Chapter 28

"Where are we going?" Sparkle asked Michael excitedly as she looked out of the window of the airplane.
   "You'll find out when we get there! It's a surprise!"
    Snuggling up to him, She kissed his neck softly. "Please tell me, and I'll do something nice for you," she cooed.
   Whipping his head back in laughter, he replied, "well, that's going to happen anyway."
    "Come on, Michael! We've been on this big ass private plane for eighteen hours straight, and you haven't uttered a word about where we're headed!"
    When she tried to get up from his lap, he pulled her back down.
    "It's a surprise, sweetheart. We've had a rough couple of weeks, and I just want to relax with you," he smiled.
    When they arrived at their final destination, Michael placed his hands over Sparkle's eye's as the plane descended.
     After they exited the plane and entered an awaiting limo, Michael asked her not to look out of the window.
    Feeling curious, Sparkle tried to take a peek outside, but Michael turned her head gently to face him.
     As he stared into her eyes deeply, he kissed her softly to start and then more passionately.
    "You're not looking out of that window!" He giggled mid-kiss.
   Feeling utterly intoxicated by his kiss, she uttered softly, "huh"? As she forgot what she was previously doing.
   After rolling up the privacy screen, he laid her down gently on the seat as he continued to kiss her. When the car finally stopped, Michael looked up to see where they were.
   "We're here!" He cheerfully announced.
    Michael kissed Sparkle for the entire ride because he couldn't keep his hands off of her and didn't want her to see where they were going.
    "Close your eyes," he commanded tenderly as he led her carefully out of the car.
    When the warm breeze caressed her skin, she exclaimed. "It feels amazing here!'
   Covering her eyes with his hands once more, he quipped. "Damn!-- I should have just blindfolded you!"
     "Mmm... Well, aren't we getting kinkier and kinkier?" She purred.
    Feeling himself grow hard at the thought of making love to her, he kissed the side of her neck before gently biting it.
    "Oh baby-- you have no idea of what you do to me," he groaned.
    "Hmm. I've got a pretty good idea," she giggled as she felt his erection pressed against her backside.
    Clearing his throat, he shouted, "Surprise!" As he removed his hands from her eyes.
    "Oh my God, Michael! It's beautiful here! Where are we?"  
    "We're on the north island of 'Seychelles.' Far away from everyone and everything." He sighed as he inhaled and exhaled deeply.
    "Have you ever been here before?"
    "No. But I've always wanted to visit. God... I can't wait to just relax with you." He smiled as he hugged her tightly.
   After they napped and took a shower, Michael watched Sparkle perform her hair care regime.
    "Are you ok, Michael?"
    "I am! I just find it fascinating to watch," he smiled sweetly.
   "I can also do yours if you'd like?"
   "Would you? My hair always goes limp, but yours stays perfect," he complimented nicely.
    "When we're married, I'll instruct your stylist on how to care for your hair properly. Right now... I don't want to overstep my boundaries," she laughed.
    Dropping a pillow on the floor, she motioned for Michael to sit down.
    "Oh God, this is so old school!" He remarked as he sat down on the floor in between her legs.
    "You are so silly! Do you want me to do your hair or not?"
   "Geeze-- Yes! I was just reminiscing back to when I was young and before fame... This is how we sat to get our hair done," he laughed.
  After making himself comfortable on the pillow, he kissed the inside of her thigh.
    "Please behave, sir!" She giggled, as she planted a kiss atop his damp hair.
    "The key to maintaining curly hair, Michael, your style, in particular, is to use the correct products."
    Curiously picking up one of the bottles lying beside her, he asked. "Are these the products?"
    "Y-Yes... I uh-- actually bought you several things to care for your hair. Sorry babe... But I've noticed that sometimes your curls tend to go flat," she chuckled.
    "Is it that bad?" He asked, feeling mortified.
   "No! But with these products, it will be easier to maintain your curls. Your hair is beautiful, baby."
   After Sparkle styled Michael's hair, they got dressed and went for a walk on their private beach.
    Since the sun was setting, Michael didn't bother to grab his umbrella.  
    Due to his skin condition, he was susceptible to the sunlight and made sure to protect his skin as much as possible.
    As they walked along the beach hand in hand, Michael stopped and took Sparkle into his arms.
    "This is probably what heaven feels like." he smiled.
    "I agree sweetie," she replied tenderly.
    "Oh, wow! It's so beautiful here, Sparkle... I can't believe that I'm here with you. It almost feels like a dream."
   Placing her head on his shoulder, Sparkle smiled softly to herself.
    "Let's get married here. I know I said I wanted a long engagement, but... This just feels so right. And besides-- I've always wanted to get married on the beach."
    Stroking her back softly, he replied. "Are you sure? Because I'd love to marry you here. It'll be romantic! Just us two... And the baby," he quipped.
   "I'm sure, Michael. I'm ready to start our next chapter together as husband and wife."
    As they continued watching the sunset together, they both felt a serene peace surround them.
    Even though things were rough for them back at home in the states, they were also grateful for the chance to get away from all the craziness for a while.

   The following day Michael and Sparkle prepared for their intimate wedding on the beach.
   They both looked forward to getting married but didn't have wedding bands nor comfortable attire for their private nuptials on the beach.
   After making a few phone calls, Michael made some arrangements so that they could shop at some stores in private.
   While Michael picked out their wedding bands, he let Sparkle choose the clothing they would wear.
   When they returned to their villa, Michael tried to peak in Sparkle's bag.
   "I hope you didn't buy me a tuxedo." He remarked sarcastically as she playfully snatched the bag away from him.
   "Michael, stop! You'll find out tomorrow. You're gonna look so sexy!" She gushed.
    "Oh God, Sparkle... What did you buy me to wear?" He sighed worriedly.
    Kissing his nose sweetly, she smiled as she sauntered away to hide the bags from him.

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