Chapter 14

    After Calvin's studio session with Michael was over, he decided to visit one of his many mistresses. On the drive over to her place, Calvin stopped and picked up some flowers for her. He never gave Leila any gifts, let alone flowers, but his mistresses got everything she didn't. 

    When Calvin entered Nicole's apartment with the key she'd given him, he stood frozen at what he saw. 

    "What in the hell are you doing here? I told you to always call first before coming over!" She shouted in shock, jumping off the guy lying beneath her. 

    Standing frozen in the middle of the room, Calvin was pulled out of his stupor by the sound of her yelling.   

    "What the actual fuck?" He shouted as he dropped the flowers he bought for her to the ground. 

     Nicole scoffed. "Boy, please! We both knew what this was from the jump. Now go home to your wife and get your weak ass out of my apartment!"

    Stalking angrily towards the two, Calvin lunged at Nicole, dragging her out of bed. 

    "Wait up, homey! You can't be putting your hands on her like that!" The other man yelled. 

    "Man! If you don't shut yo bitch ass up!" This is between Nicole and me." Calvin retorted in a fit of rage. 

    Leaping out of bed, the man pulled Calvin off of Nicole, putting him in a chokehold. "So what do you have to say now, motherfucker? That's right, bitch! Pick on someone your own size."

    Wiggling free from the man's grasp, Calvin clutched his throat as he tried to catch his breath. "Man whatever! You can have that trick." He spoke through shallow breath. 

    Just as Calvin was leaving the apartment, the man swung him around and punched him in the eye. "You ain't nothing but a punk! Get the fuck outta here before I give you a real ass whooping." The man jeered. 

    Realizing he was no match for Nicole's new man, Calvin left the apartment quickly with his tail tucked between his legs.


After Michael landed in Seoul, he wanted to kiss the ground after exiting the aircraft. When he first started flying as a kid, his first experience of air turbulence made him wary of flying ever since. 

    Despite leaving early to beat the storm, his flight still suffered terrible weather. No matter how many times he flew the friendly skies-- or so they say, he was never totally comfortable with being 30,000 feet in the air. 

    After arriving at his hotel, he showered and got comfortable. The only thing he wanted to do was hear Leila's voice and get some rest. For the last 13 hours, he was kept wide awake by a shaking airplane. 

    Picking up the phone, he dialed Leila up. 

    "Hey, you." A lazy smile appeared on his face. 

     Taking a seat on the bed, Leila made herself comfortable. "Hey, sweetie... How was your flight?

     With the horrible ordeal still fresh in his mind, he placed his hand on his forehead.    

    "When it's time for me to leave, I'm taking a boat back to California."

    "Why? What happened? Are you alright, baby?"

    Michael grumbled. "Yeah, I'm fine, but we experienced a lot of turbulence on the way over."

    "Wow! I thought you were trying to avoid that?"

    "So did I, so did I." He sighed. "But hey... I can't complain. I made it here in one piece."

[BANG!] The front door blared, causing Leila's heart to jump. When Leila heard Calvin ranting to himself, she told Michael to hold on while she snuck out to her car.

    When Leila heard a second door slam, she knew the coast was clear as Calvin most likely went into his home studio. Creeping down the stairs silently, she ran out of the house at full speed once she reached the front door. 

    Quickly getting inside of her car, Leila breathed heavily. "Are you still there, Michael?"

     "Yes, baby, I'm still here. Is he acting a fool again?"

    "Yeah-- he came into the house ranting. I have no idea what's going on."

    "Please go over to my place Leila. Don't go back into the house. That's why I gave you the keys to my apartment in the first place. I wanted to give you a place to go for when things like this happened."

"Thank you, Michael. I'm headed over to your condo right now."

"You don't have to thank me for that. I just want you to be safe."

     After hanging up the phone with Leila, Michael punched the air with his fist out of frustration. "Damn it! Why won't she fucking leave him!"


    When Leila returned home later that afternoon, she gasped when she saw Calvin's right eye. It was swollen shut and bruised badly. "My God, Calvin! What happened to you?" She spoke in shock while examining his eye. 

    Slapping her hand away, Calvin snapped at her. "Get the hell off of me!"

    Leila stuttered nervously. "B-but, I'm just trying to help!" 

   "I don't need your fucking help!" He hissed.

    With tears streaming down her face, Leila silently walked away. Though she was no longer 'in love' with Calvin persay, she still genuinely cared about him. 

    As Calvin sat down on the sofa, Curly came bopping around the corner. 

    "Leila! Why is there a puppy in the house?" He asked curiously. 

    "I was gonna tell you last night, but it slipped my mind. The local animal shelter gave him to me when I dropped off an injured dog yesterday."

    "You can't just up and bring an animal in here without my permission." He fumed. 

    Becoming frightened, Curly snuggled against Leila's leg. "Please let me keep him. I promise he won't bother you."

    Calvin sighed. "OK, Leila, just make sure he stays out of my studio."

    "Thank you, Calvin. Thank you so much for letting me keep him." 

    "A'ight, Leila! Now go play with your little dog and leave me the fuck alone." He spoke grudgingly. 

    Under normal circumstances, Calvin would've given Leila a harder time over owning a puppy, but since his dignity had been shattered the night prior, he wasn't feeling like his usual self. 

    Later that evening, Calvin was invited to an impromptu party hosted by his friend Benny Howard. The two met back in college and had remained close friends ever since. 

    Spotting Calvin from across the room, Benny waved him over to the corner of the club, where five half-naked women surrounded him. 

      "Yo! What up 'C' ?" Benny greeted Calvin cheerfully. 

    "Nothing much. What you been up to?"

     Pulling one of the women into his lap, Benny smacked her thigh. "Just making stars and money, you know."

    Calvin laughed. "I heard that. Who's video are you directing now?"

    "Some new rappers. They call him 'Lil Chucky' or some shit like that."

   When one of the women whispered something in Benny's ear, he abruptly ended his conversation with Calvin. "Well-- glad you could make it through man! If you'll excuse me, I need to handle some business." Benny smirked, as the group of women started pulling him from his seat. 

     "A'ight... Catch you later, playa." Calvin chuckled. 

    As Calvin made his way towards the bar, a pretty brunette snuck up behind him. "I've never seen you around here before. What's your name?" She whispered in his ear, placing her arms around him.

    "Hey doll-- my name is Treble C."

    "Oooh! You're a famous music producer! I thought you looked familiar."

    "Yeah, I guess you can say that."

    "Well, I don't know about you, but this party is feeling pretty dull to me. How about we get out of here?"

    Knowing exactly what she meant, Calvin led her out of the club to his car. He usually never took women home, but this time, he thought: 'To hell with it.' Leila already knew he was cheating, and he was hard as hell. Once they arrived at the house, Calvin took the woman to the bedroom, where they proceeded to have sex.

    Entering into the house tiredly, Leila called out. "Calvin, are you home?" 

    Feeling tired from running around with Zina and Coco for the past few hours, Leila made her way to the bedroom. All she wanted was a hot shower and her bed. As Leila opened the door, she yelled at the top of her lungs when she saw Calvin pinned under the buttnaked woman. "How dare you bring another woman into our home!"

    Jumping out of bed simultaneously, the woman coward behind Calvin, trying to shield herself. "Who is she? Why didn't you tell me you were seeing someone?" The woman rattled loudly in confusion. 

    Shaking her head in disbelief, Leila laughed sarcastically. "It doesn't matter who I am... I don't matter to him one bit. Please enjoy yourselves and have a good night!"

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