Chapter 30

"But why do you have to kiss her?" Sparkle screamed angrily.
      "Please calm down, sweetie! It's just a video! The script was written before we even met!"
    "And? So what! Can't you change it?"
    "And? And?-- it's not that easy, Spark! John Singleton is directing this, People have been paid, and it's just acting!" He yelled in frustration. "You do know that Iman is married to David Bowie, right? She doesn't want me, and I don't want her."
     "Ugh! You just don't get it!" She shrieked, as she threw her hands into the air, stalking out of her office madly.
    Shortly after moving into Neverland, Michael had converted one of the guest houses into an office space for Sparkle.
    Since she would be working from home, he wanted to give her a comfortable place where she could work in peace.
    As Michael sat in Sparkle's office alone, he saw an interesting piece of paper hanging out of a box on her desk.
   With him being the naturally inquisitive person that he was, he pulled the paper out and started to read it.
     "What? Why didn't she tell me about this?" He murmured to himself, feeling angry and perplexed.
     Since Byron was still locked up in jail, he highly doubted that it was him.
    Deciding to call up prosecutor Xavier Smith, he pulled out his phone-book and searched for his number.
    He wanted to alert Xavier of the threatening letter just in case it was related to Byron after all.
    As he thumbed through the book, he came across Danielle's number first.
     "Shit! I thought I threw her number away?" He hissed. "Wait... You know what? I wouldn't be surprised if her dumb ass sent this letter," he spoke aloud.
     Retrieving the box where he found the letter, he searched all over it for a name or address.
    After not finding either, he was about to sit the box to the side when he saw a tiny logo on the bottom of it.
      As he instantly recognized that the logo was that of Arista Records, he became incensed, throwing the box across the room. "What a fucking witch!" He yelled.
      Without a doubt in his mind, he knew that it was Danielle that sent the threatening letter.
    Becoming outraged, he decided to call her up and give her a piece of his mind.
      "How dare she threaten my wife and baby!" He exclaimed furiously as he punched her number on the phone's keypad.
     After letting the phone ring for several minutes, he finally hung up when no one answered.
    Tearing her number out of the phone-book for quicker retrieval, he stuffed it inside of his pants pocket.   
     He planned to call her again later and immediately trash her number afterward.
    When Michael returned to the main house, he went upstairs to take a shower.
    After arguing with Sparkle and finding Danielle's crazy letter, he needed a hot shower to calm his nerves.
    While Michael was in the shower, Sparkle came into the bedroom and noticed his clothes lying on the bed.
     When she went to place them in the hamper, a small piece of paper fell to the floor.
    After picking it up, she took a quick look at it to make sure that it wasn't anything important.
     "What in the entire Fuck!" She cursed loudly as tears started to well up in her eyes.
     When she returned to the bedroom, she walked in on Michael as he was leaving the bathroom.
     "What's going on, Michael? Why in the hell do you have Danielle's phone number!" She screamed.
      Letting out a heavy sigh, Michael remained quiet for a few seconds before replying.
    He had just calmed his nerves and didn't feel like getting into it with her.
     Knowing that her brain had already jumped to conclusions, he didn't want to make matters worse by becoming angry again.
      "Sparkle-- Can you stop screaming so that I can speak?"
      "Hell no! Why do you still have her phone number?" She demanded as tears streamed down her face.
     "Listen... I thought I had thrown it away a long time ago, but as I was sitting in your office, I came across a threatening letter. Why didn't you tell me about it?" He replied calmly as he folded his arms.
      "Why were you going through my things, Michael?"
     "I wasn't! But do you have something to hide?" He replied in an accusatory tone.
      Immediately regretting what he said, he reached out for Sparkle as she turned away from him.
    "I'm sorry, Spark. But we're supposed to trust each other remember? And right now... We're not doing such a good job at that."
     Knowing that he was right, Sparkle began to calm down.
      "I apologize, Michael. I didn't tell you about the letter because honestly... I had forgotten all about it. The letter was given to me when I packed up my office. After we went on vacation and got married, it became an after-thought." She explained truthfully.
     "Sparkle, please! If this happens again... Please tell me. Sure! We're going to get some wacky letters from time to time, but you never know who's bluffing or serious."
      As he reached out for her hand once more, he felt relieved when she grasped it back and walked closer to him.
     "That's all good, Michael, but again, why were you in my things?" She pressed again for an answer.
    Pulling her closer towards him, he ran a shaky hand through his hair as he continued explaining.
     "When I saw the letter hanging out of the box, it looked interesting. And since I'm nosey... I just pulled it out and started reading it." He laughed, trying to lighten the mood. "But anyway, after reading the letter, I became angry and searched the box for a name or address. After not finding either, I saw a logo for 'Arista records' on the bottom."
     Widening her eyes in surprise, She began to connect the dots. "Wait... doesn't Danielle work for Arista?"
     "Bingo! Initially, I was going to report the letter to Xavier, but when I found the logo after discovering I still had her number in my phone-book, I tried to call her so that I could give her a piece of my mind, but no one answered the phone. Since I still wanted to curse her out, I removed her number out of my phone-book and stuffed it into my pocket. I was going to trash her number after I spoke with her."
    After hearing Michael's explanation, Sparkle knew that he was telling the truth.
    "I'm sorry, baby, but with the pending trial against Byron, the media, Danielle, and your music video; it's all taking its toll on me."
    "Sparkle-- please know that you're the only woman for me. If I could have you in my music video, I would! But unfortunately... With you being eleven weeks pregnant, it wouldn't work," he replied honestly.
    "Michael! I don't want to be in your video. I just don't want you kissing Iman!"
    "When we start filming, you should come to the video shoot. I'll introduce you to Iman and the entire cast," he smiled.
    "OK-- I think I'll do that. And it's not that I don't trust you... I'm just feeling unattractive and don't want you looking for satisfaction elsewhere."
    "Oh, stop it, Sparkle. Please know that I find you very sexy and attractive." He whispered as he placed her hand on his erection.
     As she began to giggle, she removed the towel away from his waist. "I think I can help with that." She replied softly as she pushed him onto the bed.
     After grabbing some lavender oil from the nightstand, she began to pour it all over his body.
    As she soothingly massaged his chest, he closed his eye's as a deep moan escaped his lips.
    "Where do you want me to kiss you, Michael?"
      "All over, I want you to kiss me all over Sparkle."
     As she began to kiss his neck, he took her by surprise when he slipped his fingers inside of her dampness.
       "Oooh, Michael...Yesss!" She moaned into his neck as he stroked her deeply.
       "You sound so beautiful, Sparkle. I love it when I make you sing," he cooed.
      As her body began to tremble, he held her in place as he inserted his fingers even deeper.
      Feeling an intense pleasure like she'd never felt before, Sparkle let out the loudest scream he had ever heard from her.
    Since Michael knew what he was doing to her, he wasn't alarmed but rather amused.
     "Oh Baby...mmm-- where did you learn how to do this?" She cried out in pleasure.
     "It's my first time doing this-- I read a lot," he chuckled. "Apparently, this is called the 'A'-spot."
      As she began to whimper his name over and over, he inserted his fingers the deepest that they could go.
       Shaking violently, Sparkle cried actual tears when she orgasmed.
       "Please warn me the next time you plan on doing that."
     "OK-- but judging from the sounds you were making, you enjoyed it, right?"
      Punching him in the arm playfully, she replied. "Hell yeah! And as soon as I recover, would you mind doing that to me again?" She laughed.
    "It would be my pleasure and speaking of pleasure... I want you to uh... Can you?"
    Wanting to hear him say exactly what he was yearning for, Sparkle began to play coy.
    She knew that he desired more than just a little gentle lovemaking but she wanted to hear him say it.
     "Can I what, baby? She responded flirtatiously.
     "Sparkle! I can't say that to you!" He exclaimed as he shook his head sideways.
      Turning back serious, Sparkle sat upright so that she could look him directly in the eyes.
     "Uh, uh! Don't do that, baby-- I'm your wife, and you're my husband. If there is anything that you desire, please tell me."
     "But it's... I just don't want you to think anything bad about me." He sighed.
      "Come on, Michael! I could never think anything bad about you. Also-- there is nothing wrong with keeping things spicy in a marriage."
    After thinking about what she said,  he knew that she was right. While he had no problems getting kinky, he also didn't want to go overboard with it either.
     "Look Sparkle-- I love you, and I never want you to feel disrespected by me, OK?"
    "I know that you love me, Michael, and I love you too... So please tell me--  What is it that you want to say?"
     "Are you sure? It's kinda dirty," he grinned Mischievously.
     "So, what's wrong with a little dirty talk?" She chuckled. "Go ahead... tell me what you want, baby, and I'll do it for you."
      Licking his lips slowly before answering, he placed a gentle kiss on her breast. "I want you to fuck me, Sparkle. I need you to give me all that you've got! Just hurt me!"
    Without warning, Sparkle straddled him backward and began to ride him slowly.
   As he held onto her hips, he watched his rod slide in and out of her silkily.
    "I love the view from behind here," he groaned deep.
    Glancing over her shoulder, she smiled. "I'm glad you're enjoying it."
     While continuing to rock her hips at varying speeds, she tightened her walls around him.
     "Ooooh Sparkle-- That feels incredible... Please don't stop." He moaned loudly as his voice began to quiver.
      Just as he was about to cum, Sparkle hopped off of him and took his wand inside of her mouth.
      As she pleasured him slowly, she began to hum the chorus of his song 'In the closet,' while he gently gripped her hair.
     At first, he thought it was strange that she was humming, but when he felt his entire shaft and balls vibrate, he instantly knew why.
     When Michael began to shout some incoherent sounds like in some of his songs, she almost broke out laughing.
    "Ah, eh... du da uhh! Mmm... Oooh, Sparkle!" He shouted as his body shook uncontrollably.
    After experiencing the most immense pleasure that he had ever felt, he cuddled sparkle in his arms and said, "Don't you dare laugh at me!"
     Sparkled giggled. "I'm sorry, Michael, but that was both hilarious and hot."

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