Chapter 7

The very next morning, Sparkle awoke with a terrible migraine and decided to call out of work. Since she had no plans of going outside for the day, she showered and put on a new set of Pajamas. After taking some pain reliever, she decided to relax and listen to the radio.
 "I don't need no dreams when I'm by your side... oooh, every moment takes me through paradise!"
  "Hmph! Of course..." She scoffed at the sound of Michael's voice blaring from the stereo.
   Without hesitation, she shut off the radio, as images of her and Michael from the night before flooded her thoughts.
   "Ugh! How could I have been so weak? He's probably used to getting what he wants and thought he could do the same with me!" (Well, you weren't exactly a challenge for him either sweetie) her brain taunted back.
   "Enough!" She shouted as she tried to quiet the annoying inner voice in her head.
Noticing that her headache was subsiding, she decided to take a jog to clear her brain.

    Now that Michael's album had finally been released, he started receiving an onslaught of invitations to perform at various events and award shows. The first show he was slated to perform at was the 'MTV 10th Anniversary Special,' which was being held in New-York Friday night.
   As he prepared for his flight to the 'Big Apple,' he was hoping to hear from Sparkle before he left. He knew that once he set foot in New-York, he would be unattainable for a few days.   
   He didn't want to miss her call and have her think that he had lost interest in her, but at this point, it was just 'wishful-thinking' that she would even call him back in the first place.
   "Is everything alright?"  Bill asked concernedly as he noticed Michael being a bit more quiet than usual.
   "Yes... Does something look wrong with me?" He snapped back.
   "Oh, my lord! You must be upset over Sparkle." Bill quipped as he placed Michael's luggage into the SUV.
   "Now, how do you even know that I'm upset over her?" He retorted sharply.
   "As your chief of security for over 20 years and for the fact that I've known you since you were a kid, I know when you're upset. I also guessed it was about her based off of your sudden itinerary change last night." Bill stated frankly, turning to face him.
   "Look, I'm sorry for snapping at you. I'm just a little tired from yesterday, and yes, I'm a bit upset over something that happened between Sparkle and me last night."
   "Do you want to talk about it?"
   "Not really... But maybe later." He replied somberly as he hopped inside his SUV.
   Once they pulled out of the driveway, Michael saw Sparkle jog past them.
   "Stop the car, Bill! I just saw Sparkle," he shouted excitedly.
   "You got it, boss!" He replied as he brought the SUV to a sudden stop.
As Sparkle neared the SUV, Michael got out and stood in her path.
   "No! That can't be him. My God! It is him! What is he doing out here?" She said to herself in disbelief.
   When Sparkle neared closer to him, he called out her name as he grabbed her gently by the waist.
   "Sparkle! I need to speak with you please," he said hastily as he led her to the other side of the SUV, away from the main road.
   "Is everything alright, Mr. Jackson?" She asked in her most professional voice.
   "Come on, Sparkle! Please call me Michael and stop putting up this damn wall between us! I know that I might have come on too strong the other night, but I don't regret anything we did. Please have dinner with me this Saturday. I'm truly interested in you and would like to get to know you better."
   As Sparkle listened to his heartfelt plea, she felt her resolve weakening. Here was the most famous man on the planet, begging her for a second chance, and here she was acting all high and mighty.
 (Why are you doing this to him, Sparkle? He seems to be a wonderful guy. Give him another chance!) Her brain shouted.  
   "OK, Michael... I'll have dinner with you," she replied casually.
   "Really?" He uttered in disbelief, thinking she was going to turn him down again.
   "Yes! Really." She replied loudly.
   "Ah! Thank-you Sparkle! I'll call you when I return home on Saturday. I'm performing for MTV in New-York on Friday night, and it might be hard to reach me these next coming days." He informed her.
   "No worries. Just call me Saturday so that I know where to meet you for dinner."
   "Will do! OK, baby, I have to go now." He replied hastily as he looked her over once more before getting back into his SUV.
   "Baby? Did he really just call me baby?" She smirked to herself as she continued with her run.
   Once Michael arrived in New-York, he went directly to 'Radio City Music Hall' for a quick run-through of his performance. Since most of the rehearsals had taken place in L.A., he didn't have much to stress about practice wise.
   After he returned to his hotel for the evening, he had plans of going to bed early, but sadly that was proving to be a challenge already.
   As he lay in his bed, listening to the soft pitter-patter of falling rain, his thoughts immediately focused on Sparkle.
   When he closed his eyes, he remembered how sexy she looked running towards him in her sports bra and jogging shorts.
   At that moment, he wanted nothing more but to make hot and sweaty passionate love to her.
  While Stroking his length sensually, he envisioned himself hooking her shapely brown legs over his shoulders as he tasted her sweet nectar.
   "Stop it, Michael!! You just apologized to Sparkle for moving too fast, and here you are fantasizing over her yet again," He silently chastised himself.
 Even though he didn't feel guilty for almost making love to her the night before, he still felt as though he needed to learn some self-control while in her presence.
   But that was easier said than done, when all he wanted to do was give her earth-shattering orgasms as she screamed his name over and over, begging him for mercy. 
   "Fuck!" He muttered to himself, as he reluctantly removed his hand from his now throbbing dick.
   For the past year, Michael had been celibate, and his only solace was to pleasure himself when he was feeling sexually frustrated.
   After breaking up with his last girlfriend of two years, he decided to take a break from having sex altogether. The break-up had taken a significant toll on his emotional state, and it had taken him quite some time to get over the relationship.
    He was never able to just have sex with a woman and toss her to the side. So to avoid becoming emotionally attached, he thought it was best to abstain from sex until the right woman came along.
    Up until meeting Sparkle, there had been no women that tested him beyond his limits like she did. He usually had no problems getting what he wanted, but Sparkle was proving to be his toughest challenge yet.

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