Chapter 24

When Sparkle entered her condo, she was suddenly grabbed by someone from behind.
    She struggled to break free but was no match for her attacker.
    "Let me go!" She screamed, causing the masked man to place his hand over her mouth.
    "Shut the fuck up!" He retorted in response, as he threw her onto the floor.
    When Sparkle looked up, she was shocked to see that it was Byron.
    "Byron? What in the hell are you doing?" She cried.
      "Damn it! I'm sorry, Sparkle... I didn't mean to hurt you." He exclaimed while moving towards her.
   Just before he could touch her, she attempted to kick him in his balls but missed as she got up from the floor.
    "Stop it! You're not going anywhere!" He growled as he slapped her face, causing her to fall once more.
   As he watched Sparkle lying on the floor, he knew he had messed up big time.
   "I'm sorry, Sparkle! I didn't mean to hurt you. Please come sit on the couch with me." He pleaded.
    "I'm not coming anywhere near you! You bastard!" She shouted through tears.
   When Byron saw a picture of Michael and Sparkle holding each other in a tender embrace, he picked it up and threw it to the ground.
    "I'm not going to ask you again! Get over here now!" He yelled.
   Not wanting to cause any harm to herself or the baby, Sparkle did as she was told and took a seat on the couch.
   "Listen... I'll give you back your pitiful sex tape, but I need you to do a few things for me first."
   Becoming incensed at Byron's dig, Sparkle retorted. "Pitiful? Really Byron? Just to let you know-- Michael's Dick is the best I've ever had!"
   Sparkle knew that her words could cause him to become aggressive again, but she was way beyond dealing with his ego and foolishness.


When Michael looked at his watch, he saw that it was almost three o'clock and Sparkle hadn't called him yet.
    Feeling that something wasn't right, he left his condo immediately and headed towards her apartment.
    When Bill and Wayne were just about to leave, they saw Michael's car go speeding by.
    As they Instantly became alarmed, they hopped inside of their SUV and followed closely behind him.


"Come on, Sparkle! You can't be serious? You're only with him for his money!"
    "Byron! You've got to be kidding me! When have I ever been with a guy for his money? You sound like a fool! Get over it!"
    As Byron inched closer to Sparkle, he ran his finger across her shoulder. "Look... I'll give you the tape, but there are two things I want in return. First, I want ten million dollars. I'm sure you have access to Michael's cash... and second, let me fuck you for old times sake." He smirked.
    Feeling mortified, Sparkled scoffed at his request. "If you think for one second that I'm going to sleep with you or give you any money... then."
   Just before Sparkle could finish her sentence, Byron pushed her down on the couch as he wedged himself between her legs.
    "Get off of me, Byron! Please don't do this." She screamed in fear.
    As Michael neared Sparkle's apartment door, he heard her screams and went berserk.
   When he entered her apartment, he immediately pounced on Byron and threw him off of her.
    "I'm going to fucking kill you!" Michael yelled as he punched Byron in his face, causing him to hurt his hand.
    While Byron laid on the ground, unable to move, Michael went to check on Sparkle.
    "Did he hurt you, baby?" He asked tenderly as he held her face in his hands.
    When he saw that her cheek was turning black and blue, he went into a fitted rage.
    As Byron struggled to get up, he grabbed onto a chair and pulled himself up.
    "You sick son of a bitch!" Michael yelled as he kicked Byron in his chest, sending him, flying into the wall behind him.
    "Come on, Michael! Do you really think she loves you? You'll probably replace her within two months tops." He laughed sarcastically.
   "Oh... I'll definitely be around longer than two months. I'm never leaving her! Did she tell you? She's pregnant with my child... Let that sink in-- My child." He informed him, as he snatched him by his collar.
   Just before Michael was about to punch him for the second time, Bill and Wayne entered the apartment with their guns drawn.
    When they saw that Michael was successfully handling the situation alone, they took a step back and let him continue.
    "Man, get off of me! I came here to give Sparkle the tape!"
    "I already have the tape, Byron. I went past your place today and found it! So what tape are you talking about? Did you make a copy of our tape?" He asked in confusion.
   "I sure as hell did! This tape will bring me a nice chunk of money once I sell it!" He laughed.
    Drawing his fist back, Michael attempted to hit Byron once more, but Sparkle intervened.
    "Stop it, Michael! Please baby... I'm ok. I know that you are angry, but if you don't stop, you're going to be in trouble. The baby and I need you." She spoke tenderly as she grabbed his arm.
    "That's right, Michael! Listen to your girl! You're already going to be in enough trouble as is. Don't think for one second that I won't be pressing charges!" He quipped.
    "Sparkle... I love you, but you know what! This motherfucker has been asking for it. I'll gladly go to jail for you." Michael said aloud as he hit Byron once more.
    "Byron, I'm not the one that's going to be in trouble. Your fingerprints are all over the door and the tapes. Not to mention you have broken into her apartment twice and tried to rape her!" 
    "I didn't try to rape her! She knows she wants me!" Byron laughed menacingly while looking at Sparkle.
   "Byron... Just stop it! I love Michael. Not you! You truly have gone crazy!"
    When Michael saw Bill and Wayne standing near the door, he sighed in relief and waved them over.
    "I'm sick of this shit! Bill-- call the cops! Wayne-- please destroy this tape! I'll admit to assaulting Byron when the cops get here, but no one will ever know about that tape."
   When the police finally arrived, they gave Bill a handshake and spoke with him privately before questioning Michael and Sparkle.
   After Sparkle told the cops that Byron had broken into her apartment
and tried to rape her, they proceeded to arrest Byron.
    "I'm the one that gets attacked, and he gets to remain free? This is some bullshit!"
   "We are going to need you to settle down, sir! You're only making things harder for yourself," one of the officers shouted, as he began to read Byron his Miranda rights.
    As the cops were escorting Byron out of the apartment, they simply told Michael and Sparkle to have a goodnight.
    After the cops were gone, Michael pulled Sparkle into his arms and hugged her tightly.
   "Please forgive me, baby... That side of me doesn't come out very often. I'm sorry you had to witness that."
   "No need to be sorry, Michael... Thank-you. I don't know what would have happened if you didn't get here in time-- or well, I do know, but I don't want to think about it." She cried as Michael stroked her back gently.
    When Michael saw that Bill and Wayne were smiling at them, he waved them over.
   "Thanks, guys-- I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you! Also... how is it that I'm not sitting in the back of a police car right now?" He asked curiously.
   Smiling Broadly, Bill patted Michael on the Back. "Let's just say that a few cop buddies of mine owed me a favor or two. I didn't call the main police number because that would have ended terribly."
    "Yeah-- Don't worry, Michael! This is over for you and Sparkle, but for Byron... It's just the beginning. Serves his dumb ass right!" Wayne chuckled.
    As Sparkle placed a tender kiss on Michael's cheek, she whispered. "I'm ready to go home now."
   Without her specifying exactly where home was, he knew that she meant 'Neverland,' and it made his heart sing.

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