Chapter 13

It had been a week since sparkle last saw Michael. She missed him dearly but also understood the nature of his life and work.
   Feeling ecstatic that she would see him later in the evening, she headed out to buy some sexy lingerie from Fredericks of Hollywood.
    Even though she knew it would only stay on her for two seconds before he ripped it off, she thought it would be nice to surprise him.
   In the past week, she had given Michael a key to her apartment so that he could come and go as he pleased.
   Just as she was about to step out of her door, someone knocked on it loudly.
   "You've gotta be kidding me?" She sneered, looking out the door's peep-hole.
    Opening the door, she folded her arms across her chest. "Hi Byron, what are you doing here?"
    "Is that any way to talk to your boyfriend? He replied.
    "Don't you mean Ex-boyfriend?" She snapped back.
    "Come on, Sparkle, did we ever truly break-up?" He spoke softly, trying to push his way into her apartment.
   Stretching her arm out to block him, she shouted. "Yes, we did, Byron! Before you moved to DC to get your law firm started, I told you that I no longer wanted to see you. You insulted my work at the community center and expected me to up and move away with you!
   As Byron reached for her hand. She hissed, "don't you dare touch me."
"Oh, come on, sparkle! Don't be like that," he whined.
    "You need to leave! I have a new boyfriend now and have moved on with my life. I highly suggest that you do the same!" She growled, slamming the door in his face.
    While she waited to make sure that Byron had left, her phone began to ring.
   "Hello! Who is this?" She shouted as she answered the phone quickly.
   "Whoa! Is everything alright, Sparkle?"
   "Y-Yes Michael, I'll tell you later but are you ok? Shouldn't you be on your flight home?"
   "Yeah... but my flight was canceled, so I won't see you until tomorrow night." He stated bleakly.
   "Oh no! Can't you just charter a private jet?"
   "Sadly, no... There is a huge snowstorm here in Switzerland, but it's supposed to clear later tonight. No flights are allowed out until the snow tapers down." He sighed.
   "What about your meetings with Sony and those lawyers?" She asked concernedly.
   "I should still be able to make them. They aren't until the afternoon, and Sony didn't want to cancel."
   "OK. Well, be safe, baby... I'll have a surprise waiting for you when you get home." She purred seductively, causing his body to become instantly excited.
   "Hmm, what is it?" He asked, licking his lips.
   "I can't tell you. It's a surprise! Just hurry up and get your butt home!" She yelped.
   "I'll try my best, Spark. I'll see you tomorrow night, OK?"
"Ok. Safe travels baby, I'll be waiting."

As soon as Michael landed at Lax Airport, he headed to his condo to shower and change quickly for his meetings.
   He was super tired but had a major record 'renewal' deal on the line with Sony. The historical deal had the potential of earning him one billion dollars or more.
   After the meeting, no deal had been reached with Sony just yet. There were several more meetings planned for the future before they could offer him the contract.
   As Michael waited to meet with his new potential lawyers, he closed his eyes to rest for fifteen minutes until they arrived.
   Moments before they walk through the door, Michael awoke and became instantly focused.
   "Hello, Mr. Jackson! My name is Byron Harris, and this is my partner Eli Roberts. It's a pleasure to meet you, sir," they cheerfully greeted.
Byron and Eli had been best friends since attending law school together.
   They had plans of starting up a law firm in California, but due to office space being super expensive, they decided to relocate to DC instead since it was much cheaper.
   After building up some decent clientele and saving money, they moved the firm from DC to California, since that's where they wanted to do business initially.
   As Michael took his seat, he kindly introduced himself. "Hi! Nice to meet you! Have a seat, please." He replied politely as he shook their hands.
   "Thanks for taking the time out to meet with us today. If you choose to hire us, you won't be disappointed. Even though our law-firm is fairly new, we currently provide legal services for Celine Dion, Kenny-G, and Will Smith." They humbly bragged.
   "Oh! That's wonderful. Well... As you know, my life is pretty hectic, and there are people always trying to sue me under false pretense. I need lawyers that will give me their undivided attention when an issue arises."
   Taking a sip of water, Michael got a sudden urge to pee. He hadn't gone to the restroom for the past three hours and figured he should go.
   "I'm sorry you guys, but I'll be right back, and then we'll continue from where we left off." He politely excused himself.
   "No problem, sir! Take your time."
   When Michael left the room, Bryon started telling Eli about seeing Sparkle earlier that afternoon. But just seconds later, Michael realized he had forgotten his keycard to access the private restroom.
   As he was about to re-enter the office, he heard the name 'Sparkle' being mentioned.
   He had no clue if it was about his Sparkle, but since he wanted to get a true feel for the lawyers, he decided to eavesdrop on their conversation.
   "Hey! I went to see Sparkle today." Byron exclaimed as he jabbed Eli in his arm lightly.
   "Why? I thought you two broke up?
    "Yeah... we did-- but I mean, she was just mad at me for not supporting her career at that broke ass community center. I figured she was just mad and needed time to cool off. And besides... I've been horny as hell since coming back to California. None of these women are putting it down like she used to." He quipped.
   "Yeah... I gotta give it to you, Byron. She is fine as hell. But Dawg, she hasn't heard from you in two years! How you just gonna roll back into her life?" Eli chuckled loudly.
   "Once I get to hit it one time really good, she'll want me back. Hmm... She did say that she has a boyfriend now. But it shouldn't be hard to convince her to dump him. She always said... that sex with me was the best she ever had."
   As Michael continued to listen, he realized that Byron was, in fact, talking about his new girlfriend 'Sparkle'.
   Becoming angrier with every second that passed, he clenched his jaw tightly, as he balled up his fist.
   He wanted nothing more but to punch Byron dead in his face for discussing such intimate details about her.
   After re-entering the room, Michael stared stoned face at the two lawyers.
   "Sorry to have wasted your time, but I've decided to seek legal services elsewhere. Please see your way out," he hissed.
   Offering no other explanation, Michael left the room and headed directly to his car.
   "What in the hell just happened?" Byron exclaimed as he and Eli looked at each other in confusion.

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