Chapter 29

February 14, 1992

The night before their wedding, Michael and Sparkle suddenly realized that they would be getting married on Valentine's day.
    Since he didn't get her anything for the holiday itself, he planned something special for their wedding night.
    Even though Sparkle said that getting married was a gift within itself and that she didn't need a Valentine's gift, he still wanted to surprise her with a little something extra.
    Looking himself once over in the mirror, he unbuttoned a few buttons on the white silk shirt that he wore. He knew that Sparkle would find it sexy, and besides that, he didn't want to sweat during the wedding ceremony.
    When he discovered that she purchased a white shirt and black pants for him to wear, he let out a massive sigh of relief.
    The attire was similar to the clothing he wore himself, except for this was made of pure silk.
     After adjusting his pants and grabbing his umbrella, he went to see if she was ready.
 "Are you dressed, sweetie? The officiant is waiting for us." He called out hastily as he knocked on the door.
   "Just fifteen more minutes, baby! I'm just finishing up my hair!" She shouted in return.
   When Sparkle was done getting ready, she whistled at her reflection in the mirror as she did a little dance.
    Not wanting to wear her hair down due to the humidity, she wore it in a high bun with a pretty crystal headband.
    "Are you ready, Spark?" He called out again when he heard her exit the room.
    Stunned in silence, he looked at her with pure male appreciation.
     Since it was too warm for an actual wedding dress, she wore an all-white sundress that showed off her shapely legs and a small amount of cleavage.
    As he stalked over to her slowly, he pulled her body against his.
    "You look delicious." He whispered.
     "And so do you." She murmured as she stroked his chest and kissed each of his nipples.
    "Come on, Spark! We don't have time to fool around." He replied huskily as he bit down on his bottom lip. "We've gotta get going! We'll have plenty of time for that later."
    Reluctantly removing her hands from his chest, she groaned as he gently ushered her out of the Villa.
    As they approached their ceremony sight on the beach, Sparkle's eye's widened in surprise.
    There was a beautiful tent set-up, surrounded by exotic flowers and chairs underneath to shield them from the late afternoon sun.
    Before they walked down the aisle, Michael gave her a bouquet of rare red and white roses.
    When she mentioned the night before that she forgot to buy flowers, he looked for something unique and had them freshly cut and delivered that morning.
    "These are stunning, Michael! I've never seen anything like these before!" She exclaimed happily as she took a quick smell of the roses.
    "I'm glad that you like them. They are called 'Osiria' roses and are a crossbreed of two different roses."
    As they walked down the aisle, Michael couldn't take his eyes off of her.
   He envisioned them having three more babies and growing old together.
    Once they arrived at the tent, he quickly snapped out of his thoughts as the officiant greeted them kindly.
    After helping her to her seat, he playfully tugged on one of her curly tendrils, causing it to bounce like a spring.
    "Are you ready?" He whispered in her ear as he gave her hand a small squeeze.
     "I'm as ready as I'll ever be!" she smiled sweetly.
    Turning their attention to the officiant, they giddily replied in unison. "We're ready!"
Officiant: "Will you, Michael Jackson, take this woman to be your wedded wife?"
Michael: "I will."
Officiant: "Will you, Sparkle, Washington, take this man to be your wedded husband?"
Sparkle: "I will."
Officiant: "By the power of your love and commitment, and the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss each other!"
   By the ceremonies end, it had turned dark outside.
   As Michael and Sparkle held each other affectionately after kissing, they heard a loud boom behind them.
 Becoming startled, She abruptly tore out of his arms. "It's just fireworks! Happy Valentine's Day!" He chuckled, as he motioned for her to look at the sky over the ocean.
   Sparkle beamed. "How did you plan this so accurately?"
   As a satisfied grin spread across his face, he laughed mysteriously. "A great magician never reveals his secrets."

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