered. "I know, I just can't control myself when I'm around you."
   As he sat down on the bed, he pulled Sparkle between his legs.
   Sliding her lingerie to the side, he slid his long fingers into her as he kissed her deeply.
    "Mmm--," she moaned slow and deep into his mouth.
  "Are you always this wet?" He groaned.
  "Only for you, Michael."
   Guiding her onto the bed, he asked her to undress and to get on all fours.
   "Be patient with me, Sparkle. This is my first time trying this position."
   "Mine too, Michael!" She chimed.
   Placing his wand into her slowly, his body shuttered instantly.
   "Ooh shit! That feels so good." He shouted as he felt her walls tighten around him.
  Gripping the bed-sheets tightly, Sparkle screamed out Michael's name over and over again.
   "I guess you like it too?" He spoke hoarsely as he continued to pump in and out of her vigorously.
   When he pulled on her hair, she shrieked loudly.
   "I'm sorry! Am I too rough, baby?
   "No, Michael. Just keep going, please!"
   Just as she was about to orgasm, he quickly flipped her onto her back and spread her legs apart.
   Licking her clit slowly, he thrust two fingers inside of her as he drank her sweet wine."You taste amazing." He exclaimed as he placed a gentle kiss on the inside of her thigh.
   As he continued to pleasure her with his tongue, Sparkle held his head lightly while running her fingers softly through his curls.
   When her legs began to shake, he held his hands around her ankles firmly.
    "Mmm-hmm, Michael! Right there, baby... Please don't stop! I'm coming." She whimpered breathlessly.
    When Sparkle's body went limp, he lightly flicked her clit with his tongue once more, causing her body to shudder.
   "Would you like me to do it again?"
    "Yes, baby... please!"
    Just before she came again, Michael inserted his engorged member inside of her. 
   As she held onto his muscular back, Michael rocked his hips rhythmically with hers.
   "Ooooh, Sparkle! You were created just for me!" He cried out softly as they climaxed together.
   Resting her head on his chest, she listened to his heartbeat while he rubbed her back softly.
   "I'm not ready for our mini-break to come to an end, Spark. I love seeing your face every morning and every night." He sighed deeply.
   As her heart began to sink, a lone tear escaped her eye and traveled onto his chest.
   "Don't worry, Michael. We'll figure this out. Remember... Where there's a will, there's a way."

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