Chapter 25

When Michael and Sparkle arrived at Neverland, she immediately tended to his swollen hand.
    He'd been complaining about the pain on the ride up and could barely move it.
   "How does it feel, Michael?"
   "It hurts like hell... Shit!" He winced in pain after Sparkle finished bandaging it.
   "It might be broken, sweetie. Did you see Byron's face? He was barely recognizable after you hit him."
    "Good! It's the least he deserved for hitting and attempting to rape you! Argh! I should have killed him!" Michael shouted as he slammed his non-injured hand down on the bathroom counter.
    "Calm down, sweetie... I'm safe! Thanks to you." She reassured him.
   "I know... but i-if."
    Unable to get his words out, Michael covered his face with his hands as he broke down crying.
    "Hey, hey! Don't cry, sweetie. It's all over now." She cooed while removing his hands from his face.
    "Move in with me Sparkle, since you consider this home, it makes sense."
   "But what about my job Michael? While I do consider this home, I didn't think about the commute," she exclaimed in frustration. "Oh, God! Maybe this won't work! What was I thinking?"
    "Don't say that, please! Remember what you said; 'Where there's a wheel, there's a way." He spoke tenderly as he stared deeply into her eyes.
   "So, what should I do?" She asked as she averted her gaze away from him, shrugging her shoulders.
   "Look at me, sweetie-- I can't tell you what to do... but I can tell you that I can't stand being away from you."
    "But what about when you travel?"
    "What about it? You can travel with me anytime that you want. That's not a problem. Actually... I'd prefer it to be quite honest."
    Not wanting to make any rash decisions, Sparkle kissed Michael's lips gently and replied, "I need time to think about this."
   Later that night, Sparkle awoke screaming.
   She tried getting some rest but kept having nightmares of Byron on top of her as she tried to fight him off.
   "Baby... What's wrong?" Michael shouted as he sat up straight, his heart beating fast.
   When Sparkle didn't respond, he held her in his arms. "I'm here, sweetie... I'm here. You're safe." He spoke softly.
    As Sparkle began to cry, he felt helpless and wished that he could make everything better right away.
   "Sparkle... I need you to talk to me. What exactly did Byron say and do to you besides hit you? For that alone, I should have killed him!"
   Since Michael and Sparkle were questioned separately by the cops, he hadn't heard what exactly happened.
   After everything was over, his main goal was comforting her and getting back to Neverland.
    Speaking with her eyes shut tight, she explained in full detail what had transpired between the two.
    "That son of a bitch! You know what? Since the cops don't know about the tape... We're or rather you-- Will be pressing charges, I hope! He's gotta pay for what he's done to you. I can't believe he wanted you to extort money from me!"
    "I will sweetie... But I thought you wanted to keep this out of the media? And what if he tells the cops about the tape?" She asked inquisitively.
    "You're right! I don't want this in the media! But it was more of me not wanting our intimate moment-- especially you... out for the world to see. And trust! He's not going to tell them about the tape! It'll only implicate him even more. Damn! I just shouldn't have made that tape! I'm so sorry, baby." He apologized, feeling regretful.
    "Michael! No! You did nothing wrong! We are two consenting adults! It was a private moment that we were allowed to capture as we damn well pleased. It's not your fault that Byron stole our tape!"
    As Michael began to seeth in unfathomable anger, he made a vow to make sure that Byron went to jail for a long time.
   "If he even thinks for one second... that he'll walk away Scott free! Then he has another thing coming! Let his ass try me if he wants to!"

"Eli! This is Byron! I need you to come and bail me out!"
    "Are you in jail?
"Yes, I am! Michael popped up while I was at Sparkle's place, and we got into a nasty scuffle." He replied hastily.
    "Damn! What did you do?"
Lowering his voice into a hushed tone, Byron looked around before answering.
   "They arrested me for attempted rape, break and entering, and destruction of property."
    Letting out a long whistle, Eli shook his head sideways. "Those are some serious charges, man! What's your bail set at?"
   " A million dollars."
"Fuck! That's the cost of next month's rent for our law-firm! We can't afford that. Eli exclaimed frantically.
   "I know damn it! See if you can take out a loan!" Byron replied in a loud outburst.
   When the other detainees' started to look in Byron's direction, he lowered his voice once more.
   "We're in deep trouble! I need you to hurry."
    "Alright, man! But I want no parts of this. I'll help bail you out, but keep my name out of your shit! We worked hard to build our law firm, and this is what you do?" Eli shouted as he slammed down the phone.
    When Byron was escorted back to the cell, a few inmates had got word that he was a lawyer.
    "Ha! So how does a lawyer get himself locked up?" A big burly guy bellowed.
    "Man! Stay out of my business!" Byron shouted as he placed his head down, feeling annoyed.
    Just then, the big burly guy picked him up and threw him across the cell.
    "Who you think you talking to boy? I'll string your ass up in here!"
   When the Burly guy approached Byron and punched him in his lip, an officer walking by immediately intervened.
    "Alright, you two! Break it up, or everyone will have hell to pay!" The officer threatened after pulling the burly guy off of Byron.
   When Byron retreated to an isolated corner of the cell, he banged the back of his head against the wall and hissed. "Fuck! How did I get myself into this mess!"

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