Chapter 6

As Michael awaited her answer, he stroked her cheek, gingerly. "It's just dinner-- I'll get you home at a reasonable time, I promise." He chuckled deep.
   "This is incredulous, sir! But what other choice do I have?" She replied, feeling defeated.
   "Well, you could still walk if you want," he teased.
   Before she could respond to his jab, a black limo pulled up next to them.
   "You rode here in a limo? This is a community center! Who does that? She exclaimed.
   "Hey! My SUV needed an emergency oil change at the last minute, and this was the only car I had available on short notice. Don't judge me!" He replied sharply, feeling a little offended.
   "Forgive me, Michael-- I didn't mean to," She started to apologize before he cut her off.
   "It's alright... Come on, let's go! It's getting late," he said while opening the door for her.
   Once they were inside the Limo, he offered her something to drink.
   "Would you like champagne, orange juice, or water," he asked while inspecting the contents of the mini-fridge.
   "Champagne, please," she replied softly.
   "One glass of Champagne! Coming right up," he playfully announced, as he began to pour her a glass.
   Patting the space beside him, he motioned for her to sit next to him.
   Once she was seated comfortably, he gave her the glass of champagne.
   As they sat extremely close to one another, Sparkle's thigh gently rubbed against his leg, causing her to slide two inches away from him.
   "Haha, I don't bite." he giggled.
   "If you say so Mr. Jacks--,"
Cutting her off mid-sentence, he softly placed his index finger against her lips.
   "Michael... Remember?" He whispered as he ran his finger over the entire span of her lips.
   Sparkle was caught off guard at just how brazen he was behaving and needed to calm her nerves quickly.
    "Hmm! What brand of champagne is this?" She exclaimed nervously as she took a much-needed sip.
   "It's 'Armand De Brignac Rose.' It tastes delicious, doesn't it? Or well... it better at five hundred dollars a bottle." He said sarcastically.
   "Are you serious? Five hundred dollars a bottle?" She replied, almost choking.
   "Well... It's not the most expensive champagne in the world, but it's up there for a store brought brand."
   As Michael watched her take small sips of her champagne, he felt his body grow weaker by the minute. When Suddenly, he remembered his self inflicted celibacy rule and thought, "I can't do this any longer! She's smart, caring, and beautiful. She's everything I've been holding out for."
   Not being able to control himself any longer, He gently cupped her face in his hand as he kissed her softly on the lips.
   Feeling relieved that she didn't pull away, he proceeded to nibble on her ear, as he planted a small trail of kisses down her neck.
   "Ohhh, Michael... that feels good." She moaned softly as she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer.
    As he leaned further back into his seat, he motioned for her to come and sit atop his lap, with her legs splayed on either side of him.
   When her mound made contact with his crotch, a low and guttural groan escaped his lips. "Can you feel how hard I am for you?"
   "Yes, Michael, I can!" She whimpered as she tossed her head back, grinding her hips against his throbbing erection.
  "Mmm... You're so sexy, Sparkle. Do I make you wet?" He whispered in her ear while cupping her sex in his hand.
   "Well, aren't you full of surprises? Who knew you liked talking dirty," she said breathlessly.
   "There's a lot of stuff people don't know about me, and you still haven't answered my question, so I guess I'll have to find out on my own."
   Reaching his hand underneath her skirt, he pulled her underwear to the side and stroked her outer lips, causing her body to quiver in response.
   "Oh, yes, baby! You're definitely wet for me." He said while stroking her clitoris in small circles.
   "Ooooh... Please, Michael!"
   "Please, Michael What?"
   "I need to feel you, please!"
   "You need to feel me where?"
   "I need to feel you deep inside of me!"
    As Sparkle reached to unbutton his pants, she felt her pager vibrate.
   "Just ignore it." he panted heavily.
   "Sorry, I can't. My mom is sick, and it could be an emergency! Does your limo have a telephone?" She asked, with a worried expression upon her face.
   "Yeah... yeah, sure! it's right over there." He replied shakily, as he was still recovering from their intense make-out session.
   After climbing off his lap, she adjusted her clothing and called her mother.
   "Hi mom, is everything ok?"
   "Yes, everything is fine, baby. I just wanted to check on you." She replied while coughing harshly.
   " Are you sure you're ok, mom? Your cough sounds worse."
   "I'm fine, baby; I just have a little cold on top of this ole lung cancer."
   "Hmm, it doesn't sound good. If it gets any worse, I'm taking you to the doctor."
   "Ok, baby, I just wanted to hear your voice. Call me tomorrow! I was just on my way to bed when I thought to call you," she replied in a sleepy tone.
   "Please take care of yourself! I love you, mom, and have a goodnight, ok?"
   "I love you too, and I will. Have a goodnight, Sparkle."
   When Sparkle got off the phone with her mom, her entire mood changed.
   "Is everything alright?" Michael asked, sensing something was wrong.
   "I'm sorry for leading you on Michael; I don't usually do this when first meeting a guy, and as I've stated before, I don't go out with celebrities. Can you take me home, please?" she replied harshly while staring out of the window.
   "Sure! What's your address?" He asked, feeling disappointed and frustrated.
   "It's 612 S Flower St." She replied without looking at him.
   Sighing heavily, Michael picked up the limo's carphone and notified his driver of the sudden itinerary change.
   "Thank you," she replied plainly, as she continued to look out of the window.
   As they pulled up to her apartment building, Michael uttered in surprise, "You live here? My condo is about twenty minutes away! I knew this street looked familiar!"
   "What's the big deal, Michael? Celebrities aren't the only ones that can live in nice areas," she stated sarcastically.
   "I wasn't implying that at all! I'm just shocked that we live so close to one another."
   "But don't you live at Neverland?" She asked.
   "I do, but it's under renovation, so I'm staying at my condo for a while."
   "Oh, ok! Well, thanks for the ride, Mr. Jackson. Once again, thank you for all of your help at the center today."
   As she stepped out of the limo, Michael grabbed her hand just before she could walk away.
   "When you're ready to talk... I'm here. I want to see you again. You can't ignore what happened between us tonight. Please give me a chance." He pleaded.
    When Sparkle menacingly glared down at his hand, he let go of it immediately, knowing there was no chance of changing her mind.
   "Goodnight, Mr. Jackson, and congratulations on the success of your new album."

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