Chapter 5

After Sparkle tied the back of his apron closed, he performed a little spin and asked, "Well... How do I look?"
   "Not bad... Not bad at all," she replied as she playfully wolf-whistled at him, causing him to blush.
   As he moved closer towards her, the 'sexual tension' they both had been experiencing only became stronger and stronger with each passing minute.
   "So, what would you like me to do first?" He drawled as he stared deeply into her eyes.
   Feeling her breath hitch in her throat, she backed away from him and made her way towards an unattended pot on the stove.
   "Well, for starters... You can stir this gravy until it thickens."
   Sparkle knew that Michael probably didn't cook much, so she didn't want to give him anything too extreme to handle. Soon after leaving him to check on her other volunteers, she heard a call her help.
   "Help Sparkle! It's not mixing correctly; I don't think I'm doing it right," he exclaimed.
   When she went over to see what Michael was doing, she noticed that he was using a metal spoon while stirring in the wrong direction.
   "Let me help you with that." She sighed as she brought over a wooden spoon and started stirring the mixture.
   "How come its thickening for you?" He inquired with a quizzical look on his face.
   Without saying a word. She wrapped his hand around the wooden spoon and started turning it in a clockwise motion.
   "Keep your wrist slightly bent like this and make sure not to stir too fast. A metal spoon is not good for this type of mixing." She explained patiently.
   Feeling as though his entire body was going to explode from their close contact, Michael politely excused himself.
    "I'll be right back! I need to ask my bodyguard something," he said quickly while dashing off.
   When Michael left the room, Sparkle silently berated herself for allowing him to have such a strong effect over her body.
"What are you doing? Get your shit together, girl! He is still a celebrity, remember?"
   As Michael ran out into the hallway, Bill immediately thought something was wrong and sprung into action.
   "Michael, Michael! Is everything OK?" He shouted with his gun drawn in the air.
   "Yes, Bill, everything is alright. I just needed to take a quick break."
   "Jeeze, boy! Don't run out here all crazy like that! I thought something bad happened!" He yelled, putting his gun back into its holster.
   "Shh! Please lower your voice! I'm sorry... but can you give me a few moments alone, Bill?" He said while rubbing his eyes with his hands.
   "Sure thing, kid... and hey! I'd need to take a breather from being around her too. Boy! If I was your age-- Look! I'll be around the corner if you need me." He quipped, just before he left Michael alone.
   Tossing his head back against the wall, he let out a deep sigh. He wanted to get to know Sparkle better, but he still hadn't figured her out yet. They were both extremely attracted to each other, but why did she seem to change her approach to him so often?'
   Running a shaky hand through his hair, he got up and returned to the kitchen.
   "Is everything ok, Michael?" Sparkle asked caringly.
   "Yeah, everything is fine... Let's get back to cooking!" he exclaimed, trying to ignore his attraction to her for the time being.

   Later that afternoon, Sparkle thanked everyone for their hard work on preparing the feast that would soon feed over 100 people in need.
   "I sincerely thank you all for your hard work today! Please remember always to be thankful for all you have because not everyone is so fortunate. Thank you for volunteering your time and helping those in need."
   Sparkle stood next to Michael, as they served food to the needy throughout the evening. But just moments before, she introduced Michael as the community centers 'special guest' volunteer.
    She kindly warned people not to crowd him, ask intrusive questions, or ask for pictures.
If any of those rules were broken, then the offender would be escorted off the premises by police. Luckily, everyone was on their best behavior, and the night was a great success.
   "So-- how did you like your first meal serving experience? She asked curiously.
   "Well... besides my failed attempt at mixing gravy, I enjoyed it very much."
   "Good, good! Do you think you'd ever do this again?"
    "Yes, I would. It was a very humbling experience, but umm--" He stopped speaking immediately when he heard her stomach growl.
   "I'm sorry, Michael!" She apologized, feeling embarrassed.
   "You don't have to be sorry. But you should get something to eat." 
   "I was hoping that there would be leftovers, but I guess people really enjoyed our food! Everything is gone!" She yelped.
    Even though Michael wasn't particularly hungry, he wouldn't have minded grabbing something to eat.
   "Would you like to have dinner with me?" He blurted hastily.
   "Gee, Michael! That's kind of you, but I don't go out with celebrities," she stated nicely but firmly.
   "Why not?" He said, feeling disappointed.
   "I just don't," she retorted.
   "Ok-- I won't pry, but I'd be doing myself a disservice if I didn't ask you this before leaving here tonight. I... Uh, I would love to see you again. Is there any chance you can make an exception for me?"
    Just then, the lights began to blink off and on.
    "Sorry, Michael! But we've gotta go, or else we'll be locked inside of this building for the rest of the night."
   As they made their way to the parking lot, Sparkle suddenly remembered she didn't have her car.
   "Aww, shoot!" She hissed.
   "What's wrong, Sparkle?" He asked, looking confused.
   "I left my car at home today and rode in with a co-worker. But sadly, everyone besides us has left the center for the night. Unless I can get one of my friends to come and pick me up, I'll be walking home," she exhaled deeply.
   "Sparkle, I can give you a ride... Home... That is, if you want me to? You don't have to walk. Are you crazy?"
   "Are you sure, Michael?" She said, feeling relieved but also hesitant.
   "Yes, but only if you have dinner with me tonight." He asked gently, as he tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear.
   Feeling instantly turned on by the slightest touch of him, she tightened her thighs in response.
   "Are you serious?" She replied, scrunching her face at him.
   "Very," he said seductively as he bit down on his bottom lip.

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