Chapter 20

Leaning back in his office chair, Byron thought of ways to wreak havoc in Michael and sparkle's lives.
   He thought about breaking into Michael's condo but figured that would be too hard, so he decided to break into Sparkle's apartment instead.
   To make sure she was at work before heading over to her place, he called her office and hung up the phone when he heard her answer.
   Once he arrived at her apartment, he knocked before breaking in.
    As he stalked around, he saw several of Michael's personal belongings lying around, infuriating him even more.
   He thought about stealing Michael's clothing but decided against it, feeling that it wouldn't be incriminating enough.
   As he sat down on the sofa, he saw a video cassette sitting on the coffee table labeled: 'Mike and Spark.'
    Becoming curious, he popped the tape inside of the VCR and was shocked by what he saw.
   "I can't believe it! Those two made a damn sex tape? And to think! She turned me down when I asked!" He bellowed.
   As he continued to watch the tape, he immediately noticed that Sparkle enjoyed making love with Michael much more than with him.
   "Hmpf! She never screamed like that when I fucked her!" He quipped. "I can't take much more of this!"
   After shutting the video off, he removed the tape and stuffed it in his bag. 
   He wasn't sure of what he was going to do with the video just yet. But he knew it was the best thing he could use against Michael and Sparkle.

   After returning home from work, Sparkle noticed that the bottom lock to her apartment was off. "Hmm, I know I locked this before I left." She noted as she became nervous about going inside.
   Since Michael was away in Japan, she knew that he hadn't been in the apartment, and no one else had a key beside him.
   As she carefully entered her apartment, she didn't notice anything out of place, so she relaxed and took a shower.
    While she was sitting on the couch, she decided to call Michael, hoping that she could reach him.
   "Hey, baby!" She said excitedly when he answered the phone.
   "Hey, Spark! I just got back to my hotel. I miss you."
   While twirling her finger absentmindedly around the telephone cord, she murmured, "I miss you too, sweetie."
   "I'll be home on Wednesday... I have a short break again, so we'll have plenty of time to catch up." He replied tenderly.
   Thinking about her schedule for the next week, she suddenly remembered that she had a doctor's appointment.
   "Oh shit! I just remembered. I have my annual check-up that day, so I might be a little late getting to your condo."
    Michael and Sparkle still hadn't figured out what they were going to do about living so far apart, but in the meantime, Michael decided that they would take turns spending time at each other's condo's a few times per week.
    "I'm so lonely, Michael, I miss seeing you every day." She expressed sadly.
   "Same here, Spark! But at least you have the tape to watch. Damn! I should have made a copy of it." He laughed.
   "That's right! I should put it on right now." She giggled as she looked for the tape.
   Noticing that the tape was missing from the coffee table, she frantically searched the living-room for it.
   When Michael heard her knock over several items, he became worried.
   "What's wrong, Sparkle?"
   "The tape! I can't find it. It was right here on the table!"
   "Slow down baby, was there anything else out of place when you came home?"
   "Yes! The bottom lock to my apartment was off." She shrieked.
   "Listen, Sparkle! I want you to go and stay at my place, OK?"
   "Yes, Michael! I'll go, but what about the tape?"
   "We'll worry about the tape later! But for now, please go over to my place. I'll stay on the phone with you until you leave your apartment. Call me immediately when you get there." He replied sternly.
   After quickly getting dressed, Sparkle headed over to Michael's condo immediately.
   As she lie in his bed wide awake, she wondered who had gotten into her apartment. Nothing else was missing besides the tape, so that could only mean one or two things.
   Either a paparazzi had broken in or her ex-boyfriend. The press hadn't caught wind of her and Michael's relationship yet, so she knew that it had to be Byron.
   Feeling her breath hitch in her throat, she began to cry as she wasn't sure of how she and Michael would handle the situation.

   "How are things going Sparkle?"   
   "Umm-- everything is going great! She answered untruthfully while plastering on a fake smile.
   After taking her vital signs, Dr. Greene asked Sparkle when was her last period.
   "Oh, Gee! Let me think about that." She replied anxiously.
   After realizing that her last period was just before Thanksgiving, she felt her heart skip a beat.
   Between work, falling in love, worrying about her mom, and dealing with drama, she had completely forgotten about it.
   "Have you been sexually active in the past two months?" Dr. Greene asked as she looked over the blood work that Sparkle had previously submitted.
   "Y-Yes I have," she answered nervously.
   "Well-- let me be the first to congratulate you, Sparkle! You're about two weeks pregnant."
   "Really? I am?" She replied in shock.
    "According to your blood work and my charts, yes, dear! You are."
   When doctor Greene noticed that Sparkle became deafly silent, she became concerned.
   "Is everything OK, Sparkle? You know that you can talk to me about this. That's what I'm here for."
   "I'm alright! But I must admit... I'm a little shocked about this. I just need some time alone to think." She replied.
   "I understand, Sparkle. Being told that you're pregnant when you weren't expecting it, can be a bit daunting." She sympathized.
   After looking at her watch, Dr. Greene politely excused herself from the room.
    "I have to go and check on another patient, but please take all of the time that you need here."
   When Dr. Greene finally left the room, Sparkle began to sob silently.
    She loved Michael dearly and wanted to have his baby, but she also felt guilty about the timing of it all.

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