Chapter 23

    A few weeks later

    Sitting at the mixing console in complete silence, Michael waited patiently for Calvin's arrival. He was calm on the surface but fuming on the inside. Over and over again, he thought about punching Calvin square in his face for hurting Leila but decided against it. Instead, he planned to hurt him on a much deeper level.

    When Calvin finally arrived, Michael plastered on a fake smile. "How are you, C? Thanks for meeting with me on such short notice. I'm ready to move forward with my album and have some contracts I'd like for you to look over."

    Calvin shook Michael's hand, excitedly. "Word? Yooo! Thank-you. I can't believe this is happening."

    Taking out three stacks of paper, Michael passed the first over to him. "I have three contracts I'd like for you to look at-- here is the first."

    As Calvin read over the contract, he became giddy. Michael was offering him a 6 figure deal. It was the most money he'd ever been offered during his tenure as a music producer.

    "Wow! 100k for producing three songs on the album? You gotta be kidding me? I don't even need to see the other contracts!" Calvin bellowed.

    Michael smirked. "Ohhhh! But you should. Actually-- I insist."

    "Well, if you insist, who am I to say no to the legendary Michael Jackson."

    His expression darkening, Michael placed the second piece of paper in Calvin's hand. 

     "Would you mind reading it out loud, C? I just need to make a few things clear as you go over it."

    "Yeah, sure thing Mr.Jackson! You ready?"

     "Yes, C. You may proceed."

    "Petition for dissolution of Marriage. I Leila James, choose Husband (Calvin Harris), being sworn, certify that the following statements are true. The petition for dissolution of marriage should be granted because 'The Marriage is irretrievably broken.' Wife Leila James Gives up her rights to spousal support (alimony) from the other spouse."

    Calvin looked at Michael with a dazed and confused expression on his face. As he began to speak, his bewilderment was replaced with anger. "What in the hell is this? Where's Leila? I haven't seen her in months! How in the hell do you know my wife?

    "Your soon to be ex-wife you fucking bastard. If I had known you were Leila's abusive husband, I would have never considered hiring you." Michael glared at Calvin, his temper now rising at a rapid pace.

    "This is some bullshit! Where the fuck is Leila? Don't tell me that you two know each other?"

    Leaning back in his chair, Michael placed his hands on top of his head and sniggered. "Oh, we definitely know each other all right. The entire time you've been looking for her, she's been with me."

    "You motherfucker!" Calvin shouted as he tried to throw a punch at Michael.

    "Man, you're so weak! Just how in the hell did Leila put up with your dumb ass for so many years?" Michael laughed as he dodged Calvin's fist.

    "Man... Fuck you! Just remember I had her first." Calvin retorted.

    Approaching Calvin slowly but keeping at a safe distance, Michael chuckled slyly. "I wouldn't be so sure about that. "Do you remember when Leila visited Miami in November of 1984?"

    "Yeah, why? What does her trip from 14 years ago have to do with this?"

    "Oh, it has a lot to do with this, Calvin. While Leila was to attend a friend's Birthday party, she was with me instead."

    "Man! What the hell? You're lying. Leila and I were engaged at that time."

    "I know-- Leila told me all about that in my penthouse the night we were together. But what I didn't know is that you two didn't make love until after you were married... She just told me this a few weeks ago. Sooo, if you wanna get technical about it..."

    "Big deal! So basically, you're telling me that Leila was and still is a hoe? I'm not surprised... That's why I didn't let that bitch have any male friends."

    "Leila is hardly either of those things, but you are! If you had been a loving husband that knew how to treat a woman, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I'm so happy she finally woke up and left your ass!"

     Becoming more and more enraged with every passing minute, Michael moved closer to Calvin. As he drew his fist back, he stopped himself short when Calvin began to speak. "Yeah! Come on and hit me, Michael! Hit me so that I can sue the shit out of your ass."

    Michael roared incomprehensibly. He knew if he had punched Calvin, the jerk surely would have sued him, but the main thing that stopped him was Leila. He was ready for the divorce form to get processed and didn't want anything to delay the proceedings.

     "Look, Calvin, just sign the damn form, OK? If you don't sign it right now, you have 21 days to do so! This should be easy since Leila wants absolutely nothing from you."

    "I'm not signing shit!" Calvin replied through gritted teeth. "I'm not letting her ass leave me... Especially for you!"

    Michael folded his arms as a dumbfounded expression appeared upon his face. "You can't make her stay married to you, dumbass. She has the right to do whatever she wants!"

    Calvin yelled, his eye's now bulging out of their sockets. "Yes, the fuck I can! When I see her... She and I are going to have a proper discussion about all of this as husband and wife."

      Michael clenched his jaw tight. "Like hell, you will. Leila also filed a restraining order against your ass. If you come anywhere near her, you're going to jail. Right now, the only reason I'm choosing not to fuck you up is because I know she would be upset if I got into trouble over your sorry ass. And with that being said... If you come anywhere near her, I'll fucking kill you."

   Calvin laughed. "Sure... Michael Jackson is gonna beat my ass. You're smelling yourself a bit damn too much."

    Michael was now seething on the inside. He was tired of people thinking that he couldn't fight. After years of defending himself against his dad and getting into tussles with his brothers, he most certainly could protect himself. More often than not, he just felt as though violence wasn't the answer, but he had his moments. And this was certainly one moment where he wanted to kick someone's ass.

    Stepping forward to punch Calvin in the face, a barrage of thoughts entered his mind. [If you get into trouble or go to jail, Leila will be upset. The media will have a field day. You'll only prolong the divorce preceding. He wants you to hit him, why give him the pleasure? Do you really want to go to court over him?]

    Spinning around on his heel away from Calvin, Michael regained his composure. "You have 21 days to sign the forms Mr. Harris. There is no use in trying to reconcile with Leila. She's done with you. I'm her man now, so stay the fuck away from her. If you don't... I'll make you regret your very existence."

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