Chapter 11

    "Are you sure you wanna do this?" He panted breathlessly. 

    "Yes, Michael, I'm sure... Please make love to me," she whimpered as he kissed her neck. 

   Placing small kisses all over her body, Leila arched her back in response to his delicate touch. At this point, Calvin was an afterthought, and the only man that mattered to her at that moment was Michael.

    Without missing a beat, he took one of her breasts into his mouth after skillfully unclasping her bra with one hand. "I wanna taste you all over baby, can I do that?" 

    "Y-yes, Michael... Yes!" Leila moaned as he twirled his wet tongue around her nipple.  

    Spreading her legs open, he kissed her inner thighs. As he continued kissing lower and lower, his warm breath tickled her flower. 

    Pulling her soaked thong to the side, he parted her folds as he brushed his hot tongue across her clit. "What are you doing?" She shouted in surprise, closing her legs shut. 

    Michael quipped, "Leila! Don't tell me you've never had your honey tasted before?"

    Sitting up straight, Leila brought her knees to her chest. "Actually no...  I haven't."

    Urging her to lay back down, Michael removed her thong with his teeth. "Just relax, baby, and let me love you."

    Flicking his tongue against her throbbing pearl, Leila moaned with pleasure as he worked her into a frenzy. Bucking her hips against his tongue, Leila spread her legs wider. "Ooh shit, Michael... This feels amazing; you're amazing!"

   Inserting his index finger deep inside of her, he curled it slightly, instantly hitting her G-spot. 

    Just as Leila was about to cum, Michael slowed down the pace of his tongue, sucking her clitoris gently. "Mmm- You taste so good, sweetheart. Your honey is the best I've ever had."

    Bringing a pillow to her face, Leila screamed loudly when Michael began to lick her pussy faster and faster once more. "That's it, baby-- Cum for me... Cum for me, Leila."

    As Leila held his head gently in place, her body convulsed and contorted violently as she screamed out his name. "Michael... Michael... Oooh! Michael!!"

    Placing a feather-light kiss on her mound, he chuckled."I'll take it you enjoyed that, huh?"

    Leila squealed. "Enjoyed is an understatement! Now, why didn't you do that to me in 1984?"

    Flipping her over onto her back, Michael crushed his lips to hers fervently. "Leila baby... I'm so lost in you. I want you so bad that it hurts."

    With one swift movement, Michael rolled under Leila so that she was now atop him. 

    Leila giggled. "I take it that you want me to ride you, Mr. Jackson."

    Running her hands slowly over his entire body, Michael's breath hitched in his chest when Leila took his wand in her hand. He was so hard for her that the veins of his dick were showing. 

    Lowering her head to his crotch, she kissed his tip softly. "Mmm... My mouth is already watering for you, baby."

    As she took Michael into her mouth, he placed his hand into her mass of curls. She had never enjoyed giving oral to Calvin, but with Michael, it was different. His taste was delicious, he smelled heavenly, and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying what she was doing to him. 

    "Oh, Leila baby... You have no idea how great this feels." He moaned, turning his head to the side. 

    "I'm happy to hear that, sweetie, but I'm just getting warmed up."

    As Leila sucked and twirled her tongue slowly over his entire length, she massaged his sac delicately. "Mmm... You still taste so good!" 

    Over the years, Michael had received head from only a few women, but this was undoubtedly the best he'd ever experienced. 

    "Leila, please don't stop. I'm almost there." He cried out. 

   Quickly hopping on top of him, Leila began to ride him vigorously. As the two moved rhythmically together, Leila kissed his neck. 

    Gripping her bottom tightly, Michael let out a guttural sound that made the walls of his bedroom shake. "Yes, baby! Oooh, right there, Leila! Ahhh!"

    Pulling Leila into his arms, he kissed her deeply until they grew tired, both falling asleep together in a warm, sweaty embrace.

    When Leila awoke a few hours later, she lay awake thinking about what they had done. She didn't regret it, but she did in fact feel guilty for cheating on Calvin. 

    Slowly easing out of bed, she jumped when she felt Michael's hand grab her arm. "Please, Leila-- don't leave me like you left in 84," he sleepily teased. 

    Leila lied. "I was just going to get a drink of water."

    As Leila sat on the couch, thinking, Michael came shuffling out of the bedroom. "Is everything alright, sweetheart?" He yawned.

    "I need to go home, Michael."

    "Why, Leila?"

    "Because what we did tonight was wrong."

    "And what about what Calvin's been doing?"

    "Two wrongs, don't make a right Michael. Just because he's--"

Throwing his hands up in the air, Michael raised his voice. "Damn it, Leila! Don't do this. We made love tonight; we shouldn't be discussing him!"

    Looking at Michael disappointedly, Leila grabbed her coat. 

    "You know what! I already have one man that screams at me. I don't need two!" She retorted back, running towards the front door. 

    Chasing after her, Michael grabbed her by the waist before she could open the door.   

    "Baby, where are you going? You don't have your car, remember?"

    "Then, I'll catch a cab!" She replied stubbornly. 

   Leila knew in her heart that Michael was nothing like Calvin, but due to her current emotional state, she took his yelling out of context. 

   Turning her around to face him, she quickly looked up towards the ceiling. "Please look at me, Leila; I'm sorry for getting loud with you." He spoke calmly as he placed his hand under her chin. 

    As Leila slowly succumbed to his will, she lowered her head down to face him. His eyes were big and brown, penetrating her soul. 

    From the very first time they met, his gaze had the ability to hold her soul captive while stripping it naked. There was nothing that she could ever hide from him.

   Stroking her cheek with his thumb, he stood just inches away from her face as he spoke quietly. "I know this is complicated, Leila, but I also know that you don't love Calvin. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want you to leave him, but I also don't want you to do that because of me. I wish you would leave him for yourself."

    As Leila opened her mouth to speak, Michael pressed his index finger to her lips. "Shh! Please-- no need to answer me right now. I just want you to think about what I said."

    Taking a gentle hold of her hand, he led her back to the bedroom. Leila knew what he said was correct, but her spirit was conflicted. She needed more time to think, as everything was happening so fast.

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